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male comedians do the bare minimum to be likable woke and bae and they get fuckin op-eds written about their genius, but to be a girl in any notable comedy scene you either need to be SNL alum, know an SNL alum, be on a show that you don’t actually have creative control over, or do standup

& that’s not even talking about how even the small sliver of comedian ladies that are in relevance are overwhelmingly white and straight, and also the fact that even if you are a comedylady you’re probably just getting berated CONSTANTLY online, & you don’t have these long ass pieces being written about your genius because for-some-fuckin-reason female-driven comedy is looked at with unprecedented critical eye

i can’t stop of thinking of how important snl is and has been to pop culture for decades as a source of satire and social commentary–and especially now, it’s relevant again thanks to this political fuck mess and ratings are way, way up–and how going live across the country for the first time in like 42 seasons is a big fucking deal for them. jimmy fallon’s coming back, other snl alums might make cameos, they’re probably testing to see if it should be a permanent change (it should lmao), and it’s going to be discussed extensively in the media. there are a ton of articles about it already.

and JUST. harry is going to go out there and give (possibly) his first live performance at their first live show? this is a Moment in television history, and he’s going to be a part of it. they wanted him for that. i’m so proud of him i don’t even know how to contain it?? he’s going to be amazing.


We’re so pumped to share the news about one of our newest Nicktoons, Bunsen is a Beast! This all-new series from Butch Hartman (Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy) premieres on Tuesday, February 21st at 5:30pm!! 

From top left: iCarly’s Jeremy Rowley as Bunsen, Ben Giroux from Henry Danger as Bunsen’s best friend Mikey, Kari Wahlgren (Chloe on The Fairly OddParents) as the braces-bound bully Amanda Killman, and SNL alum Cheri Oteri as schoolteacher Miss Flap!

Read all about it here:

Maya Rudolph catches up with fellow SNL alum Andy Samberg when she guest stars as the U.S. marshal in charge of keeping tabs on his NYPD troublemaker Jake Peralta, still in the witness protection program with Holt (Andre Braugher) when Season 4 kicks off. “Having Maya on was a real shot in the arm for the show… and that shot was a measles vaccine”, jokes Samberg. “It’s unpleasant and makes you a little sick, but it keeps you from getting more sick down the line. And that’s my friend Maya in a nutshell. She’s a measles vaccine. Literally.” (x)
Elle Women in Hollywood Awards honor Garner, Fey, Banks, Bening, Lange

When introducing her bestie and tablemate Fey, “Parks and Recreation’s” Poehler took note of the number of women in the room and called the event the “open casting call” for the all-female “Ghostbusters 3” reboot. The wise-cracking Golden Globes co-host then got sincere about her “SNL” compatriot.

Tina is so Hollywood that she doesn’t even live here. She lives in New York City,” she said. “She can do so many things well … she knows how to light up a room. Literally. She’s also a gaffer …

It’s harder to be funny than be serious,“ Poehler emphasized.

She shared that Fey, who’s "the real deal” and “a real person in the real world,” had gifted her a portrait of her sons Archie and Abel made out of Legos as a wrap gift for completing “The Nest” over the summer.

I cried because I knew that my gift to Tina was a heart-shaped pillow with the word ‘butts’ on it,” she said.

You’re unapologetically the boss. You’re always the funniest person in the room,” she added, speaking directly to Fey. Poehler also noted that it was no coincidence that their buddy comedy would be hitting theaters the same weekend as the next episode of “Star Wars.”

Tina is the only one who can beat 'Star Wars,’ you guys!” she exclaimed. “She’s my Han Solo and I’m her Chewbacca, because she’s the only one who can understand me sometimes, and I will destroy anyone who tries to hurt her.

Fey, 44, whose introductory video montage earned her applause for saying that she does everything men do but she does it in heels, thanked Poehler and “SNL” alum Rachel Dratch and teased the audience about their dirty, unpublished “SNL” moms text chain. (She joked that she’d publish it when she turned 50.)

The actress-writer-director said that when she started at “SNL” in 1996, she knew she was brought there to write for the women in the cast, to try to help get them onto the show.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want points on [Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph’s] 'Bridesmaids’ even though it had nothing to do with me.

She also shared her “deep sadness” over the loss of “SNL” alumna Jan Hooksearlier this month.

Jan deserved a big movie career, a bigger one. Certainly a bigger one than … Rob Schneider,” she said, earning the room’s laughter before she recalled how glad she was to have cast Hooks on “30 Rock” in 2010 to play Jenna Maroney’s mother.

My Top 25 Favorite Films of 2014

I may be a tad late, but I have finally seen everything I needed to see. These are my top 25 favorite films of 2014.

25. Big Eyes

Tim Burton’s latest effort is greatly under-appreciated. Big Eyes is a drama that leaps away from the director’s iconic style with an interesting true story behind painter Margaret Keane.  Featuring outstanding performances from Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, vibrant production design, and a colorful score from Danny Elfman, Big Eyes hopefully will mark the beginning of a new chapter of Burton’s filmography.  

