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“You’ve obviously got a plan, Uncle. Well? Out with it. This drama is tiring.”

“What I really want to do,” Dalinar said frankly, “is beat the lot of them senseless. That’s what I’d do to new recruits who weren’t willing to obey orders.”

“I think you’ll have a hard time spanking obedience into the highprinces, Uncle,” the king said dryly. For some reason, he absently rubbed at his chest.

“Wanna bet?” Dalinar replied.

“Five emerald broams on Dalinar,” Navani said, fishing the money out of her pocket.

– Chapter five, Words of Radiance (more or less)

That’s mostly how it went, right? I think there was a severe lack of pictures in this fandom of Dalinar beating Sadeas senseless.

Dean is not the victim.

Sam is the victim. 

Dean is facing the repercussions and consequences of a choice he made.

Sam is facing the repercussions and consequences of a choice Dean made.

Dean is not the victim.

Sam has every right to be upset with Dean.  Sam has every right to feel like he can’t trust Dean.  Sam has every right to lash out at Dean in anger and hurt.  Sam has every right to feel used, abused and violated.  His body was violated, he autonomy was violated, his trust was violated by his brother and the choices his brother made.   Not only did Dean make the choice to allow an angel to possess Sam, but he continued to keep it from Sam after the fact.  And by doing so, unintentionally gaslit his brother for weeks.  

Sam and Dean are dealing with the fallout of a decision that Dean made.

Sam is saying to Dean, I want a choice, you have to trust me, you have to tell me things, and if it came to a choice between violating your personal agency and death, I would not violate your agency.  Because I love you to much to take that from you.  I would give you the choice.  I would sacrifice my happiness for yours, I would give you up to save the world, just like I would sacrifice myself to save the world.  But I wouldn’t take your choices away from you.  

This isn’t the first time, Dean has made big life changing choices for people.  He doesn’t see that it is wrong and he doesn’t see why it’s wrong.

But imagine the reaction Dean would have had if the roles were reversed and Sam had tricked him into angel possession.  

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Tell me about sweet pool.

Alright let me break this literal shitfest down for you. You’ll have to forgive me. I played Sweet Pool when it was first released and haven’t touched it since, so my synopsis might be a tad inaccurate.

See this pretty motherfucker right here? His name is Youji and although he may look 35, he’s actually a high school student who has trouble fitting in with the crowd. It could be because he’s quiet, socially withdrawn, and constantly getting sick. Or, you know, it could be bECAUSE HE IS THE HOST BODY OF AN ALIEN. AND NOT JUST ANY ALIEN, MIND YOU, NO, A FEMALE ALIEN WHO GIVES BIRTH TO SENTIENT MEAT MONSTERS OUT OF HIS ANUS ON A REGULAR BASIS

I shit you not, that is the overarching plot point for this game: Youji shits alien meat babies.

His ‘seme’ in most endings and the main love interest for Youji is this blonde brick wall who is essentially as interesting as one including maybe a bag of rocks, if I’m being generous.

His name is Tetsuo and yeah he looks like delicious man candy, but if you’re normal, you won’t think so after he rapes Youji multiple times. He’s the “ultimate male” of whatever these weird aliens are and because of that, when ever he shows up in Youji’s life, he makes Youji’s hormones do crazy backflips, causing him to jerk off in the middle of the science lab and in a bathtub full of blood and other such nonsense. 

He’s who Youji ends up with in 4/6 of the endings. And may I also say that this game HAS NO GOOD ENDINGS AND NO ROUTE THAT DOES NOT FEATURE SOME SORT OF FORCIBLE RAPE.

Speaking of horrible things, enter the character that literally gave me nightmares

This awful fucker is Zenya and he is cRAZY PSYCHO BONKERS AND ALSO SUPPOSEDLY IN HIGH SCHOOL. He has some butler/servant who is also his lover I guess but I didn’t pay much attention so yeah. I think they both die in most of the endings. Zenya is constantly trying to rape Youji and gets really fucking obsessed with him to a point where it freaked me the fuck out let me tell you. He kidnaps both Youji and Tetsuo and tries to force them to rape each other or something so he can have a purebred meat monster or something. He’s also a “male” of these aliens, but he sucks at it or something idk.

Speaking of obsessions, here’s Nitro’s typical “friendzone” character

This is Makoto— he’s Youji’s….”friend” that later realizes how incredibly gay he is for Youji. So gay, in fact, that he gets really super jealous of Tetsuo to a point where he threatens to slit Youji’s neck with a box cutter if he refuses to put out for him. Turns out that Youji shitting meat monsters means he’s in heat or something, and when that happens, he gives off these pheromones that brings all the boys to the yard. Makoto falls victim to the booty and in one ending actually fucking EATS YOUJI ALIVE OH NOOO.

There are only 3 men that Youji can end up with and they all rape him (or worse) at some point or another. Turns out the meat monsters are the “lost souls of people who didn’t believe in god” or some shit and are the central focus of this doomsday cult lead by Zenya’s dad who want to appease the big Master Meat God by making the “ultimate female” and “ultimate male” (ie, Youji and Tetsuo) fuck so they can make a purebred meat baby. 


And I will leave you with the official collector’s figure released for Sweet Pool of Youji shitting meat in the most flattering position ever. Because it’s a thing that sadly does not get talked about enough.