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do you know of any fics with eren as a titan? it doesn't have to be smut, i wanna read it all tbh, like levi being the only one who can calm titaneren down or smth

Where The Wild Things Are
All they were here to do was find the missing Dr Yeager’s research notes. No one would have expected to not only get attacked by a giant beast, but also be in custody of a boy who behaves more like a feral animal than a human being.

If Told Something Enough
If told something enough, one starts to believe it. Eren Jaeger, having fought and helped humanity win, has been put back into custody and awaits his fate. There, his spirit has taken a beating. Treated like a monster and a beast who should be put down, Eren starts to think the same way. Can his dear companions help free him from this misery or will despair take him? 

Above All Else
Summary: In the Forest of Giant Trees, Levi risks his life to protect Eren and get him safely to an outpost where they can meet up with the rest of the remaining Survey Corps. Unwilling to risk losing his Captain, Eren breaks his promise and turns into a titan to join the fight.

In Light and Shadow
In which Hanji experiments, Levi torments Eren, and Eren has his revenge.

Deviation From Norm
Eren accidentally transforms into a titan in public, causing chaos, but the consequences may actually wind up being beneficial for him in the end.

Lay Your Weary Head To Rest
Summary: Eren saves Levi’s life, at great risk of his own. Levi is not pleased.