EW’s 2016 Entertainers of the Year

Kate McKinnon

She stole the show in Ghostbusters. She broke our hearts as Hillary Clinton. And she’s giving us a much-needed laugh in Office Christmas Party. She’s Kate McKinnon, and since her 2012 debut on SNL she’s been charming us with her absurd yet humanistic portrayals of passionate, headstrong women. Of course, 2016 will remember her best for imagining Clinton as a fiery, ambitious policy wonk who has a hard time keeping her ideals in check. “Playing Hillary has probably been the greatest honor of my life, and I was really looking forward to doing it for the next four years,” McKinnon says with a sigh. “I felt so comfortable in those pantsuits, both physically and spiritually.” The other pantsuit McKinnon donned this year, as Jillian Holtzmann in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, also withstood its fair share of controversy, with McKinnon emerging as a bright spot in the highly scrutinized comedy. “[Jillian’s] absolute willingness to be her true self, as bizarre and inappropriate as it often was, maybe ended up inspiring people,” says McKinnon. The actress caps the year by playing an HR employee in Office Christmas Party — another oddball unique to the McKinnon oeuvre. “I think self-consciously I’m trying to put out there women with an overwhelmingly strong sense of self.” —Nicole Sperling


“That was… something.”