my favorite thing i’ve learned in college is that way back in ancient china there was this poet/philosopher guy who wrote this whole pretentious poem about how enlightened he was that was like “the eight winds cannot move me” blahblahblah and he was really proud of it so he sent it to his friend who lived across the lake and then his friend sends it back and just writes “FART” (or the ancient Chinese equivalent) on it and he was SO MAD he travels across the lake to chew his friend out and when he gets there his friend says “wow. the eight winds cannot move you, but one fart sends you across the lake”

Me: Hi, can I have ARTPOP P 2, the sequel to Telephone, the Edge of Glory video, the ARTPOP app, the SuperBowl documentary, the Cake video, the Venus video, the Do What U Want video, the Cure video, the mariachi version of Americano, the longer version of Bad Kids, the rest of the making Joanne videos, #GagaInSpace…

Gaga: Could you shut up a second?

whew anyway lesbians who have been with men before are still lesbians and bi women who have only ever been with men before are still bisexual. compulsory heterosexuality is demonic and it’s so particularly egregious to wade through because it’s a systemic phenomenon, not an internalized one. i’m proud of every lesbian and bisexual and otherwise identifying wlw who knows that she loves girls and i’m proud of all of you regardless of your past experiences or individual interpersonal relationships. it’s incredibly difficult to realize that you love women, whether that means realizing that you’re mga or exclusively attracted to women. stay strong!