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  • Armin: so, how did you get in a car accident?
  • Mikasa: there was a deer in the road, Eren didn't notice, so I said 'EREN! DEER!'
  • Eren: ...
  • Mikasa: Want to tell Armin what your response was?
  • Eren: *sighs* 'yes honey?'
  • Armin: *laughs*

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Ok so I'm kinda new to anime, please don't judge me :( I just watched free! And urie on ice fucking loved them ! Is it possible that you can list the top lgbt characters and couples ? And to anyone who has anymore comment below 👌🏻🙏🏻Thank you

Hi there! Ok so first of all I was in no way going to judge you because I’m fairly new to anime myself. Because of this I’m afraid I don’t have that many answers for you, but I’ll list all the ones I can think of from stuff I’ve watched and then hopefully, as you say, more people can add to it!

Let’s start with sports anime, like the ones you mentioned. *flicks through memo pads* oh would you look at that. nothing. this is partly why everyone loved YOI, you see. It was pretty revolutionary. But otherwise, no such luck there.

Anyway. Onto the gays.

Let’s start with our favourite tall and freckly soldier lesbian and her very small and very blonde soldier girlfriend, it’s… Ymir and Historia from Attack on Titan!

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even though these two aren’t the main characters and their relationship isn’t a big plot-point of the anime, they are definitely a couple. TBH you should probably watch the show anyway bc it’s pretty darn good. Also from Attack on Titan we have Reiner Braun (gay) and Hanji Zoe (female in the anime but genderqueer in the manga seems to be the general consensus for her)

Next up we have some boys from the pretty cool dystopian anime I’m binge-watching at the moment, it’s… Shion and Nezumi from No. 6!

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as I said, I actually haven’t finished this anime yet (I believe there is also a manga and a light novel) so I don’t know for sure how it ends. However, FandomWiki told me that they have romantic feelings for each other therefore it must be true. ((plus the gif i found i mean c’mon))

Now it’s time for everyone’s favourite bisexual drag queen father, it’s Ryouji “Ranka” Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club!

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Lets be real, he was everybody’s favourite character.

Okay, the next one may cause an argument. It is unclear what the gender and orientation of this character is, but lots of people think that they are a trans woman, and lots of people think that they are a gay man, and in the end most people realise that it doesn’t matter. At all. Anyway, the next character on our list is the beautiful, the fandom-argument-inducing, the best character in Kuroshitsuji, it’s…Grell Sutcliff!

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I love you Grell. Just wanted you to know. ((Honestly it’s worth watching this show just for them but it’s pretty amazing anyway))

That’s about it from me, but seeing this is partly a Hetalia blog I should probably put in something to make you watch it. What can I say? It’s pretty gay. However, only 1 (one) character has actually been confirmed as canonically gay by the creator.  Lock up your furniture, it’s… Sweden!

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, the landmass of Sweden is gay and canonically has romantic feelings for his best friend Finland ((Sweden is the tall one and and Finland is the slightly scared one))

Yup. As far as the other characters in Hetalia go, it’s anybody’s guess. and people do guess. oh boi, do they guess.

Anyway I hope this was what you were looking for! and please add more below, everyone, for my sake as much as anon’s. please.

see ya!

Imagine your otp making up their own language to speak around each other but it isn’t like an actual language that sounds elegant to the ear but something like replacing all the nouns with “chicken” so you just hear them saying shit like “Hey go to the Chicken with the Chicken and bring back some Chicken"and the other person is like "Okay but does the chicken want chicken or chicken?” and they are perfectly able to comprehend each other

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Anime guy you cuddle in front of the fireplace with

Aries: Yuzuru Otonashi (Angel Beats!)

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Taurus: Jean Kirschstein (Shingeki no Kyojin)

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Gemini: Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)

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Cancer: Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

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Leo: Yato (Noragami)

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Virgo: Roy Mustang (FullMetal Alchemist)

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Libra: Akise Aru (Mirai Nikki)

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Scorpio: Italy (Hetalia)

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Sagittarius: Haru Yoshida (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun)

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Capricorn: Hikaru Hitachiin (OHSHC)

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Aquarius: Rintarou Okabe (Stein’s Gate)

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Pisces: Ryota Sakamoto (Btooom!)

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