MacGruber 2 is not only happening, it might have already happened

While attending the premiere for his highly watchable new series Last Man On Earth, Forte revealed that not only was a sequel to MacGruber happening, but that the whole thing might already be in the can, finally done at the age of who the fuck cares. Forte was asked when the movie would be in theaters, and his response was startling. “In a couple weeks, when postproduction is over, I’m gonna get in there,” Forte said. Some sites are suggesting that this means filming for the movie has already taken place, and that Forte and director Jorma Taccome made a movie without anyone even realizing it. Others believe he was referring to post-production on his new Fox show, and that he would be making the film sometime thereafter. Either way, it looks like we’re getting MacGruber 2. And no, it didn’t seem like some abstract red-carpet joke, so it appears everyone’s favorite bomb-defuser really is coming back for more. For the time being, at least. We think.

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