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Marc Rattay aka @M_Shale is the Man Behind Assholster, Twitter’s Most Notorious Troll Account

It has been two months since Assholster, the troll who has been harassing me for years on end was identified as Marc Rattay from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He has been harassing me since 2012. I have screenshots dating back that far which I will likely mass publish once I sift through them all. In addition, I have been curating his tweets on Storify for the last two months, since he was unmasked.

I had put off writing this post in the hopes that his unmasking would make him stop harassing me. Unfortunately, it hasn’t.

He uses scripts to create multiple accounts.

External image

He has routinely harassed a number of people on Twitter over the years aside from me and Rebecca (@commiegirl1) including: Jessica Valenti (@jessicavalenti); Amanda Marcotte (@amandamarcotte); Emily Hauser (@emilylhauser); John Cole (@johngcole); Jamelle Bouie (@jbouie); Lisa Needham (@snipy); Kaili Joy Gray (@kailijoy); Jesse Berney (@jesseberney); Oliver Willis (@owillis) and pretty much anyone who is a person of color or a woman who has interacted with me or any of the above people.

This is not even close to an exhaustive list of Marc’s targets.

And since Twitter can’t or won’t do anything about it, I am publishing this so that at a minimum, Marc’s behavior will follow him for the rest of his life.

Before you read further or think that what I am doing here is drastic, please read this article that I wrote nine months ago: TwitterFail:Twitter’s Refusal to Handle Online Stalkers, Abusers, and Haters.

This is just a small taste of what I have been subjected to for years:

External image
External image

And lest you think he keeps his harassment to Twitter, here he is harassing me on my Facebook wall:

External image

External image

External image
(For some reason, Marc seems to think I was either disbarred or quit the law for Twitter. It’s preposterous. I have not been disbarred and I don’t even know what the last sentiment is supposed to mean.)

You may be asking how I know all of the above messages and the tweets in the Storify and my article are the same person, since he stopped using “Assholster” once I wrote about him back in August. If you read all of the tweets in the Storify (and I don’t expect you will want to because they are vile) there are speech patterns and patterns of buzz word usage that demonstrate that all of these tweets are incontrovertibly from the same person: The complaints about queer bashing, bullying against him, homophobic and biphobic bigotry against him, and coordinated attacks against him (none of which ever happened, by the way); accusations of being a pedophile or a pedo; accusations that people were defending Sandusky or Joe Paterno (also, never happened), use of “nigger,” “nigra,” “kike,” “cunt,” “imani tumor,” his accusations that I’m faking my medical condition (I have a tumor), that I’m not Black enough, that I don’t have sex with Black men, that I traded in my Black card, that I’m a failed lawyer or a disbarred lawyer (untrue; I’m still a licensed attorney), that I’m quasi-Black or a “quasi-negro” (which, if I’m being honest, is kind of a great slur, semantically speaking), along with his selection of targets demonstrate that they are all the same person.

How was Marc Rattay Uncovered?

Marc Rattay was unmasked by Rebecca Schoenkopf (@commiegirl1), the editrix of Wonkette. Marc commented on Wonkette under the name “Marcellus Shale” without first signing out of his primary Disqus account. She was able to trace the IP address and found his Facebook page, under the name “Marcellus Shale.” (He has since changed his Facebook account so that the name reads “marcmarcmarcmarcmarc,” but here is a screenshot of his Facebook page before he changed it. The screenshot is a little screwy since I accidentally saved it as a PDF originally. But that’s neither here nor there.)

Marc made a similar mistake—commenting under his “respectable” name—while commenting at Balloon Juice, which is John Cole’s (aka @johngcole) blog, and at Bitter Empire–here and here–which is Lisa Needham’s (aka @snipy) blog.

Since the Marcellus Shale is a rock formation in western Pennsylvania, we surmised that it wasn’t his given name. So we set about trying to determine who “Marcellus Shale” is.

Marc runs a Twitter account under the name @m_shale and periodically rants about Rebecca, John, me, and others, bizarrely claiming that we deserve the harassment because we are “queer bashers” or “bigots” who hate bisexual people and conspired to attack him in some way. Marcellus Shale’s rants sound an awful lot like Assholster’s.

Here is an example of Marc Rattay’s ranting under @M_Shale.

External image

Here is another example of Marc Rattay’s ranting under @M_Shale.

External image

(Notice his feeble attempts to claim that he only has one Twitter account.)

How do we know that Marcellus Shale (@M_Shale) is Assholster?

Aside from his tacit admissions in the screenshots posted above, three different journalists/bloggers (Rebecca Schoenkopf, Lisa Needham, and John Cole) have tied Assholster’s IP addresses to @M_Shale’s Disqus account.

In addition, Marc tends to rant on his @M_shale account periodically, as captured by John Cole here.

How do we know that Marcellus Shale (@M_Shale) is Marc Rattay?

Marc Rattay has been clever about hiding his tracks, but not clever enough.

I took this screenshot of Marc Rattay’s Instagram account two months ago. Notice that it says “Marcellus Shale” underneath “nicepile,” his Instagram handle:

External image

I took this screenshot of that same account today. It says “Marc” instead of “Marcellus Shale.”

External image
You’ll notice that the photo on the upper left matches the photo that Rebecca uncovered.

In addition, Marc’s Instagram handle is “nicepile,” which is also Marcellus Shale’s handle.

Both iterations of Marc’s Instagram account (“Marc” and “Marcellus Shale”) are linked to this vimeo account.

External image

Here is a screenshot of Marc Rattay’s information via PeekYou.

External image
Notice his name is Marc Rattay. He lives in Edinboro, PA. And “On the web, Marc goes by the alias anicepile.”

So, in short, before Marc changed all of his social media accounts in order to divest himself of his “Marcellus Shale” identity, his Instagram account was under “Marcellus Shale,” which was linked to his vimeo account under the name “Marc Rattay.” His Facebook account was under the name “Marcellus Shale” until he changed it to “Marc Rattay.”

It’s him.

Twitter Does Not Enforce its Own Terms of Service.

Again, I wrote an article about Marc Rattay last August, months before I knew his real identity. That article explains all of Twitter’s failures to curb the sort of harassment that Marc Rattay metes out, i.e., creating serial accounts.

It is against Twitter’s terms of service to create serial accounts solely for the purpose of harassment. Nevertheless, Marc Rattay has created hundreds of accounts over the years in order to harass me and others. And since his unmasking, he shows no signs of stopping.

Compilation of Assholster’s Hate Tweets

This Storify contains tweets from Marc Rattay which I have compiled since he was unmasked as Assholster. It is evident that he does not plan to stop using Twitter to harass me and others. These tweets are from some of the accounts that he has created since the end of March.

It gives me no great pleasure to shine a light on Marc Rattay’s behavior in this way. It is an incredible waste of my time. I would much prefer that he leave me the hell alone. But for whatever reason, he refuses to do that despite my many many requests. Maybe someone who knows him will see this and talk to him or get him some help. But I shouldn’t have to remain silent while being called ethnic slurs for years on end.

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