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You know…pretty much every interview so far mentioned the Beast Titan as a season 2 highlight and important character, Araki even made sure he got his own theme and it ended up being used in the PV, and said PV even has him as the thumbnail. Of course the Beast Titan is without a doubt one of the most important players in the entire franchise, but his true significance only comes to light in season 3; whereas, after the battle for Utgard, he basically loses any significance to the plot and only cameos (probably) in the final episode. And he only has two real scenes in the clash arc sourcematerial. Makes me wonder if Isa and Araki possibly cooked up some additional footage for him, maybe an additional scene or whatever, just to further emphasize his importance. Idk, its just a thought, but we already know Isa approved and requested filler is on the way and just maybe we’ll get something about everyone’s favorite monkey. 

I just wanna be by your side, here’s hoping we collide…

For @lolakasa !!
Simultaneously my first art trade ever (with my favorite artist ever ahh!!) and first ever Eremika fanart! Thank you so much Dani for encouraging me and my art, and for being such a great friend! This was super fun and I hope we can do it again sometime ❤ !

ISAYAMA I SWEAR TO THE LORD ABOVE YOU BETTER BE TROLLING I just saw a link on reddit where he recently said that he had a dream after writing chapter 66 where he looked at himself in the mirror and wondered if he made the right choice.. .. .. so help me God if Eren has more than a scratch, broken bone or isn’t alive by the end of that chapter

Lemme just quickly compare the TG and snk fandom right now

TG fans ignore arguments and pretend they don’t exist while endlessly praising their story and never criticizing it in any way.

Snk fans are constantly criticizing their story, whether they think something was poorly written or a character shouldn’t have died, or a character SHOULD’VE died.

No ship wars in TG.

Ereri. Just….ereri.

TG: Main character is stuck in stagnant character loop of undevelopment. fans don’t care.

Snk: main character has matured. fans also don’t care. because they would rather see Bertholdt redeem himself.


so there’s a similarity.

Likes Gary Stu motherfuckers.

TG: kills or tortures its female characters, shoves them off screen when they’re no longer needed to further a man’s angst.
Snk: has a gender balanced cast…makes up for it by having people always bashing on the female side.

Don’t ask me which is better, they’re both infuriating in their own special fandom way.

But I guess what I’m saying here…

Is that God, do fandoms suck…in their own unique ways.