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I commissioned the lovely @bev-nap for this piece and I am so in looove with it! Thank youuuu!

Professor Eren and student Levi


Jean and Marco live in a gritty urban city where not a day goes by without a mug case in some shady corner of their town. Marco Bodt is just another ordinary office worker, but has a secret no one knows about.. He possesses supernatural abilities and soughts to bring justice to their corrupted society. He takes out thugs when no one’s looking and keeps it under wraps so nobody knows exactly who he really is.

Jean Kirschtein is a young journalist who needs a story to really prove himself and he becomes obsessed with this mysterious hero. He really wants to figure out who this man is so he can get an exclusive interview with him.

My gift for @zoe-bug in the Jeanmarco Gift Exchange‼️

“Stop working!It’s weekend for god sake..”

“I can’t Levi..i’m so sorry, i have this big case that i need to study..”

“Ask one of your guy to do it..”

“I’m sorry’s not something that others can do…”

“So, you’re gonna work your ass off this weekend?”

“Yes, i’m afraid so..i’m sorry..i’m gonna make it up to to you..”


“I’m sorry Levi…”

“Sure, whatever…i’m gonna go back to our room and masturbate..”

“Okay..have fu….wait…what??wait you can’t do that Levi…Levi..wait..please don’t do that…Levi..pleaseeeeee”

Thus, Erwin stop working for the rest of the day….

My art for the thematic week on russian ASK Shingeki No Kyojin

I’m really like the @taffydesu ‘s concept of Jean and Marco as gems, but I decided to simplify their design, so that the picture looked harmoniously 

Also there is half-corrupted Citrine as Reiner Braun and half-corrupted Pearl (or maybe not Pearl? I have not decided) as Bertolt.

p.s. there is Columba constellation on Marco’s body, as well as in my previous art :”D


Working on a reincarnation AU I clearly couldn’t pass up the chance of taking the babies to the ocean *A* Timewise this would be before Eren found Levi, hence only the 104th squad.

Oh and this is only the first part, the original plan was to post many more at once but it’s taking much longer than anticipated so please have these for now ;A;