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Because got forbid anyone think a character is good. You're so stupid with your "The idea that rational badass who does nothing wrong = good character is such an annoying thing for AoT for this reason and would absolutely ruin the series" bullshit. Stop trying to be stupid. People are allowed to think a character is good. You're the only one who's going to ruin the series.

I don’t really write the series, though.

I’m not saying badass characters can’t be a thing or you can’t like a badass character, I just think that when all characters were badasses that can do no wrong (are aces), the story would be boring. A cast full of Levis and Mikasas wouldn’t be very diverse and very true to humanity (and Levi and Mikasa are flawed in their own ways in the story, I’m just being hyperbolic for the sake of an example here.)

Characters, especially female characters, actually, are often criticized for being flawed at all these days and it’s a trend I personally don’t really agree with.

There’s, of course, just people having an opinion that they just don’t like (or do like) the character or think that character is simply well/badly written. You don’t need any deep reasons to like or dislike anything, either. You can just say “I don’t really like Mikasa.” or “I don’t really like Eren.” etc.

Thank you for the ask!

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I am so scared to meet Levi again and see the man he has become after 4 years. I do not want him to go on well with the recruits, they do not deserve his time, not after the way they treated him. :( I hope he has turned into a darker character.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having similar thoughts Anon.  I’m really apprehensive about the next chapters.  I mean obviously I’m desperate to see Levi again, to find out what he’s been doing for the last four years, but still…. I can’t say I’m too thrilled by this subproduct of titan science business, that has all sorts of potential to go horribly wrong.

I’m trying to hold out hope though.  Yams plot and pacing may leave us shaking our heads, or yelling incoherently at our screens but, Ymir aside, he’s been relatively consistent when it comes to characterization.  So I’m hoping that when we see Levi again, he’ll be the same miserable bastard that we’ve grown to know and love.

As far as getting on with the remnants of the 104th goes, I think that if Levi is still a captain of the Survey Corps and they are still his soldiers, then he will continue to treat them as subordinates.   Whether they respond as such and respect the chain of command is anyone’s guess. I don’t expect Levi to treat them with kid gloves, and we’ve already seen that.

But at the same time, Levi is not a cruel man.

One of the things that has always fascinated me about Levi is that he is such a mess of contradictions.  He has an innate capacity for violence and will not hesitate to use it, but at the same time, he is defined by his loyal and compassion. Levi has consistently been one of the most selfless characters in the series.  He isn’t motivated by a personal dream or goal, but by his relationship to other people.  Perhaps it’s all part of the Ackerman thing, but if so, it manifests very differently in the three Ackermans we’ve seen.  The loyalty is always there for sure, but much as I love Kenny, compassion and selflessness were hardly his thing. For the sake of avoiding drama, I’d rather not comment on the other Ackerman.  

So I think the darkness has always been there in Levi’s character, but it’s been tempered by his compassion and selflessness, and to be honest I’m not sure if I expect that to change, unless someone or something prevents him from fulfilling his vow to Erwin.  If that does happen then all bets are off.

Of course having said all that, if Levi appears in the next chapter with his hair tied back and “Erwin Smith – Flame of Hope” tattooed across his chest, I’ll forgive Yams everything :P

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Hi, do you believe that Zeke truely cares for Eren, or do you think he'll end up manipulating him?

Well, does Zeke care about Eren?

No matter what way you look at it, Eren is the only family Zeke has left. We don’t know if Grisha’s parents are still alive, and Zeke basically lost his mother and father when he was seven years old, even if it was his own fault. Naturally, he would care about Eren.

Looking at it, Zeke knows exactly what Eren “has gone through”. He believes both of them have been brainwashed by Grisha at a young age and feels sympathy towards Eren.

However, this is where he is wrong. Eren has not been brainwashed. Since a young age, he was ambitious and stubborn, but had his goals and dreams clear in his mind. A mere scolding from Carla or Grisha wouldn’t tamper with his curiosity, as Grisha himself stated so. Even after receiving the Attack Titan and the Coordinate, AND remembering it in time of need 5 years later, Eren still followed his own path, wanted revenge for his mother even before Grisha and Shadis found him in the refugee camp, and continued to do so before he first used his Titan powers. The goal to reclaim Wall Maria and reach the Basement was the goal of humanity as a whole, and not just “brainwashing”.

