snk compliments

I knew it from the first moment

Levi’s mind: She is a kind and courteous girl, but the most Impulsive I know…

Mikasa’s mind: He is a reserved man, methodical but at the same time insolent…


I think of Mikasa as the impulsive side of the relationship and in Levi as the responsible guy. Their differences attract and complement each other. 

What do you think about them?


I’m sorry! I know it is very late, but here is my contribution to #RivamikaWeek of day two, I did not have much time today but I hope you like it.

anonymous asked:

Out of all the people on tumblr who draw Marco, you're my most favourite ^^

t-that’s a huge compliment Anon, seriously 

honestly there’s plenty of artists who do Marco far better justice than I, but that means a lot so thank you dear ;__; 


I redid every sketch I lost when my computer decided to stop working, out of raw stubborness. >:|  And added some more. Today’s face is ask-irl-jeankirschstein (As usual, just send me an ask if you are uncomfortable with me drawing your face. It is only for my own practice and I don’t want to make people feel bad U_U)

Bonus as complement to the rubber duck (adorable gif ref:ed from here ):