awe shit. xD i have a funny story that i need to tell yall before i forget. So after choir, Ronnie and me went to lunch like we always do. Well in front of us in line was good ole josh nowak. we were talking to him about quidditch and he seemed genuinely interested. I told him to stop by practice tomorrow and watch and maybe play a bit. he tried to make an excuse of not having a broom. well, when you’re broomless, what better position to play than snitch runner, right? haha. i told him this and then explained what the snitch runner does and what i do as the seeker to get the snitch from him. then i told him if he committed to being a snitch at some point, that he’d have to be comfortable with knocking me around. he gave me the same horrified look that other guys interested in being a snitch have given me. and i told him, it’s all part of the game, you throw around the seeker, and im the seeker. and his response was the funniest ever. after contemplating what i said, he looked at me and after laughing went, “i might just… set you down on the ground gently… but i couldnt throw you around.” haha. as nice of a snitch that’d be, its not quite the way it works xD

sorry i havent updated in a million years. i had a quidditch related injury and spent much of last night in the emergency room. To make a long story short, i went one way and our snitch went the other, and i hit my head. but fear not, all is well. ill be ready to go after spring break, which we are on right now. ima try to catch up with the updating and upload a few photo sets <3

Some RvB characters and their quidditch positions:

Church: Head Ref. Unfortunately, that also means he deals with the most shit.

Donut: Snitch runner. Like, maybe he isn’t the best snitch runner, but he looks fly af in the snitch shorts

Simmons: Chaser, but like, one of those chasers who literally never gets the ball until they’re right next to the goal. Also a decent seeker.

Grif: Keeper. He’s not too fast, but he will literally take down any enemy in keeper zone

Tucker: He’s like, the most fly chaser ever seen. Passes that quaffle through the hoops before anyone knows what hit them. Bow chika bow wow

Caboose: He REALLY wants to be a ref so he can be with Church, but even goal reffing would prove difficult for him. Instead, his teammates usually let him be a chaser, because he is surprisingly intimidating.

Wash: Best seeker ever. Of all time (but also does fairly well beating)

Carolina: The scariest beater you’ve ever seen. She specializes in face beats.

Sarge: Kinda actually isn’t very good at any position, though he claims perfect in all of them. Also a crummy ref. Subs as a keeper when Grif is out. 

Lopez: Beats pretty damn well

Kimball: Death beater

Felix and Locus are either tag team beaters or chasers. Either way they’re horribly deadly and cause lots of fouls and do lots of dick moves that should be red carded all the time. They also would probably scream at the refs.
How to Play Snitch

“The two things a snitch needs to be able to do is, first, not get caught, and second, be as funny as possible,” Marks explains. “So the snitch can steal your broom — you can’t catch him while you’re off your broom, of course. The snitch will hit people with bludgers. The snitch can actually grab the hoops and just run off. Acrobatics are encouraged, and the snitch will do tumbles and somersaults just to get the crowd jumping.”