What changes things is the recent discovery, plus the full access to Grisha’s memories. You can see how Eren has began to change. Letting his hair grow out like his father’s, referring to the Eldians as “compatriots”, speaking in an unusually polite matter like inside the cell (Chapter 87) after waking up from a memory of his father, and so on. You can tell how much Grisha’s past has influenced Eren, to the point of him growing out to be like his father. Of course, just letting that happen wouldn’t make for an interesting plot, and I’m sure Zeke will be the one person to notice this if anyone even does at all.

Overall, Eren wasn’t being “brainwashed” when he met Zeke, but after that he is being influenced, which I find very interesting. I think we can call agree that the Jaeger Reunion is one of the top things to look forward to in the coming future.

Would Zeke manipulate Eren? Not before clearing up everything I just explained. Zeke is the Warchief and an incredibly powerful, sadistic and ruthless Titan Shifter who has sworn loyalty to the Marley government. He may feel conflicted about attacking his own family and killing Eren for the sake of retrieving the Coordinate, but remember how many Survey Corps soldiers he massacred without feeling any remorse at all (apart from the pity due to the loss of the Paradis folks’ memories). I don’t think Zeke would just flat-out kill Eren the chance he gets, but after they have their talk and clear up anything that needs to be cleared up, I don’t think Zeke would hesitate to do something like that if it meant fulfilling his mission as a Warrior.

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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before... but we all know that silver and blue are the colours of the Wings of Freedom. And that perfectly match with the idea of why they made Erwin and Levi wear blue suit and silver leggins respectively. On that recent official art they are even placed on both sides from the kids just like the Wings of Freedom - silver Levi's on the right side and blue Erwin's on the left.

Oh my god! You’re right @bifidosmetana.  Now we know the real reason for this fashion disaster! 

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I think this has been asked before but, even though I think it's already confirmed that Levi loved Erwin, do you think Erwin loved him back?


Undoubtedly, unquestionably, unconditionally. 

I do not believe for one minute that Levi’s love is unrequited. 

It’s been repeatedly confirmed in Smartpass content, the Answers guidebook, and most recently in Pash magazine, that Erwin and Levi share a deep bond of absolute trust.  For such a strong bond to exist, it must be mutual, therefore Erwin must reciprocate Levi’s feelings.  Also when you take the rest of the Smartpass content into consideration, the gifts of fancy clothes, the supply of contraband tea, the private dinners, it certainly does seem to suggest that Erwin has strong feelings for Levi that he is not afraid to demonstrate.  Sure you can argue that Erwin buying Levi a suit (white? WTF Erwin?) does not “prove” that he loves him, but I don’t remember Erwin buying fancy suits for anyone else! Also there is that weird personal rapport that exists between Erwin and Levi, seen most clearly in chapters 51, 70, and 72,  that Erwin just does not share with other characters.

I think perhaps the strongest canon evidence that proves the depths of Erwin’s feelings for Levi is the way that Levi sees Erwin’s face in flashback though.  Whenever Isayama shows us flashbacks (and lordy how many flashbacks have we seen?) he is showing us a memory, giving us an insight into something that a character has actually witnessed.  Even taking Eren’s confused visions into consideration, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a flashback that is just daydreaming or wishful thinking.  So in chapter 84 when Levi is on the roof, agonising over the impossible choice he faces, he thinks back to four specific events; overhearing EMA talking about their dream of seeing the ocean, Erwin in the depths of despair in Shiganshina, Kenny’s death, and Erwin looking peaceful and serene and thanking him. We saw three of those events unfold in canon so I can only assume that the fourth happened too, that Erwin really did thank Levi while looking at him so fondly. The same is true of Levi’s vision of smiling shoujo Erwin in chapter 81, when he hesitates to kill Zeke. Erwin just doesn’t look at anyone else like this in canon.

Now I guess there are various ways to interpret Erwin’s expression in these frames, but to me, that looks a lot like love requited.