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Harry Styles is making his solo debut on Saturday Night Live this April, the NBC show announced Tuesday. The announcement comes on the heels of a video teaser that aired this past weekend in the U.K. that showed Styles opening a door as piano music played in the background before “April 7” flashed on the screen, hinting that the One Direction member would be premiering music that day.

The same day the clip aired, Styles also posted three white squares on his Instagram account — the same squares he posted in September before he was revealed as Another Man magazine’s cover star.

This will mark Styles’ first release as a solo artist since One Direction went on hiatus in March 2016. Since then, former member Zayn Malik and current member Niall Horan have also released music solo.

Styles previously appeared on Saturday Night Live when One Direction was the musical guest three separate times in 2012, 2013, and 2014. SNL alum Jimmy Fallon will host the upcoming episode. See the announcement above.

male comedians do the bare minimum to be likable woke and bae and they get fuckin op-eds written about their genius, but to be a girl in any notable comedy scene you either need to be SNL alum, know an SNL alum, be on a show that you don’t actually have creative control over, or do standup

& that’s not even talking about how even the small sliver of comedian ladies that are in relevance are overwhelmingly white and straight, and also the fact that even if you are a comedylady you’re probably just getting berated CONSTANTLY online, & you don’t have these long ass pieces being written about your genius because for-some-fuckin-reason female-driven comedy is looked at with unprecedented critical eye

i can’t stop of thinking of how important snl is and has been to pop culture for decades as a source of satire and social commentary–and especially now, it’s relevant again thanks to this political fuck mess and ratings are way, way up–and how going live across the country for the first time in like 42 seasons is a big fucking deal for them. jimmy fallon’s coming back, other snl alums might make cameos, they’re probably testing to see if it should be a permanent change (it should lmao), and it’s going to be discussed extensively in the media. there are a ton of articles about it already.

and JUST. harry is going to go out there and give (possibly) his first live performance at their first live show? this is a Moment in television history, and he’s going to be a part of it. they wanted him for that. i’m so proud of him i don’t even know how to contain it?? he’s going to be amazing.


We’re so pumped to share the news about one of our newest Nicktoons, Bunsen is a Beast! This all-new series from Butch Hartman (Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy) premieres on Tuesday, February 21st at 5:30pm!! 

From top left: iCarly’s Jeremy Rowley as Bunsen, Ben Giroux from Henry Danger as Bunsen’s best friend Mikey, Kari Wahlgren (Chloe on The Fairly OddParents) as the braces-bound bully Amanda Killman, and SNL alum Cheri Oteri as schoolteacher Miss Flap!

Read all about it here:

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Wait why are people standing on line at snl isnt the show tomorrow? Or is something else happening that I'm out of the loop for? I'm confused...

So tickets for SNL are Extreeeeeeemely hard to come by.  I have a friend who works on the show and tried to ask for tickets and was said how it took him 9 months and a shit ton of favors to get his brother tickets to the show.  so. no.  

Basically unless you win a lottery back in August that assigns you to a random episode, the only hope of getting tickets is to wait in line outside the studio for standby/dress rehearsal tickets.  Normally people just go the night before, but keep in mind how hardcore Harry fans are, but more than that SNL fans.  This particular episode is a big deal- the first live coast to coast hosted by an SNL alum.  Which usually means OTHER SNL alums will show up with cameos.  So people are lining up wayyyy earlier than they normally would.

Here’s a great post about it (credit to @cuethetommo ) that explains the whole process! 

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Renewed by Fox for Season 5

Watch your back, Pontiac Bandit: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will be back on the case for at least another year. Fox has renewed its Andy Samberg sitcom for the 2017-18 TV season.

In addition to the “SNL” alum, the workplace comedy’s talented ensemble cast of regulars consists of Andre Braugher, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Stephanie Beatriz, Chelsea Peretti, Joel McKinnon Miller and Dirk Blocker. “Brooklyn” hails from Universal Television, and is executive produced by Dan Goor, Michael Schur, David Miner and Luke Del Tredici.

Both the series and Samberg have won Golden Globe awards. Braugher has been nominated for an Emmy each season thus far.

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Of the new series set to debut 2017-18 season, Fox has given the greenlight to medical drama “The Resident,” supernatural comedy “Ghosted” and workplace sitcom “LA to Vegas.”

Series previously renewed by the network include Lee Daniels’ “Empire” and “Star,” “Gotham,” “Lethal Weapon,” “Lucifer” and comedies “Last Man on Earth” and “The Mick.”

Cancellations include freshman dramas “Pitch” and “APB” and comedies “Son of Zorn” and “Making History.” “Sleepy Hollow” was also canceled after four seasons and “Rosewood” got the axe after two.

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Jay Pharoah Gets Candid About Abrupt 'SNL' Exit: 'You Go Where You're Appreciated'

Eight months after leavingSNL, Jay Pharoah is opening up about his exit.

In an interview with HOT 97 on Thursday, Pharoah explained why he abruptly left the show last August.

“You go where you’re appreciated,” Pharoah explained. “If you have multiple people on the cast saying things like, ‘You’re so talented and you’re able and they don’t use you and it’s unfair. And it’s making us feel bad, because they don’t use you and you’re a talent.’”

WATCH: 'SNL’ Alum Jay Pharoah Says Watching Donald Trump Is 'Like WWE’

The 29-year-old comedian says that after receiving viral success for his impressions of Jay Z, Ben Carson and other stars, he was put into an “impression box” on SNL.

“They put people into boxes,” he said. “Whatever they want you to do, they expect you to do. And I’m fiery too… I’m not a 'yes n****.’ That’s not me.”

Pharoah went on to explain that he was very vocal about the type of sketches he was willing take on and even called out the show for its lack of diversity. He claims that he was almost fired in 2013 after highlighting the absence of women of color on the show.

NEWS: Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah Land New TV Gigs After 'Saturday Night Live’ Exits

“I am the reason it happened,” he said, pointing out the hiring of Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata in 2014.

Despite all the hurdles, Pharoah says he has “no beef” or hard feelings toward SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels.

“Ain’t no problem with Lorne Michaels,” he said. “We on good graces and everything.”

Watch the full interview below.

WATCH: Jay Pharaoh Stands Up for 'SNL’ Castmate Leslie Jones: 'People Need to Leave Her Alone’

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Your question re SNL talking on an untested solo artist is spot on and I can tell you that many others have wondered the same thing. And for THIS episode with the coast to coast simultaneous coverage and an SNL alum hosting? That's a coup for any musical guest. Would not be surprised if orders came from the top. That's old-school Azoff boys club at work. Your question is absolutely on the right path, right thinking....

Oh, I know other people are wondering it, because some fandom friends and I have been talking about it since it was announced…

Maya Rudolph catches up with fellow SNL alum Andy Samberg when she guest stars as the U.S. marshal in charge of keeping tabs on his NYPD troublemaker Jake Peralta, still in the witness protection program with Holt (Andre Braugher) when Season 4 kicks off. “Having Maya on was a real shot in the arm for the show… and that shot was a measles vaccine”, jokes Samberg. “It’s unpleasant and makes you a little sick, but it keeps you from getting more sick down the line. And that’s my friend Maya in a nutshell. She’s a measles vaccine. Literally.” (x)
Elle Women in Hollywood Awards honor Garner, Fey, Banks, Bening, Lange

When introducing her bestie and tablemate Fey, “Parks and Recreation’s” Poehler took note of the number of women in the room and called the event the “open casting call” for the all-female “Ghostbusters 3” reboot. The wise-cracking Golden Globes co-host then got sincere about her “SNL” compatriot.

Tina is so Hollywood that she doesn’t even live here. She lives in New York City,” she said. “She can do so many things well … she knows how to light up a room. Literally. She’s also a gaffer …

It’s harder to be funny than be serious,“ Poehler emphasized.

She shared that Fey, who’s "the real deal” and “a real person in the real world,” had gifted her a portrait of her sons Archie and Abel made out of Legos as a wrap gift for completing “The Nest” over the summer.

I cried because I knew that my gift to Tina was a heart-shaped pillow with the word ‘butts’ on it,” she said.

You’re unapologetically the boss. You’re always the funniest person in the room,” she added, speaking directly to Fey. Poehler also noted that it was no coincidence that their buddy comedy would be hitting theaters the same weekend as the next episode of “Star Wars.”

Tina is the only one who can beat 'Star Wars,’ you guys!” she exclaimed. “She’s my Han Solo and I’m her Chewbacca, because she’s the only one who can understand me sometimes, and I will destroy anyone who tries to hurt her.

Fey, 44, whose introductory video montage earned her applause for saying that she does everything men do but she does it in heels, thanked Poehler and “SNL” alum Rachel Dratch and teased the audience about their dirty, unpublished “SNL” moms text chain. (She joked that she’d publish it when she turned 50.)

The actress-writer-director said that when she started at “SNL” in 1996, she knew she was brought there to write for the women in the cast, to try to help get them onto the show.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want points on [Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph’s] 'Bridesmaids’ even though it had nothing to do with me.

She also shared her “deep sadness” over the loss of “SNL” alumna Jan Hooksearlier this month.

Jan deserved a big movie career, a bigger one. Certainly a bigger one than … Rob Schneider,” she said, earning the room’s laughter before she recalled how glad she was to have cast Hooks on “30 Rock” in 2010 to play Jenna Maroney’s mother.