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finally hit that first mark!! probably won’t do another one of these until i hit 500. and, sorry i’m only mentioning certain mutuals…

but, life’s a bitch and so am i. ♡

without further ado, here’s the bias list! if u have multiple accounts, that sucks ass bc i’m only listing one >:(


@mezasepkmnmaster – the bae. the partner-in-crime. future co-walker of the shiba inu of my dreams.

@himacchu – a precious egg who has tolerated me since i came fresh out of the snk fandom. a saint.

@aurasensitivescholar – an oldie but a goodie! it’s been fun watching his muse develop!

@nutsandlightningbolts – a part of the “likes to talk in depth about this children’s cartoon” squad and a cherished member, at that.


@dragon-spirited – u know what u did and are doing to my gentle and babbyish heart.

@ego-fraud – this won’t let me tag you but listen. the angst shared on discord will not be forgotten.

@idolizedstar – howsway you write coordinators so well? truly, a gift to behold. headcanons get me up in my feelings sometimes tho :/

honorable mentions

the rest of u have gotta earn mama’s love. jk jk ur all good lads

@lowswept @cheerfulranger @blastingxff @faselstyrka @eeveelutionist @silverliningheir @lukissed @coordinatorkenny @humcnomaly @rottenrhythms @blessedsnow @sopping-wet-sibling @multitxpe @aurorasofdxstiny @herstrengths @beullaeri @pinktransceiver @fabulance @overcomeadversity @healingwixh @aquaelegance @drapionking @firewcll @kamitsumile


anonymous asked:

Yeah man antis are so toxic in the voltron fandom, nobody wants to deal with them anymore

That’s really sad because the show is really good, and I’m sure many people lost interest on it for the same reasons as me. I hope things improve with time, like it happened with the snk fandom. Maybe then it will catch my interest again… I really liked Keith haha.

@z-ayauitl replied to your postI love that you like almost all my salty posts :’)…

The only thing keeping me here is my undying love for shiro honestly �� never experienced the 2013 shitshow of attack on titan… but if it was like this… MAN Y'ALL PUT UP WITH A LOT OF SHIT, ship wars are the most unnesesary wars I SWEAR

You’re a saint! Shiro deserves it though <3.

I wasn’t here that early either but I’ve heard enough horror stories about it! I remember once I did that thing to see the tags in the past and I checked the ereri tag at some point in 2014. That was an experience I truly regret.

To be honest even if the snk fandom is smaller now I feel like it’s way more peaceful like this. I follow almost 500 blogs and I never see hate on my dash, and rarely on the tags. It still happens sometimes, of course… but much less frequently.

Also I multiship and people know my top favorites are ereri and eremika and I honestly never get any hate messages or anything (don’t start now pls) and I know there were ugly ship wars between those two fandoms in the past. Idk, I just feel like people is more respectful now. Or maybe I’m just very lucky and someone else is getting all the hate, but I doubt it haha.

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