snk pls


Do you know snk is having a stage play this summer?

More important, do you know how Levi and Erwin’s actors think of each other’s character???

Endo Yuya (Levi): Of course I love Levi, but I personally like Erwin Smith too.

The Dehi (Erwin):  I personally like Levi   (m ´>ω

Endo Yuya: Let’s dedicate our hearts together this summer. Please take care of me ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

The Dehi: Yes, let’s dedicate our hearts (。・`ω ρ  ´・。)

hey my girlfriend writes the best yumikuri fics in the world y’all should read them and leave nice comments 

The Saltwater Room

Dream Catcher 

Falling in the Falls

Pillow Talk

annnd more! Go check ‘em out and it’d be SWEET if y’all reblogged this bc it’s my 10,000th post and honestly who doesn’t love ymirXhistoria 


So basically it was a summary of what happened in season one, but episode 0 of BnHA had some mesmerizing watercolour endcards - ahhhhh I cannot wait to see what season 2 has in store for us *-*


okay soooo i’ve been binge watching yo-kai watch like there’s no tomorrow cause i’m a fckin dork, and like, i got emotionally invested so fast???

anyways, i drew an au where eren and levi died and became yo-kai (ghosts or spirits that have weird abilities and cause every day inconveniences for humans that they inspirit; in the show of course, there’s actual mythology surrounding yo-kai in japanese lore)

eren can amplify people’s emotions, and levi causes people to speak bluntly and honestly, albeit a little rude. they make a pretty good team making arguments more heated