Welcome 2014
So this is dedicated to my followers, co-fandom, co-shippers, and co-fangirls, people who capslock (scream) feels. Wonderful fanfiction writers who give me waves after waves of mixed fangirl emotions. Thank you for keeping up and enduring me. XD

RivaMika: Humanity’s Strongest Pair :3

So, I don’t want to add another rant post in the tag without pictures (although fans support are appreciated, it’s kind of turning into a spam now. My tag is pretty hater-less already, the problem now, is, the shipper’s text spams are burying  edits and fanfictions in the deepest part of the tag.  Instead of posting text support posts, let’s just go with our usual pictures, fanfiction and edits spam)Post script: We can report blogs, probably if all of us will report hater spam…well…much better.