snk t shirt

Literally what I complain to my best friend about. He doesn’t even like yaoi. He just accepts it and takes me to hot topic and spencers. For Snk and fairytail t-shirts. And this one time he cosplayed Adult!Italy and Adult!HRE with me. True friendship. I think I’m in love.

I was tagged by the beautiful @fierce-mikasa to post a picture of my face. So, here’s a pic from a few days ago, featuring my glasses and SNK t-shirt.

I shall extend a tag to @isabelsmagnoliias, @erwinswaiifu, @erensbae, @silva-alta, @ackerqueen, @josie-theoneandonly, @ereminions, and @jazzybizzle to post your pretty faces if you want to. As always, you don’t have to! Just for funsies! :3