i just wanted to say that @drinkyourfuckingmilk totally seems like the type of person i’d want to be friends with. the facial expressions & dialogue humor in their snk comics are wonderful & i always read their tags bc they either have an interesting story or honest & funny response buried in there. plus, they take the time to answer asks when people are having a hard time and they give good insight and advice, no bs-ing. i just really like that about dyfm!

If you just heard someone scream…that probably was me. 

A package with snk merch arrived today and can’t get over the fact how utterly adorable everything is. Honestly, I just can’t deal with that cuteness.
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ 

I have been happy dancing and cheering for the good part of the past hour now and finally managed to take some pics. I am so in love with everything, already ponder about what to do with the stickers, but I guess my favourite is the Levi acryl swing. I especially adore that it’s printed on both sides so I can marvel at his cute coat. 

 Long story short: I finally can boop baby Levi’s nose! 

Thanks so much to @aurieackerman for helping me with the ordering process and for providing me with all the lovely tips. I was amazed by how quickly everything arrived, considering the long way it had to travel. ♡

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Thank you to everyone listed here, and to all of my followers <3 All of you are amazing and I appreciate each and every one of you so very much. 


Im so happy i hope everyone is enjoying this blog!

Here’s some cool people i follow in no particular order and i recomend following as well!

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strangie  asked:

Hello :) Sorry to bother you, but do you have any tumblr recs for nice fanarts/fanfics ? I need a little more positivity on my dash. Thank you so much ^o^

Hello Strangie, my lovely friend! Please don’t hesitate to message me whenever you feel like it. I’m always happy to hear from you and I hope you are well.

Oh, positivity. Yes, please, I need it so much as well these days. I hope I interpret it right that you mainly ask for snk / Ereri blogs. Of course I’ve got some recs for you. <3


@dreamxxdream is my absolute fave. Nadine is amazing, her gorgeous art is life itself to me and she always—honestly always—gives me a happy, warm smile whenever she posts something new. Just look at this, for example. <3 Isn’t it simply beautiful? I love that Nadine refrains from getting involved with anything negative, so yes. Lots and lots of wonderful positivity and happy-warm fuzzy feelings here. And she is such a kind, amazing person too. I even have a special tag for her gorgeous art

One of my personal faves for art reblogs is @levi-addicted. Whenever I feel I’m in need for Levi stuff of any kind…I go and visit that blog. 

And if you need more art: @bev-nap, @lolakasa, @omattttsu, @blauerozen, @roredwarrior3 I love all of them. 


Okay, I could talk about or with other writers for hours and hours, but I’ll try to keep it short. 

If you look for writers’s blogs in particular I highly recommend @appleapplepeach. Her stories are like rain on a hot summer’s day and a blanket during a cold and grey winter at the same time. Everything I know about writing fic I learnt from her. And, okay you got me, from @mongoose-bite as well. <3 

@porcelain-blue​. Everything by her is brilliant and she’s got such a talent. She writes, she draws gorgeous art too—she even writes poetry. And every time I read her stories it’s…I don’t even have words. Just brilliant. 

@bfketh has the most tooth-rottingly sweet AU fluff ever, that will ruin you for nearly everything else. @perksofbeingawaifu writes gorgeous and dynamic fic and is such a wonderfully supportive person. And @zhedang…don’t even get me started on Zhedang, okay? I love his stories to pieces! <3 Simply beautiful. 

And did I already mention Crunchy? ;) His Ereri stories are my personal Kryptonite. And yes, I even have a tag for that. 

Pure positivity and smiles from merely looking at your dashboard you always get from @milleandra-nebula and @crying-abt-fictional-people​. Millie is a wonderfully positive person. Her stories make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and she is an absolute blessing who not only delights us with her fics but also with cat gifs and other lovely things on her blog. And Ellie is the most precious bean ever and deserves all our love. Cats and fluff and lots of Eren appreciation. What more do we need?

@raindrop-rouge and @erenbaegerr are like sunshine in my life. No words I have could describe it so I won’t even try. And @fourletterwordsstartingwithl is such an amazing mutual as well. 

SnK positivity in general:

Snk positivity in general you can find here @snkpositivity. I love what they do for this fandom.

For Ereri in particular @aurieackerman and her @ereri blog are almost essential to me. Bless Aurie for being this lovely!

And then there is our one and only Tessa @pureren with her amazing sad days tag. Such a wonderful person and such a gift to this fandom!

Happy thoughts & positivity in general:

Generally, I would recommend you to go through my fic rec list or my gloomy day rec list for fics. I also have a daily floof tag for pictures and videos of our (more or less) furry companions. And I have a heart tag for everything that I love most. Animal pictures, fics, fanart,…you name it. It’s on there. 

New Years Follow Forever

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Okay, so thank god 2016 finally came to an end xD My blog turns one year old sometime this month (maybe even last month? idk), so I want to give out a BIG thank you to all those who stayed with me for making my annoying and self-centered ass happy. I hope all of you find happiness and love this new year <3

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