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“Pretty quickly, Kate and I were like, Oh, you’re for me and I’m for you. We’re for each other. Very quickly we were both comfortable being our best and worst selves in front of each other. SNL’s so intense and the hours are so long that you get to know people really well. But I would say even beyond that, we just know each other like sisters. Really.” - Aidy Bryant


Bumpers from Tom Hanks’ first time hosting SNL with musical guest Sade — December 14, 1985. 


“Yo, I’m senior Cody Shuck, you are all in luck
They call me Mr. Triple Threat cause I can dance, sing, and fuck!”

Dear anon, first of all, than you for the compliment, secondly, OH MY GOD that was the best request I EVER got! Thank you SO MUCH for it!

For those of you who are very confused about this or those of you who just want to watch it again, here’s a link to the Crucible Cast Party video!


Two more nights!