You can ready my review of Big Eyes here.

24. The Interview

Literally the most-talked about film of the year, The Interview made it to audiences despite the major hacking at Sony and threats from North Korea. Many have dismissed this film as another stupid Seth Rogen comedy, but anyone with a good sense of humor would know how hilarious this movie is. Who would have thought that Rogen and Franco would be responsible for the ultimate test of our Freedom of Expression?

You can read my review of The Interview here

23. Obvious Child

One of the edgiest films in the indie scene, Obvious Child follows the journey of an aspiring comedienne’s unplanned pregnancy as she contemplates on telling the father about her scheduled abortion. The subject can be uncomfortable for some, but Jenny Slate’s grounded and comical performance eases the tensions of this dark comedy. 

22. Into the Woods

Disney’s adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s fairytale musical was the most entertaining film of the holiday season. Although the humor of the story is diminished from stage to screen, the wonderful cast (including Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, and Johnny Depp) makes up for it. 

You can read my review of Into the Woods here

21. Oculus 

Definitely one of the best horror films of the year, Oculus follows a pair of grown siblings who attempt to destroy a mirror that ruined their lives. Through smooth non-linear editing and strong performances including rising stars Karen Gillian (Doctor WhoGuardians of the Galaxy) and  Brenton Thwaites (MaleficentThe Giver), this film will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

20. Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Studios managed to turn a C-List superhero group into an A-List blockbuster hit. Guardians of the Galaxy is an out-of-this-world movie with big laughs and a wonderful soundtrack, it didn’t even feel like a Marvel movie! Plus, it became the launching pad for Chris Pratt towards Hollywood stardom.  

19. The Theory of Everything 

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are the perfect pair in The Theory of Everything, a romanticized biopic of Stephen Hawking. The strong acting is accompanied by dazzling cinematography and a beautiful score. 

You can read my review of The Theory of Everything here.

18. Interstellar


Christopher Nolan’s epic return to the big screen sure had people talking. Despite the conflict of logic and science, Interstellar still stands tall as a film. With incredible visual effects, another overwhelming score from Hans Zimmer, and notable performances from Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, and Anne Hathaway, it’s one of the most divisive yet bravest films of the year. 

You can read my review of Interstellar here

17. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel has had a long, bumpy road towards its great superhero movie and Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the closest thing to it. The plot is most cohesive of any Marvel film. The action sequences were fun without being too cartoonish. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johannson both get to show more range in their roles here rather than the other films. Let’s hope the future Marvel movies will look back at The Winter Soldier for inspiration and that they’ll keep getting better from here. 

You can read my review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier here

16. The LEGO Movie

There was lots of skepticism when Warner Bros. announced they were turning one of our favorite toys into a movie. But in the hands of 21 Jump Street/Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, The LEGO Movie was a mega success. On top of the sharp writing, the animation was simply stunning and the voice cast is extremely effective. 

You can read my review of The LEGO Movie here

15. Boyhood

You may be wondering why Boyhood, which has topped almosts all lists, is only ranked at #15. While I wasn’t completely blown away like others have been, it’s still remarkable filmmaking on the part of Richard Linklater. Witnessing Ellar Coltrane grow up right before our eyes is quite the cinematic experience. The film is a time capsule of childhood in the 21st century. 

You can read my review of Boyhood here

14. Locke

A lot rides on Tom Hardy as he is the only actor that appears in this film. He stars as Ivan Locke and the entire film takes place in his car and dialogue occurs through a series of phone calls. Hardy continues to prove that he is one of most underestimated working actors when he can make something as mundane as a car ride worth the drive.

13. Neighbors

By far the funniest movie of the year, Neighbors is not only a frat boy comedy. It’s actually a showcase of some of the best work from Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, and even Zac Efron. If you go through this movie without laughing, you’re too sour to watch it. 

You can read my review of Neighbors here

12. The One I Love

Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss and The League’s Mark Duplass turn to film and star in this romantic dramedy about a young couple trying to save their marriage in a weekend getaway, but a strange dilemma complicate things further. Sometimes it’s the smallest of films that does the most fascinating. 

You can currently find this film on Netflix. 

11. Force Majeure

Force Majeure is a thought-provoking Swedish film about a family trip into the French Alps that goes horribly wrong after near-death experience involving an avalanche shakes up the family dynamic. Featuring good laughs and great performances, some of the best films are the ones that start conversation. 

10. The Skeleton Twins

What I consider to be a dark, dark comedy, The Skeleton Twins reunite SNL alums Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. They star as estranged siblings who come together after an attempted suicide. What could have been a tonally-uneven mess ends up being a great film thanks to Kristen Wiig’s most dramatic performance and Bill Hader’s charm and surprising acting chops. They bring humor to what would have been classified as a family drama.

