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The Veterans on The Last Five Years (x)

Miche: So, it’s been five years since Wall Maria was compromised.

Erwin: Yeah, time really flies… doesn’t it?

Hange: You where only a section commander like me back then, and now you’re the commander.

Erwin: I am pretty sure I wasn’t the only qualified candidate, but I was the only one not lost to the titans. And it wasn’t just them, either. We’ve lost a lot of soldiers these last five years.

Levi: I suppose you’re here to make sure their deaths weren’t in vain.

Hange:  Indeed, but their deaths weren’t in vain. Our research into Titans has advanced dramatically since then.

Erwin: More time and sacrifice will be required to retake Wall Maria. Will you join me on that journey?

Miche: What are you talking about?

Levi: Seriously…

Hange: I’m with you one-hundred percent! So, Erwin… About using the whole Scout Regiment for more Titan captures…

Erwin: …That’s not going to happen.


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so um postman and florist au thing because idk.

so postman erwin has chats with levi everyday as he stops by his shop and eventually gets to know him well. ANd levi probably likes roses.

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“in the end we will all be judged by the courage of our heart”

My fave fours and their most common characterization among the fandom, I don’t know which is the saddest: being reduced to one stereotype despite being one of the most important characters showing different sides of their personality; being so mischaracterized that there are two of him: canon one and fanon one; despite showing to be the bravest among the trainees and struggle with his personality, he’s still the crybaby ‘cause he cried once at the beginning of the story (reacting realistically, let’s be serious); receiving hate because of a ship because of his actions despite those being for humanity’s sake and despite him being the most crucial character without whom most part of this story wouldn’t existed. It’s not like the fandom used these exact words toward them, it’s the way they’re often portrayed in fan art, fanfiction, cosplays and so on. They’re all like ”they’re my favorite character” and than they act like didn’t read the manga at all. There is no black and white in snk, each character has many faces, many sides. Most of the fandom treat them as they treat other people irl: labelling, judging uncaring of their personal stories. but we know their personal stories, so what’s the fucking problem?

P.S. of course I’m not referring to puns and funny comics/FF