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Isabel and Farlan finally showed up on Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou!

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Freshmen Year with a College Weeb

I have a few weeaboo stories but this one may be the worse because of the age of the weeb.

This took place last semester which was my first semester in college. It was community college and I was very stressed getting used to the new way of life and I was desperate for a friend. Before my Intro to Acting I class started I saw a girl in my class reading the spin off SNK manga about Levi. I thought this could be my chance to make a friend since I love anime, manga, and Levi as well. I go “Hey, I love Levi. Is that any good?”

She seemed normal at first. She dressed kinda weird, like a middle schooler from the early 2000s but I didn’t think anything of it since I noticed college kid fashion was pretty unique and maybe that stuff was coming back and I didn’t know or something. She seemed kinda eccentric but it made her easier to talk to. I had no idea she was a weeb.

That day she sees me eating lunch by myself and she joins me and we chat about anime and stuff. She was talking about adventures she had with her best friend from high school and that she switched from another nearby community college to come here. She is a little bit older than me and she has a job and a car so I honestly did not expect her to be a weeb because she seemed to have her life together moreso than I did. I was dead wrong.

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Quick ‘Theory’ if you want to call it that I guess...

So i was reading a post on my dash about the upcoming SNK Junior High spin-off when i noticed something:

So apparently, Armin always feels cold… I actually have a similar condition myself.

I have a problem with the part of my brain called the Hypothalamus. Basically it’s job is to help control the pituitary gland and regulate body functions, Such as temperature. Since mine doesn’t always work properly, I’m constantly feeling cold and usually have to keep a sweater or coat with me at all times. 

Armin is always carrying a blanket because “He feels cold” and “Will catch a cold without it”… It’s not just some cutesy thing that was thrown in there:

Armin has an implied mental condition can’t regulate his body temperature because of it.


A marine version of Attack On Titan where everyone is mermen/mermaids and they’ve had to barrade themselves inside an enormous coral reef castle the past thousand+ years to save the last of their race from extinction because of an outbreak of these big ass creatures they decided to call loch ness monsters. And they’ve heard about this expanse dry place hundreds of miles away from them in stories and rumors but no one knows if it’s true and they’re desperate to see this thing called ‘land.’