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male comedians do the bare minimum to be likable woke and bae and they get fuckin op-eds written about their genius, but to be a girl in any notable comedy scene you either need to be SNL alum, know an SNL alum, be on a show that you don’t actually have creative control over, or do standup

& that’s not even talking about how even the small sliver of comedian ladies that are in relevance are overwhelmingly white and straight, and also the fact that even if you are a comedylady you’re probably just getting berated CONSTANTLY online, & you don’t have these long ass pieces being written about your genius because for-some-fuckin-reason female-driven comedy is looked at with unprecedented critical eye

Maya Rudolph catches up with fellow SNL alum Andy Samberg when she guest stars as the U.S. marshal in charge of keeping tabs on his NYPD troublemaker Jake Peralta, still in the witness protection program with Holt (Andre Braugher) when Season 4 kicks off. “Having Maya on was a real shot in the arm for the show… and that shot was a measles vaccine”, jokes Samberg. “It’s unpleasant and makes you a little sick, but it keeps you from getting more sick down the line. And that’s my friend Maya in a nutshell. She’s a measles vaccine. Literally.” (x)

ok I’m not UGLY I’m “lumpily average” at best, “mr. potato head in drag” as a rule, and “a collage of rejected parts from the factory where fat SNL alum are made” at worst

The documentary world will soon get a weekly comedy makeover from Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Seth Meyers: IFC will debut  Documentary Now! on August 20 at 10 p.m.

Armisen and Hader star in the series (formerly titled American Documentary) and serve as creators, executive producers, and writers alongside fellow SNL alum Seth Meyers. (SNL overlord Lorne Michaels is also an exec producer, while SNL’s Rhys Thomas and Alex Buono are directing.)

Documentary Now! will explore a different fictional historical subject each week while mimicking a different documentary style. Topics include a socialite mother and daughter living in a run-down mansion (think Grey Gardens), a ’70s rock band called the Blue Jean Committee, an expose on a documentary about an Inuit named Kunuk, and a pair of Vice-like journalists who seek to infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel. (x)

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“Goodnight, sweet Prince…”
Filmed by SNL alum Tim Kazurinsky (@timkazurinsky) standing on his tiptoes. At the SNL40 After Party at the Plaza Hotel in NYC, Jimmy Fallon coaxed music icon Prince onstage to give what would be a legendary impromptu performance. Here it is in its entirety.

Our adorable nugget, Emma, dancing and playing the tambourine during a Prince performance.  💜

Let Jillian Holtzmann be herself.

@sony so here’s the deal. You’re sitting on a film that basically put me back together. I did not enjoy many parts of my life because I was always hiding pieces of me. Now let me throw it out there right now, I was a huge fan of the original Ghostbusters film. My love for the original was what made me want to see the movie but I was still on the fence about it because sequels don’t always do it justice. But when I learned who was going to be apart of the cast I just had to see it, I love my SNL alums and Melissa, I was like finally a movie that consists of all women doing some badass stuff. Like there would finally be a Ghostbuster that was the same gender as me, it was liberating to see.
I seen the movie opening night and fell in love as soon as the first scene started rolling. During the time I sat in that theater not once did I look at those 4 women and think that they weren’t capable of being these badass Ghostbusters like most people have thought. We had 4 women who were brilliant, funny, independent and had a passion for what they were doing. You don’t seem that very often in movies.
I finally knew who I was when I seen Holtzmann on the screen. She’s goofy, she’s smart, she’s funny and
she’s a big flirt. Her personality is pretty similar to mine. The only difference between her and I was that she had confidence to be herself but by the end of the film the confidence she had started to grow inside me.
Now there’s one more thing that Holtzmann helped me with and that is my sexuality. Like I said before she’s a big flirt and while it wasn’t something talked about in the film we all know Jillian Holtzmann is gay. From the gestures to the way she talked to the way she communicated with Erin especially. Holtzmann helped me become more comfortable with my own sexuality. This character was very similar to who I am and you know how refreshing it is to know that I’m not alone, to know that there are others like me? It makes me feel like I don’t have to hide, I feel like being me is finally okay.
I’m not understanding why you are taking a character who has not only helped me but so many people and putting her into a box. Because that’s what you are doing you gave us a character that we connected with and instead of embracing her you are putting her in that square box and telling us that’s where she belongs. The fans of this character, you know the ones who have paid to see this movie, the ones who have seen this movie multiple times are telling you what we want yet you want to keep Holtzmann in this box to make the people who have refused to see this movie happy.
I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Ghostbusters stuff ranging from tickets, merchandise and video games because I fell in love with Holtzmann and because these 4 women have given me something no other movie has. I spent my money on this franchise because I support it. At the end of the day we the fans and we are the ones you should be trying to make happy not anyone else.
Ghostbusters could easily be as big as the Marvel franchise or the Star Trek movies if you can find a way to give your fans what you want. That simple, make us happy and we keep coming back.

