snk ep1

Tilting at windmills

I want to write about the one special fragment from Eren’s dream before ch. 94 spoilers will drop and vol. 23 will be finished. Tbh I have some bitter predictions about SNK ending. As we all know, episode 1 has undergone some changes.

This idiom may have the specific connotation. And Eren’s personal fight will be nothing else than “tilting at windmills”… for a vain goal. 

“Eren! Why are you crying?”

Beast/ape titan

This is the first time the main villain of this season is revealed

I love the fact that they kept this part (and the rest of the episode from what I remember) as it was in the manga.

Look at it, it is enormous.

As if it wasn’t enough, he can speak

He is capable to form an articulate speech and is capable of curious thoughts. He is a being of intelligence  and observation. The only ones that are remotely similar to him are the garrison’s abnormal titans (such as eren, bertolt, reiner, annie…) and yet they are not the same. Their form is nothing alike and even them weren’t capable of speech in titan form

he is probably capable of speaking multiple languages and took the time to learn the current human one

He is capable of understanding human emotions

He understands human weaponry, at least the basics of it. And let’s focus on that “too”. Who did he meet before that also used swords (I kind of forgot the manga’s story, and thank god because it would be like seeing this for the first time all over again)

I just want to point out this part of his speech. He doesn’t say that their’s weakness relies on their necks like the human race thought. NO. He specifically states that THEY RESIDE, AKA LIVE, ON THEIR NECKS. He is one step ahead of humanity. Whereas humans think that titans are simply beasts that were born out of nowhere (that is about to change though) but there are some abnormal titans that have humans on their necks controlling them, this ape titan is already telling us the truth about titans: that they all evolved from humans and they are all still alive on their necks. As you can imagine, this might cause quite a stir as that means they (the humans) have been killing their kind all along

He can control titans. The titans obey him and move or stop at his will. This will be quite a pain in the assess one can imagine…

I just want to say that in this part, the beast said “omoshiroi”, which I believe it translates to “fun”. This is all a game to him. This slaughter

this endless nightmare that humanity has been facing is simply fun for him.

Bonus (because I don’t want this to end on a depressing note):

look at that titans the background!!! 

“I hope ape titan-senpai notices me!”

“I wish I could slaughter mankind like beast-senpai!”