Shingeki no Kyojin 20 day Challenge!

It’s nothing new really-I just couldn’t find a challenge that had all the things I wanted, so I made my own with the questions I wanted. Feel free to do it! Tag it #snkchallenge so I can see it (I will probs be the only one who does this tbh). Have fun!

Day 1: Favorite Male Character
Day 2: Favorite Female Character
Day 3: Favorite Episode
Day 4: Favorite Ship
Day 5: Someone you wished hadn’t died
Day 6: Favorite Quote
Day 7: Favorite Trio Member (Eren/Armin/Mikasa)
Day 8: Favorite Squad Leader
Day 9: A character you can relate to
Day 10: Favorite Member of Squad Levi
Day 11: Favorite Titan Shifter
Day 12: Saddest Moment
Day 13: Favorite Moment
Day 14: Most Attractive Character
Day 15: Favorite 104th Member
Day 16: Favorite Division (Garrison/Military Police/Survey Corps)
Day 17: Guren no Yumiya or Jiyuu no Tsubasa
Day 18: Favorite Friendship
Day 19: Favorite Commander
Day 20: Character you want to see live to till the end