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All my friends were making fun of the band after SNL, I was so excited so they decided to watch and now make fun of the band of lip synching, matty for trying wayy to hard to look gay, for not actually playing his guitar and that the cast didnt really want to interact with them after the credits..=/

1. matty didnt lip sync?

2. 10%

3. he never plays his guitar i literally laughed out loud in philly at @georgestaniel when he played it for longer than one minute during some song i was in shock

4. they were hugging everyone??

idk matty and the 1975 are perfect they did great im so proud

Imagine...Siblings Matt and Kylo Fighting Over You

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Kylo: She’s mine!

Matt: I saw her first!

Gen. Hux: This is your fault, (Y/N). If you hadn’t asked such a meaningless question…

(Y/N): I wanted to know, Hux! Is that so much to know?!

Matt: I demand a duel!

Kylo: Agreed. Winner get’s (Y/N). Loser gets to pout like a baby. We meet outside of the base.

Matt: Agreed.

(Y/N): Don’t I get a say in…this?

*They already left.

Captain Phasma: I call loser.

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just a note about the anon who was worried about "the cast not wanting to interact with them"...have you seen the credits of other snl shows? this was no different from the usual situation. us fans might think of this as a super magical special thing, but for the cast it's another week on the job. no one was acting differently than normal. also, the snl stage has notoriously terrible sound, and the boys fucking killed it and i'm so proud. not everyone is worthy of this band. more for us.

more for us!!!!!