Play Safe
  • Eren is playing Pokemon GO. Levi has been waiting patiently this last week for his boyfriend to rage quit over the recurring server issues, or simply get bored. Neither happens.
  • Somehow, accompanying Eren on these sudden expeditions isn’t so bad. Although Levi doesn’t get the big deal about this game, he’s more than happy to watch Eren celebrate catching ‘another Machop’ and guide him out of the path of other trainers when he’s in full-on hunt mode.
  • Eren:Yes! This makes my sixth Machop.
  • Levi:Remind me why you need six.
  • Eren:I need a Machoke.
  • Levi:(amused snort)
  • Eren:(stops, looking up from the phone to Levi)
  • Levi:What?
  • Eren:Isn;t this getting boring for you? You don’t like the game.
  • Levi:Doesn’t matter.
  • Eren:Okay. (they continue walking) But tell me one thing.
  • Levi:Mm?
  • Eren:Are you just here in case I walk blindly in front of a car?
  • Levi:Your phone’s buzzing again.
  • Eren:It’s only a Rattata. So are you?
  • Levi:That thing’s vermin. Get it off the streets.
  • Eren:(smirks while catching the Rattata) Gotcha!
  • Levi:(smooths a thumb along Eren’s smile) Right... there.
  • Eren:Eh?
  • Levi:That’s why I’m not bored.
  • Eren:Really?
  • Levi:I could watch you catch Pokemon all day.
  • Eren:Oh. My. God. (squeezing Levi with a hug)
  • Levi:Huh?
  • Eren:This means we can go hunting more often! You’re the best!
  • The phone buzzes. They break apart and Eren gasps, seeing that a Pikachu is somewhere nearby. He spots another trainer across the road, making a beeline for what can only be...
  • Levi:OI! (grabbing Eren’s shoulders and spinning him around) You, Eren Jaeger, were about to walk blindly into the road.
  • Eren:I love you?
  • Levi:(smirking) Not gonna save you.
  • Eren:At least let me catch the Pikachu!

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Momtaku!! i read a theory about Mikasa's headache, is it true someone she cares/knows will die in the future if she got headache (Example : Grisha, Hannes), or something else???

Mikasa’s headaches come in at #3 on the SnK “Super Suspicious”  list. I don’t know what theory you read, but @teetanjaeger catalogued them a year ago and wrote some thoughts.

Chapter 83 gave us our latest, complete with the trademark “throb” and anguished head clutch.

These headaches do seem to take place when she thinks she’s losing someone she loves.  I’m sure it’s going to be explained, and I’m pretty sure it’s all going to tie in to her Asian bloodline. And while I’m being totally speculative, I’m somewhat less confidently sure that her super fast healing ability is tied into this as well. (Quick crack theory that I may or may not actually believe: Grisha developed the serum that healed people using Mikasa’s mother’s Asian blood.)

So yeah, it’s super curious and super consistent and it makes me believe Mikasa’s Asian background is going to be super important because maybe it includes some nifty tricks like healing or some other cool ability.

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Do you think if Erwin refuse the injection, Levi would just say 'ok Erwin'? I believe that Levi would still inject Erwin anyway, even if the said person refuse it. I think Levi will say that the decision is his and not Erwin's; Levi might even say 'shut up' to Erwin. I could be wrong but this is what I believe for now considering Levi's personalities.

*deep breath*

I think Levi would honor Erwin’s last request, no matter how difficult that last request may be.

I say this based on chapter 72. And really, on everything that has preceded it. Levi always lets Erwin have his way. He always does what Erwin asks. I can’t see that changing. If Erwin really, really, really wants the serum to go to someone else, Levi will relent.

Since I’m digging myself into a deep hole, I’ll just go ahead and tell you my absolute worst case scenario. Erwin wakes up long enough to refuse the serum. Levi is heartbroken, stricken, traumatized (insert painful word of choice) but hands the serum to Eren or Hange. Knowing Erwin wants to see the basement before he dies, Levi carries him there. The arc ends.

Of course, I’m all for happy endings, and I’ve been playing a bit too much Pokémon Go, so I’m going to headcanon that there is magic healing potion down there :D

I love how Hanji is the right-hand woman for two of my favorite male characters in the series

like they trust her completely and she’s so often in their company - Erwin immediately defered to her when she explained where she thought the titan shifters were going, no questions asked

and this post explains Levi and Hanji’s peculiarly close relationship very well

like romantic or platonic, she is their go-to girl and that is soooo awesome

I wish I could’ve seen more about her relationship with Mike, the other member of what I like to call the “Scouting Legion Dream Team” :( they all spoke familiarly with each other, without much formality, so they must’ve known each other well

I’d also love to know more about her relationship with her squad members

it would’ve been nice to see if she knew Levi’s squad at all, and also if she knew Nanaba, b/c along with Mike, Erwin, Levi, and Hanji herself, Nanaba was one of the survivors of the fall of Wall Shina (according to Erd)

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Do you think there is any chance that Mikasa is moving to back up Levi and not Eren in the latest chapter? I think there is like a .05% chance that maybe that look is her realizing Levi is right, and being absolutely horrified at what they have to do?

I realize I’m putting an awful lot of faith in Isayama on this, but yes. Like I said in my last ask, she has been building to this moment. Learning to trust, learning to work as a team, and learning to let go is literally everything her character arc has been about

I want this to be the grand sweeping culmination of all that development. I want her to step forward, as painful as it is, and ultimately take Levi’s side, not because she agrees with the decision, but because he’s the one in authority and he’s earned her trust.

And please know as I type this, I am resigned to Armin being the one who ultimately benefits. As painful as it is to say, I do think he stands the better chance of surviving this arc.