snk vs capcom svc chaos


 This is how all capcom crossovers start, nothing else can convince me otherwise.

 Ryu has appeared in xmen vs street fighter, marvel super heroes vs street fighter, marvel vs capcom 1, 2 and 3, capcom vs snk 1 and 2 + svc chaos, namco x capcom, project x zone 1 and 2, pocket fighters, super gem fighters, capcom fighting revolution, tatsunoko vs capcom, asura’s wrath, super smash bros and the movie wreck it ralph. That’s quite a lot

When they don’t like the thing you like

When you offend somebody by asking them if they like the thing you like

When it seems like you’re the only person who likes the thing you like

When they like a different thing but you two still respect each other’s preferences

When you finally find somebody who likes the same thing as you


When I was younger and Capcom had culminated (at the time) its Marvel “vs” line of fighters with Marvel vs. Capcom, I wondered what would be the next logical step. At the time I dreamed of Konami vs. Capcom, a game that would bring together Capcom’s stable with Konami’s epic characters such as Lance and Bill from Contra, the Belmonts and Alucard from Castlevania, Solid Snake and others from Metal Gear, heck even Bayou Billy, Oolong from Yie Ar Kung Fu or a cop from Crime Fighters. It could have been amazing, but alas was never to be.

What happened instead was a partnership with SNK, which seemed to make sense. Like Konami, SNK was also an industry giant with several timeless games under their belt, and they even had fighting game experience! Sadly, the first two offerings from Capcom not only focused exclusively on the characters from each company’s fighting games (excluding other genre characters), but was also hard for me to look at due to the mishmashing of art styles between the various sprites, the backgrounds and even visual effects like flames and projectiles.

I wish I could say I found SNK/Playmore’s vision to be better. The “all fighting characters” roster concept hasn’t changed except for a small handful of hidden characters and bosses. This was an opportunity for SNK to trot out some of their old relics like Guerilla War, Time Soldiers, Street Smart or their many non-fighting Neo Geo games. You’ll find none of that here, despite their obvious willingness to utilize old characters in The King of Fighters 2000. But maybe it’s just a purely good fighting title? Sadly, I don’t think so. There’s a cardinal sin for fighting games in SVC Chaos: hit detection. It seems like at least once per match, sometimes more, I would see characters–mine and the computer’s–have attacks go right through an opponent even though they should clearly have hit. Adding to the puzzlement is the computer’s tendency to occasionally make attacks that have no chance of hitting, like a standing kick from more than an inch out of range. The computer seems to have two modes: nearly brain dead and cheap fighting savant.

Okay, but does it at least look good? Depending on your preference, maybe. I will certainly say it looks interesting, but not that great. You know those cartoons or comics from when you were a kid where a character or team would end up in an alternate universe and they would be looking at themselves and wondering why they looked completely unreal? That’s what we have here with the Capcom team. SNK’s characters, coming from the King of Fighters and other Neo Geo games, look right at home. But the Capcom characters have been shrunk in size (due to the resolution differences between CPS1/2 hardware and the Neo Geo) and reduced in colors, which makes them look… Weird. They’ve also picked up the odd tendency for expressions with bulging eyes when hit or pulling off certain moves, and the animation is pretty jerky. Overall, it’s not flattering. We’ve seen some pretty poor graphics jobs on Neo Geo games in the past, but nothing has ever made the system feel so over the hill as the direct comparison that has to be made between the way Street Fighter characters look on Capcom hardware and this system. As one of the last games ever released for the Neo Geo, it’s almost an insult. You don’t go to someone’s retirement party and then challenge the old-timer to an arm-wrestling match.

As a total aside to all of those things, I do have to give at least a tiny thumbs up for a game which allows you, with some work, to pit the Mars People of Metal Slug against the Red Arremer from Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

If you’re good enough, you can even fight against Athena from her original arcade game, complete with sword, heart shield and gold bikini. Like Red Arremer (and the Violent Ken character), she’s completely overpowered. At least with the bosses in an SNK game, you kind of expect that level of unfairness. It’s a shame the rest of the game had to be permeated with such quality problems as well.