Kate McKinnon On Watching Hillary Clinton: ‘I Do Repeat All the Sentences That She Says’

SNL star Kate McKinnon stopped by Today on Monday and talked about how watching Hillary Clinton on television helps her get into character. “Whenever I do watch her, I do repeat all the sentences that she says — so yes, there will be some of that,” McKinnon said.

The Emmy winner also had a rather surprising review of Clinton’s comedic chops. “She’s got a wonderful deadpan,” McKinnon said. “She’s actually a very good comedian. When she came on [Saturday Night Live], we did a sketch together. She read it for the first time, and we just looked at each other like, ‘Oh, my God! She’s really funny.’”

The new season of Saturday Night Live premieres this weekend, and the cast will certainly be watching the first presidential debate. But, will there be snacks? McKinnon explained, “Saturday night, first show, so we’re watching tonight in the office as a group. Well, this is our work, the work of being an American citizen, and so we’re going to do it together in the office. Hopefully there will be popcorn, maybe pizza! I don’t know. I don’t dare dream.”

Watch Kate McKinnon doing impressions of Hillary and Ellen in front of them: