Connie: Eren and Levi sittin` in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Eren: Come on you guys, quit it!

Jean: Yeah man, that was messed up.

Eren: Wow Jean, I-

Jean: It goes, Eren and Levi sittin` in a tree,  F-U-C-K-I-N-G!

Eren: Shut up!

Reiner: No no, it`s, Levi has Eren down on his knees, S-U-C-K-I-N-G!

Eren: GUYS!

Levi is smooth as fuck
  • [Eren and Levi fighting]
  • Levi:You want to take this outside?!
  • Eren:Hell yea I do!
  • Levi:Meet me at the park at 7 pm sharp. Wear something nice.
  • Eren:Why should I-
  • Levi:Just prepare your ass Jaeger.
  • Eren:I won't be needing that. I'll beat yo-
  • Levi:Use three fingers.
  • Eren:...
  • Eren:What the actual fuck...
  • [OMAKE]
  • Levi:Just prepare your ass Jaeger.
  • Eren:I won't be needing that. I'll beat yo-
  • Levi:Use three fingers.
  • Eren:...
  • Eren:*looks at Levi's crotch*
  • Eren:Are you sure I'll need that many?

I know a lot of fans really love Armin. And I love Armin too, probably more than the next person. But I love Eren Jaeger too? Like just as much?

He’s not as strong as Mikasa. He’s not as brilliant as Armin. He has an ability that was thrust upon him without his consent. Expected to be the hope of humanity - such a responsibility rests on his shoulders. Compared to those in his surroundings, he could be considered average. Nothing spectacular. Nothing to think twice about. So he wonders how anyone can expect so much from someone so… Normal?

Yet, he still doesn’t give up despite the fact that he has no special talents. Despite the fact that he’s not the cream of the crop. He has grit and ambition instead. The push to do something great even though he’s personally not that great.

Even better, he loves and protects his friends with his life. Especially Armin. Eren knows Armin isn’t physically as strong. Does he ridicule him and make him feel like this lesser? No, he compensates with his own body and his own abilities so Armin doesn’t have to. He’s Armin’s designated protector who doesn’t think he’s weak. He’s emotionally keen enough to realize that strength doesn’t have to be physical. Armin is his not as masculine opposite and he still loves him.

I love Eren for unconditionally loving Armin. It further strengthens his character and proves that he can accepts those that differ from him.

Now, Eren understands and struggles with the fact that he may not be the most incredible among them but he can still be of use. He can still have a goal. He can still have dreams. He can still be a decent person. Even if he lacks the confidence to do it.

I think that’s just as relateable, if not more than Armin and his struggle.

It’s actually beautiful.

He may not be considered “special” but he doesn’t need to be. No one needs to considered special to be important.

It’s okay to just be okay.

And that’s why I love Eren Jaeger.

My favourite 5 Levimika moments

Hope you like it 

5. How’s your leg

OMG…Mikasa showing to Levi that she care about him is just lovely

4. The Ackertalk

Then Mikasa talking about her origins and family to Levi and  without caring about Hanji and the others is just awesome

3. Where it all began for me

2. The Ackerteam

I can’t help but love this moments…I mean look at their synchrony😍 

1. The Ackerstroke

Levi heichou is a so yasashii man😏

+ Bonus

The Ackerfight


Nominations for categories for this year’s Ereri Fic Awards have officially closed. Thank you to everyone who voted! We had a great number of votes, and we are hoping to get even more in this second round!

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We actually had a tie. So, that is the reason there are 11 nominated categories! Again, thanks to everyone who voted!

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  1. The fic must be an ereri fic.
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anonymous asked:

When will you release the result of the reverse serumbowl poll :3?

How about now!

The Reverse Serum Bowl Results

“I honestly believe that Eren thought he could beg/manipulate Levi easier than he would be able to with Erwin.”.

“Their relationship with Erwin is different. I think they respect him more as an authority figure.”

Most thought Eren would still have make an attempt at the serum, but it would be less physical. Some mentioned that Eren was more comfortable around Levi, since they’d been together for months. That familiarity made him less afraid to act out, whereas Erwin is more of a distant authority figure and commands traditional respect.

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