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me a month ago: Okay when, where and how did Yuri removed his gloves??

me now: …..


You can expect real changes. To me, that’ll be part of the fun of it, putting Clarke and Bellamy back together when Bellamy has been a leader in his own right, if that’s his story, for six years on the Ark. Likewise, Octavia and Bellamy coming back together when she’s been forced to lead in a way that may or may not be something he approves of by the time they come back together. I think it’ll be fascinating and that’s the challenge for us, creatively, to have them feel like the same people, understand how they got that way, perhaps by including some flashback storytelling into the six year time gap, and keeping it fresh moving forward.
—  Jason Rothenberg about Bellarke and the Blakes in S5 [IGN]
Chapter 201 translation

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HT: Listen well, tomorrow (Saturday), you have to wear that ear stud. 

HT: After that, come find me.

GS: …

GS: Why should I listen to you! Wearing that disgust me to death! Get lost! Don’t press me down! 

HT: If you shout so loudly your Mum will hear.

Mum: *knock* *knock* 

GS & HT: !!

GS (kicks He Tian off his bed): AH! WA AH—–

(Mum opens door)

GS: Mum. 

HT: Hi Auntie.

Mum: ??

Mum: Time… Time to eat. 


JY: (humming)

JY (in his imagination): Zhan xixi

JY: Fuck… I feel weird down there…

JY: (reaches into his pants)

JY: Ah!!

JY: (pulls out a strand of hair)

JY (puts the strand of hair into his book): So it was this strand of hair making me feel weird… Made me think too much…


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