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i gotta love how eren just reveals himself to zeke and reiner thinking he can manipulate them and have them open their arms for him like.. he really thinks he's that smart lol can't wait for everything to backfire on his ass

I have no idea what’s going in Eren’s head, whether if he’s certain Zeke took the bait or not and how he perceives his brother’s mentality. The readership is more or less aware of how Zeke is, as a person but also as Marley’s warchief. 

Meanwhile, Eren only caught a glimpse of present-time Zeke, and knows about his childhood.

Zeke’s face, sympathizing with Eren’s situation - Ch. 83

When they first met, Zeke described Grisha as someone toxic and dangerous. When Eren had access to Grisha’s memories, he understood what Zeke meant, but Zeke’s opinion on his father definitely pits him behind Zeke’s back. 

After all, the last image Grisha had of Zeke was this one.

“Good riddance” - Ch. 87

Interestingly enough, in chapter 87, Grisha believes his own father indoctrinated him instead of protecting him from more trouble. And the way Zeke glares at him could be interpreted as his own rage against his father when he was trying to cover for Grisha. In this situation, Zeke indeed resents his parents, for being seen as a tool for the revolutionaries to take over Marley and for putting the rest of the Yeager family in danger. 

Therefore, Eren had two sources of information about Zeke: himself, seeing a compassionate brother, and Grisha, seeing a creepy child who stabbed him in the back. It could lead to Eren being completely mistaken about whether he lured Zeke in, or Eren being wary of Zeke not buying it completely. After all, what we know about Zeke is him playing silly, when in fact, his strategical value is on par with Erwin’s.

I think Eren, despite honing his manipulative skills after Kruger’s, still thinks he lured Zeke. He was never the kind of guy to evaluate someone past their first impression, as seen during his fight with Bertolt:

“Don’t look down on me like that. The only thing you’re good at… is being huge, that’s all!!“ - Ch. 79

Well… Everybody in Shiganshina seriously underestimated Bertolt: none of their tactics worked when Armin was mentally out.

10 years later.

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