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Water Imp - chpt 1

New fic! Don’t stress, though, it’s part 2 of the Dark Waters series, I’m not charging ahead into a whole new AU (yet).

This chapter isn’t beta’d yet, forgive me. This instalment focuses on Isabel and Farlan’s courting, and the 3rd instalment will of course focus on Armin and Erwin.

And with that announcement made I’m going to bed cos it’s 2AM, slay me.

this took me all day and i’m still unhappy with how it came out, but i want to post it anyway because i honestly couldn’t figure out how to make it any better. my favourite part is jean’s arm and i don’t know why

prom night in that angsty Make A Wish AU. the theme was space. jean’s homeschooled but marco insisted on bringing him as his date. they only dance for a short while because of a couple of… issues.

Circuits' Betrayal - Rough Mix
Attack on Space
Circuits' Betrayal - Rough Mix

“You’re not authorized to access this information, Jean.”

EDIT: This has been remixed to be way better - you can find that here!

Super rough mix I did because I adore quote-insert electronica and I wanted some AOS stuff. Gomen for some stuff not lining up - I did this really fast during a homework break.

**Contains spoilers for Episode 9 of Attack on Space***

(Art by: art-de-sakicchi)

Space AU

Marco hates Jean when he moves to the space station. He works with zero gravity plants and Jean bumps into him a lot at first. Over time he grows to like Jean for his charm and his brains.

Me and Aye were talking about this AU and they drew a thing and asked for advice and i ended up drawing a thing as well

“Eren, Eren, Eren… I just want to protect everyone. Especially you.”
“N-no, ARMIN wouldn’t do this. You’re not ARMIN…”
“But, I am, Eren. Let me take you away and keep you safe. I know what’s best, Eren.”
“S-stop this… What happened to you?”
“I-” ARMIN’s staticky voice abruptly glitched and stuttered, “I don’t kn-know what you’re talk-talk-talking about, Er– ren.”
The AI suddenly reeled back, portions of his holographic body turning to noise and flickering in and out of existence. He clutched at his head, groans of pain sounding rough and grainy.
“E-Eren…” ARMIN’s voice sounded clear again and Eren took a tentative step forward.
“Eren, you’re right to think this isn’t me. Go, run while I still have control.”
“Go! Run!” As the hologram looked back up to him, Eren saw its face beginning to flake and crack. Rather than pale blue skin, the left cheek was now black, as if opening to a dark and infinite void, and pure blue eyes now an alarming red.
They both knew it was futile for Eren to run. ARMIN was the entire system of the arks, he would find him easily. Eren spoke desperately as his feet pounded down the metallic hallway.
“I’ll get you back, ARMIN! I’ll fix you!”
“Eren…” ARMIN’s voice faltered into noise again, hints of hoplessness mixed into the static, “–pointless– won’t– back to normal–”
“I will! I promise you, I will!”

AOS!eremins oops also yandere!ARMIN ehehe

me and my corruption theory aaa

blood on your shirt

In the years after the war, Erwin takes his stipend, invests the majority of it, and buys a home on one of the smaller colonies, with enough space that he feels that he can learn to breathe again.

Levi follows him silently and stays, just as quietly, for four months in Erwin’s guest bedroom. Eventually, there comes a morning where Erwin wakes up and Levi’s gone – all of this he accepts. He hadn’t expected it to last.

He learns to live again: learns how to sleep in, how to ease his body out of conditioned attention, how to not reach for his gun when noise startles him awake at night. He considers that, somewhere across the vast infiniteness of space, Levi might be doing the same. He wonders what it looks like.

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