Libby and Dee talk about their favorite subject: THIRST! We list a few (and we mean a FEW) of our fave baes in the first half. In the second half we talk about the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt return which featured our BAE OF THE WEEK: Daveed Diggs. He’s a cutie! We do our American Gods recap and Dee breaks down the worst part of Alien: Covenant!

a-moment-of-emotion  asked:

Harry on SNL was lemon curd Harry,don't fight me on this!!Also,imagine being with him on Graham Norton and he is so proud of his performance that he comes and pounces on you and hugs you so tight and spuns you around and when he puts you down,you kiss each other with such force without caring of the fans around you and you paw at his suit and you have a huge smile on your face which triggers his,because you're so proud of him😫😭😭😭

Harry on SNL was absolutely lemon curd Harry ;) And being with him after that performance, or anyone he was proud of, would be absolutely wonderful! x


This is genuinely the best. Embrace the basic white guy-ness Chris