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I've been reading so many sad Ereri FFs lately. Do you know some happy ones? With fluff (and maybe smut) and a happy ending? quq

Hi anon! Aw I know how you feel- the amount of sad fics in this fandom is unbelievable! Not sure if these are what you’re looking for, but I’ve done my best and added some ones which made me chuckle, so might make you as well. :3 I’m sorry that most of them are short/one shots, but I can’t really tell with fics that are ongoing, eeep, sorry! 

A New Life
Summary: The titans are all gone and the time has come to move on. What will life be like when Levi and Eren move in together?

The World Has Its Shine
Summary: He’d ended up there by chance. The brunette behind the counter may or may not have lured him in with that smile he pointed at his customers, and then the concentrated, determined look he gave the coffee as he made it. 

Barely Legal
Summary: It’s almost intimate – almost. Levi shivers, and then Eren whispers, “good night Corporal”, and whatever had been building between them is lost. Levi kicks Eren in the shin, Eren yelps embarrassingly loud, and someone tries to muffle another giggle.

A Sick Day
Summary: Hanji discovers that Eren can indeed fall ill, quite ill indeed. This bothers Levi quite a bit more than he lets on.

Funky At Heart
Summary: “Their first meeting in the obnoxiously loud nightclub is definitely not love at first sight.”

Summary: A mission gone wrong when Titan’s ambush the Recon patrol group leads to some rather much needed bonding time between Eren and Rivaille.

 And finally, a small series of domestic fluff:

To Us, The Beginning - Rivaille decided to take in Eren in after his parents’ death.

A Matter Of Trust - Rivaille had to attend a parent-teacher conference after Eren got into a fight with Jean.

A Season Of Change - Rivaille was getting used to people coming in and leaving from his life.

Home Sweet Home - Eren wanted to grow up as quickly as possible. Rivaille remained oblivious to Eren’s feelings toward him. It was complicated.

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HI, I'm looking for a fic where Eren and Levi were lover and Levi almost died on mission so Eren donored his blood and They faked Eren's death because of execution or whatever. And then both of them went ouside looking for a place...built a house of old ones they found and sent a map back to Corps and they could find them... I think that in the end Hanji, Erwin, Armin, etc come and Mikasa was with Jean child or so... Do you have any idea?

Thank you mallynanigans!

Of Comfort And Fire
Summary: Every day, Eren trains hard and endures Hanji’s crazy experiments so that humanity can win this war once and for all. Being the brat’s guardian isn’t easy when Levi spends most of his day training him and then having to endure guard duty at night, especially when Eren starts having violent nightmares. Levi does what he can but soon he finds that he is getting addicted to comforting the teen. Slight angst and fluff ensue for now and the rating will go up as the relationship heats up.


I wanna hear all your attack on titan theories, like what you think might be or is or canons, ships, hopes, dreams, character developments, habits, etc. just put them in my inbox I wanna read IT ALL