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Happy Birthday Ayapus! Since you said you liked Hanji I thought it’d be a good opportunity to draw some Shingeki no Pacific Rim (if you haven’t watched it yet do so!!!). I had fun designing her tattoos! Levi looks a bit old and grouchy but when is he not? 

Anyway, hope you had a good birthday and that you enjoy my silly doodle!

( Hanji looks like Tina Fey hurhur)

  • You know that point where you started out just kind of exploring a fandom and then all the sudden you're watching everything on the Internet about it and you have jumped head first into this fandom and now there's probably no way out????
  • I may or may not have just done that.

With the decommissioning of the Vancouver Shatterdome, six jaeger pilots were transferred to the Los Angeles Shatterdome. Among them was the Mark 3 pilot Marco Bodt, whose cheerful greetings and ready smiles did what no one else had ever managed before: shut up the mouthy Mark 4 pilot Jean Kirschstein.

I have a compulsion to imagine everything in a Pacific Rim AU.


Fifteen years after the first Kaiju breach, we find ourselves with the 104th Regiment who are now among the forces of the UN Shatterdome. With time comes new hardships, challenges, and inevitably … change.

Attack on Kaiju is a fan-made mecha AU parody of the manga/anime Attack on Titan, or “Shingeki no Kyojin” (進撃の巨人), and the film Pacific Rim. 

This project is a purely non-profit, fan-based parody made only for entertainment purposes. 

Cast & Crew:
AU Project Creator: Kira

Attack on Titan, Shingeki no Kyojin, and its likeness belong to Hajime Isayama and its related distributors.
Pacific Rim and its likeness belong to Guillermo Del Toro and Travis Beacham.  Please support the official releases.

All music is copyright and credited to their original composers and is not used to earn any profit.


Episode 1 of the Attack on Kaiju Project is finally here!  We hope you all enjoy it!  Everyone on our team worked very hard and diligently to put this project together and bring it to life.  Special thanks goes out to my co-admin, Amy, for helping put this all together. We hope you like it!

- Admin Kira

**headphones recommended for best audio quality**

Day 03: Gaming/Watching a Movie

Well sweet Pacific Rim-job! Lookit you, Jaegerbombastic!

They watch a lot of action movies together, but they really nerd out over this one, haha…

After-movie bonus panel:

…if only for the terrible puns they come up with after. OTL

(More OTP challenge drawings here :) )

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[Ereri 365 Project] Day 272 : Power (Smut Sunday #39) (Pacific Rim AU)

“Keep your hands on the pillow or else this ends, got it?”

Eren is startled by Levi’s unusually rough actions, but also really turned on. “Yes sir,” Eren squeaks.

Levi leans over and kisses Eren more gently than the brunette expected, beginning to trail kisses down his chest and stomach. He pauses minutely to give the bruised skin over Eren’s ribs some attention. Levi’s own bruises are still purple as well and Eren wants to pay back all this attention but Levi doesn’t seem willing to let him. When Levi gets to Eren’s belly button, he kisses it and dips his tongue in for a moment making Eren shiver. “Levi –“


Levi kisses the rest of the way down to Eren’s straining erection. He takes the hot flesh into his hand and lowers his mouth onto the tip, sucking gently. Eren gasps, he’s done this to Levi before but he’s never asked Levi to reciprocate. He’s fighting the urge to move one of his hands to touch Levi’s hair.

Levi pulls off and licks from Eren’s balls up to the tip of his dick. “Fuck, Eren,” he moans.

“Hn?” the brunette replies.

“I love your cock so much~”

Eren feels his face go completely red. “Huh?”

“It’s just so thick and hard and just for me~” He licks the length again.

Eren shudders and bites his lip, words like that in Levi’s deep voice are way sexier than he expected.

Levi retrieves the bottle of lube from the table beside the bed and kneels above Eren’s hips. “How would you like it if I let that fat dick inside me?”

Eren moans.

Levi cocks an eyebrow. “Is that a yes? You have to talk to me, baby. Do you want me to fuck myself on your pretty cock?”

“Yes, please, Levi.”

Levi squeezes lube onto his fingers. “You’re going to keep your hands up, right?”

Eren nods.

“Good,” Levi says and reaches behind himself.

He pushes his first finger in easily, keeping his eyes trained on Eren’s. He stretches quickly, not bothering to waste time so Eren doesn’t get bored. He squirts some lube onto Eren dick and spreads it out slowly. “Levi~” Eren moans.

Levi moves so Eren is barely brushing against his entrance. “Do you want to come inside, Eren?”


“How much?”


“How much, Eren?”

“God, Levi, I want to fuck you so bad! Please?”

Levi drops all his weight so Eren slides inside quickly. “Oh fuck~” he moans, that was a little more intense than he expected.

Eren clutches the pillow to resist reaching down to grab Levi’s hips.

Levi rolls his hips a few times, trying to adjust more quickly. “God, Eren, you’re making me feel so full~”

Eren can’t help the way his hips buck at that. “Shit~ Levi, you’re so hot.”

Levi gasps at the sudden movement, reaching. “Give me your hand.”

“I can let go of the pillow?”


Eren lets go and Levi immediately clutches his hand before sitting up and dropping himself back down. “Hell yes~” he moans.

He bounces on Eren’s cock roughly, just focusing on getting Eren to hit his sweet spot on as many thrusts as possible. Eren moves down his other hand to pet Levi’s thigh. “Levi, you’re so pretty.”

“Shut up,” Levi pants, “You beautiful, big dick motherfucker.”

“Fuck, Levi, I’m close~”

Levi moves Eren’s hand from his thigh up to pump his dick. “Touch me.”

Eren fists Levi’s cock roughly. “Come on, baby,” he whispers.

“Ngh~ ah!”

Levi paints Eren’s chest and stomach with his cum as Eren finally climaxes inside him. Levi collapses on top of his young lover. “Fuck,” he moans. “I needed that.”

Eren idly runs his fingers over Levi’s back, ignoring the way his bruises ache from the extra weight on his torso. “You alright?”

“Well my ass is gonna hurt for a little while but –“

“Not what I meant.”

Levi is silent for a moment. “We almost died.”

Eren holds the shorter man. “We’re okay.”

Levi buries his face in Eren’s shoulder and takes a nap.