snk chibi special

levisgay  asked:

so what i heard in the chibi specials, erwin singing while running to chase the ema trio "handsome so handsome handsome so handsome" was a mere allucination ??

i dont really know if he really says that :o

I’ve rewatched that chibi special and

After saying “Hey, you guys!” he laughs and starts saying something like what you’ve said ( “handsome so handsome handsome so handsome” )

I couldn’t find any website where it had what he was saying on the subs because Eren and Armin were talking while Erwin was being embarrassing but HE SAYS IT! I can’t believe I didn’t notice earlier lol 

Thanks for the ask :D!! 

Erwin & Armin -Howdy, beautiful lady!” 

it’s Nala’s fault that I drew a Winmin Wild West/Cowboy AU… Erwin, why are you wearing a bolo tie?