You can read my review of The Skeleton Twins here

9. The Imitation Game 

Benedict Cumberbatch is finally getting the attention he deserves in the WWII drama The Imitation Game. He stars as Alan Turing, a mathematical genius who managed to crack Nazi codes that ultimately helped the British win the war. It’s a moving film about an underdog defying expectations. Most of all, it shows that Cumberbatch is a talent whose career is just getting started. 

8. Gone Girl

David Fincher is back with yet another mystery thriller and one of the most talked-about films of the year. Author Gillian Flynn adapts her own novel about the disappearance of a woman (played masterfully by Rosamund Pike) and how everyone suspects her husband (Ben Affleck) to be responsible. With the most wide-ranging cast that includes Tyler Perry, Casey Wilson, Missi Pyle, and Neil Patrick Harris, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. 

You can read my review for Gone Girl here

7. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Hands down the best summer blockbuster of the year was a surprise to us all. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes surpasses its predecessor in every way, heightening the tensions between the highly-intelligent apes and the inferior-populated humans. Andy Serkis continues to show such talent as Caesar while Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, and Gary Oldman make up the human cast. This is certainly one of most touching summer blockbusters in decades. 

You can read my review of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes here

6. Selma

Selma is a powerful biopic of a small yet critical chapter in Martin Luther King Jr.’s life. David Oyelowo does outstanding work as the civil rights leader fighting for voting rights in the south. Ava DuVernay masterfully crafts emotional, often times gut-wrenching drama without being preachy. People should set current events aside as Selma is a great film on its own without injecting politics into it. 

5. Nightcrawler

It didn’t catch fire at the box office, but Nightcrawler is a remarkable piece of cinema. Jake Gyllenhaal gives his best performance in years as Lou Bloom, an aspiring (and sociopathic) TV news journalist who will stop at nothing to get the money shot. Chilling writing, great visuals, and a strong supporting cast come together to make one of the year’s best. 

You can read my review of Nightcrawler here

4. American Sniper

American Sniper has shattered box office records and rightfully so. Clint Eastwood’s latest is a character study rather than a war film about real-life Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle who struggles to balance his duty in the military and his responsibility for his family back at home. The action is heart-pounding and the performances are incredibly moving, including Bradley Cooper physically and mentally transformation as the lead.

You can read my review of American Sniper here

3. Whiplash

A small film that made a big splash at Sundance, Whiplash is a unique thrill. Miles Teller proves that he has a long career ahead of him. He stars as an aspiring jazz drummer studying under an abusive mentor at one of New York’s finest music conservatories. Fantastic music, terrific editing, and an award-winning performance from J.K. Simmons,Whiplash is one exhilarating experience you’ll have all year. 

You can read my review of Whiplash here

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson has outdone himself yet again with this comedy crime caper The Grand Budapest Hotel. The first great film of the year follows the world-renowned concierge (played brilliantly by Ralph Fiennes) who is accused of murder. Stunning cinematography, a wildly unique score, eye-popping production design, and a wonderful ensemble cast come together for one of this year’s best films and certainly Wes Anderson’s best film to date. 

You can read my review of The Grand Budapest Hotel here

1. Birdman

No film had audiences in awe like Birdman. Michael Keaton returns to the spotlight, giving the performance of his career as an actor of decades-old fame from playing a superhero attempting to revitalize his own career on Broadway (the film is practically autobiographical). This film transcends genres as it is a comedy, a drama, a fantasy, and a satire of the entertainment industry. Presented as if the entire film was taken in one-shot (thanks to cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki), Birdman is filled with great writing and a brilliant cast that includes Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, and Zach Galifianakis. Writer/Director Alejandro González Iñárritu has proven to be one of today’s most innovative filmmakers. 

You can read my review of Birdman here.

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order): Big Hero 6, Blue Ruin, Foxcatcher, Frank, Godzilla, The Hundred-Foot Journey, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, Ida, Life Itself, The Lunchbox, Snowpiercer, St. Vincent, Tusk, Unbroken, X-Men: Days of Future Past

What were your favorite movies of the year?

The documentary world will soon get a weekly comedy makeover from Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Seth Meyers: IFC will debut  Documentary Now! on August 20 at 10 p.m.

Armisen and Hader star in the series (formerly titled American Documentary) and serve as creators, executive producers, and writers alongside fellow SNL alum Seth Meyers. (SNL overlord Lorne Michaels is also an exec producer, while SNL’s Rhys Thomas and Alex Buono are directing.)

Documentary Now! will explore a different fictional historical subject each week while mimicking a different documentary style. Topics include a socialite mother and daughter living in a run-down mansion (think Grey Gardens), a ’70s rock band called the Blue Jean Committee, an expose on a documentary about an Inuit named Kunuk, and a pair of Vice-like journalists who seek to infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel. (x)