Gildafest’15 honoring Actress & Comedian Amy Poehler SOLD OUT!

After a rocky start with Hurricane Juno forcing us to postpone our first Gildafest in January, we are happy to say that we’re back on track! The sold-out Gildafest’15 has a new date and promises to be jam packed with lots of laughs and an obscene amount of fun.

Hosted by SNL Alums, Rachel Dratch and Ana Gasteyer, Gildafest’15 will honor actress and comedian Amy Poehler with The Gilda Radner Award for Innovation in Comedy for her sketch and improv talents, specifically at Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade and Saturday Night Live, as well as her extensive accomplishments in film, television and writing, which exemplifies the comedic spirit of Gilda Radner.

Special guests for the evening include: Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, Michael Che, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, Colin Jost, Andrea Martin, Bobby Moynihan, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, players from the Upright Citizens Brigade, and Michelle Wolf.

Gildafest’15 will be held on Monday, April 27, 2015 at Carolines on Broadway.

Allison Williams Discusses Acting, Underwear, and Girls at the 92Y

With the title role of NBC’s Peter Pan Live in her rearview—and the juicy role of Girls’ aspiring musician Marnie on her present dashboard—Allison Williams took the 92nd St Y stage with SNL alum and late-night host Seth Meyers for a conversation on Feb. 18 in New York City. Williams did not shy away from discussing how she broke into acting, her underwear collection versus Lena Dunham’s and, of course, Girls.  

Below, a few highlights from the chat, with Williams’ thoughts on…

…wanting to be an actress: Williams recounted wanting to be an actress when she was 10 years old, playing dress-up and trying out different accents. Her first stage role was as a dog in a ballet. “Ballet wasn’t my calling,” she says, “but at least I never played a tree.”  

…her first acting job: After graduating with a B.A. in English from Yale, Williams earned a living as a stand-in on film and television sets. Her favorite early gig was on the set of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. She remembered wearing an overcoat and fedora, standing in for men that were two or three times her size. After standing in for the actor playing Al Capone, director Martin Scorsese nicknamed her “Aly Capone.”

…her audition for Girls: After Williams graduated from college, she created the video “Man Men with a Twist,” which became a viral sensation as she put lyrics to the Mad Men theme song. It caught the eye of Girls executive producer Judd Apatow, who asked her to audition for Marnie. “I fully understood and identified with Marnie,” says Williams. “The audition scene was about Marnie breaking up with Charlie. I walked into a room of capital ‘A’ actresses who were all ‘pre-crying’ about the break up. But I knew Marnie actually hates Charlie.”

…Lena Dunham: “I immediately clicked with Lena,” Williams says of her first meeting with the Girls creator. “They wanted someone [for the role of Marnie] who was the complete opposite of Lena. And if you took a picture of my underwear drawer and a picture of Lena’s, you would understand the difference between the two of us. Mine is separated by genre of underwear and color-coded. Lena’s, I imagine, is puppies and prints. It’s probably eclectic and great.”

…filming the Girls episode at the beach: Williams mentioned that most of the North Fork fight scenes in Season 3’s “Beach Housewere improvised. “It was incredible to shoot, but really draining,” Williams says of the experience. “When you’re improvising insults about characters that are a shade of you, but not really you….it can get real mean real quick.”

…her favorite Girls characters: “I’m a big Laird fan. He makes me laugh,” says Williams, when asked by an audience member about her favorite character on Girls. “Also, I’m biased, but Rita Wilson playing my mom is so good.” Williams proudly admitted to picking the items Wilson carries in her purse on screen, including a cell phone case with brass knuckles. “Her performance is subtle and cringey,” Williams adds. “It conveys so much about who Marnie is.”