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bertcember day 1 - Bertolt’s never really been bothered too much by cold weather. It doesn’t ever effect him like it does Reiner.

If you post about fighting games..

I know there are more blogs to follow so I’ll post this again, if you post fighting games whether it’s street fighter, tekken, darkstalkers, skullgirls or any game in between, I want to follow you so like this post. Also if you post about the fighting game community or arcade sticks, I want to follow you too. ❤️


Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me….

(In which we try to do Chapter 50 shots and I can’t keep a straight face)

man there needs to be more fics/art involving 3dmg/the affects it has on the homies like:

-‘can you help me with my straps plz?’ (resulting in romantic/sexual tension >:))
-massaging of bruises and sore muscles along the lines of where the straps are
-semi-angsty helping clean wounds from the straps breaking or cutting skin
-someone dorkily trying to be romantic and buckling their chest strap into their honey’s and then someone walks in on it then ‘oh fuck-’ they try to step away from eachother and end up bouncing back and smashing their heads together
-did i say helping each other taking straps on/off? this is very important okay there are THIGH STRAPS HOW HOT IS THAT HONESTLY
-tugging someone close by their belt/straps or cloak and teasing them about how it’s impossible to escape
-couples using the wires to hold eachother in cute unique ways
-’we’re strapping you two together until u assholes stop fighting’ (not sure exactly how one would pull this off though lmao)

like idk man i feel like there is so much opportunity with gear for cute ass shit, if anyone has any fic recs or something with trash like this hella tag me ^_^ i am a smol bol of sin always :))