snl 2009

I would kill to be the first gay person on SNL.
—  Kate McKinnon, 2009

Fun fact about Melissa.  She auditioned for SNL back in 2009, but lost out to Nasim Pedrad.  She almost could’ve been in the same cast as Kristen Wiig, who she just did an impression of tonight

anonymous asked:

Are there a detail timeline of BnN?

What, professionally? Personally? It would difficult to do an accurate one for the latter, simply because they’re a heap of contradictions, misleading statements, lies, confusion, off and on, and so forth. :D

Here’s one for you, with a few randomly selected dates, though not all.

1965: Lindsey and Stevie meet. Love at first sight, aww. Or not. Depends on the interview.

1969: They’re living together. Except not because they say they didn’t get together until 1971.

1971: LA bound! Stevie has her darning needle with her. And a scourer.

1973: Ooh, album!!! SUCCESS! Oh, bummer. Not so much…

1975: They join Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey isn’t thrilled. Stevie cannot wait to throw her waitress uniform away.

1976: BREAK UP. (but obviously sex isn’t off the table…)

1977-1982: WE CAN BE HAPPY WITH OTHER PEOPLE, OKAY!!!! I’M PROVING IT!!! *sings about still wanting the other person*

1987: Lindsey cannot take it anymore. Stevie is angry. THE END.

1988: Except not. They’re apparently friends again by the end of this year.

1990: Lindsey, she sobs, I didn’t think you’d ACTUALLY be able to leave. :/


1995: They like to be twisted. And start telling even more twisted stories from this point on.

1997: REUNION! He fell for her again.

1998: Lindsey, following Stevie around on her tour when you apparently have just had a baby with your newish, young gf? Good look, buddy!

2000: The eternal return. Possibilities. Oh, hang on. Lindsey’s wearing a wedding ring? WTF?

2002: Lindsey, stop correcting Stevie’s grammar and appreciate how many damn songs she’s been writing about you.

2003-4: See-saw tour.

2005-08: Nope. We’re fighting; out press says we’re not happy with each other. Obviously any sightings of the other person near us are FAKE.

2009: SnL are neutral, where neutral equals rubbing bums together.

2011: Lindsey finally sings on a Stevie album. And she lies about how much time he spends with her. Deja vu to TISL…

2013: LOVEFEST. LOVEFEST. (but please do remember the beautiful wife…)