Thank you to @holtzmann714, I’ve been blessed with this absolute GEM. I’ve died and been resurrected, YET AGAIN, by THE Kate McKinnon™

Check out this YouTube video for fetus Kate singing and dancing (and doing an incredible job at it) in a college production at Columbia University where she plays a sassy, snarky, womanizing Greek God (Zeus) who doubles as the story’s infamous villain and seduces (and makes out with) all of the story’s ladies with swagger and might I mention IN HEELS.

Also catch some cinematic parallels of some Holtzmann lines that she borrowed from her lines in this production!!

It’s 2 hours and 24 minutes long but IT IS SO WORTH IT. (I watched the entire thing and, though I may be bias because I’m a musical nerd, I thought it was phenomenal!)

Follow this link to watch! 👇🏻



you: has your life together, is cool, is nice, has a really good blog, is generally amazing

me: spends too much time thinking about Jillian Holtzmann, gets emotional when an ex-cast member returns for an episode of SNL, would give my life for Kate Mckinnon, is still not over Holtzmann in a crop top and overalls, getting gayer every day since ghostbusters (2016) came out


On SNL Chris Hemsworth asks ‘Am I still a Hunk?’ Hell yeah, a hunk and actually a pretty funny guy too!

Could Someone Please Explain To Me...

What did Leslie Jones do to deserve all the shit that she’s been going through on the internet?

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Leslie Jones is amazing!

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She was hysterical in Ghostbusters!

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She’s one of the best things to happen to SNL in YEARS!

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And here’s the thing - she’s one of the best people in show business right now.

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She is so sharp and so funny that her tweets convinced NBC to let her commentate at the Olympics!

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She worked to get where she is, she failed a few times before she succeeded. And she related this sentiment on SNL & told people, “You can achieve your dreams at any age.” Which may not seem like a lot, but in a world full of 20 somethings being super successful it means a lot!

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She is honest! She speaks her mind & doesn’t take bullshit!

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Did I mention she’s fucking hysterical?

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She continually blows away people’s expectations…

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And does not deserve all the haters who hack her personal website, who compare her to apes on the internet, and who tear her down for no other reason than existing. NO ONE DOES!

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So, to Leslie Jones:

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You are talented, funny, and you seem like a genuinely nice person. So don’t let the haters get you down!

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Nothing but love for Leslie Jones!