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seriously i will give someone my first born if they can help me find the attack on titan cosplayer i met in the bathroom at acen. her jacket was a little different. i think it was like a darker corduroy instead of the usual plain tan one. and she had blonde hair. ughhhhhhh i just want to know who she was and i’ve already scoured instagram, twitter, and the tumblr acen tag and i’ve had no luck. helpppppp.


some photos from acen! i only had my camera with me on saturday so i didn’t get too many… UvU

if you are in one of these pictures, let me know and i will tag you! :*)

the hound - wingojangus / hiro hamada - tobiaslandexpress / yuzuki seo - everythingsbetterwithalpacas / eren jaeger - enjouji / carla jaeger - lostlegendaerie / yuna - katiedegennaro


I see that some of you have noticed my absence. What can I say–the life of a Commander is a busy one!

As I’m sure you all know, the Survey Corps is in desperate need of funding. To make money, lately my comrades and I have had to get… Creative.

For instance, I have just spent the past two weeks–sewing!

Now I’m ready for this weekend’s business adventure~! :-D

…why did I wish for this adventure?

(Come visit Papa at ACen this weekend! Buy plushies of your favorite soldiers to help support the Corps~!)

1. Jean’s never painted, only sketched, but lately the world seems blurred & stained; sometimes he smells pine & citrus between blank pages.

2. Marco’s never seen stained glass until he’s called to stand guard at the Wall Cult church; parishioners tinted red by filtered sunlight.

3. Jean smiles w/ more teeth now, smokes w/ the cockiness of a boy chasing lizards; he forgets winter as Marco dreams of pine trees & snow.

4. Marco writes letters he never sends; they become a diary locked in a drawer, pages filled, an indulgent horror vacui that still stings.

—  Twitter Fics of the Day (5/10-5/13) and some headcanons for Drawing Lines
kaa-05n2 and allhailcookies I WILL finish this before I finish this fandom :D

Anime Central 2014: Cleaning Eren and Armin


(Especially made this for my best friend Suzaku, who’s worked so hard to us completing our cosplays for Acen and has done such a phenomenal job at bringing Eren Jaegar to life. Please show him your support and follow along with Rye as his main man Armin!!!)


Gifs made by me

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