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Tano and Kenobi: Curiosity

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Two years into a successful apprenticeship with Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, Padawan Learner Obi-Wan Kenobi is filled with both excitement and anxiety at promise of his very first mission with his master. But before they jet off to Raxus on the Outer Rim, Obi-Wan needs to do some researching in the Jedi Archives.

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The sun had set by the time Ahsoka and Obi-Wan arrived back at the Jedi Temple, the five spires lit up as a beacon to one and all, the great seat of light and hope in the galaxy.

This was the home of the Jedi.

This was the heart of the Order.

Obi-Wan had exhausted his questions about their upcoming assignment and was trailing after Ahsoka, observing the people on the streets as they passed them. The Temple District was quieter than the Senate District but there was always something to see. Sentients from every corner of the galaxy could be found in the district, from academics and scholars who wanted to do research on the Jedi and their history to those who came seeking a chance to work within the Temple grounds to those who simply saw the Temple as a tourist spot, a place one simply had to see when they got a chance to visit Coruscant.

Security at the Temple during Ahsoka’s childhood had been far more rigorous than it was now. She was still surprised to see the occasional tour group put together by a senatorial friend of the High Council or a wide-eyed clutch of invited sentients following after whatever Jedi Master had been roped into giving the tour this time. Ahsoka had once tagged along with one of these groups during her first year back in the past, following Master Diaz and a crop of new senators from the Mid Rim through the halls as she tried to re-learn where everything was supposed to be.

“Master?” Obi-Wan’s voice broke into Ahsoka’s thoughts as they entered the Temple. “Master? I… may I confess something?”

They had just passed through the massive main entrance of the Temple, moving past the towering bronzium statues that represented great masters from the ancient days of the Order. Ahsoka glanced at Obi-Wan and nodded, gesturing for him to follow her over to a private corner.

Safely tucked away where no one could hear them, Ahsoka turned to her padawan. “What is it, Obi-Wan? Is something wrong?”

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- Similar to Joshua
- While Joshua strays away from piercings, Jeonghan loves them
- Lip piercings, tongue piercings, nose rings, he loves them all
- Finds anything remotely cute, gross (except for Jihoon)
- Night owl
- Helped Joshua trick Jun into watching Happy Tree Friends
- Kinda bitchy and complains a lot
- “It’s too cold!” - him for like the 109384th time
- “Put your damn jacket on then!” - Seungcheol
- Always thinks he’s right
- Everybody hates him, but they love him too
- Over confident
- Shares clothes with Joshua cause of their similar fashion sense
- He met you in a coffee shop
- Spilled hot coffee all over your white shirt on accident
- Scoffed in your face when you demanded an apology
- “Sorry sweetheart, not my fault you were in my way.”
- Ended up buying you another coffee and gave you his sweater to wear
- Put his number in the pocket and left without it
- Totally not on purpose
- So you kinda had to contact him to give him his sweater back
- When you guys start dating, he manages to convince you to get matching lip rings
- For some reason, he’s always the one left with the children (Chan, Vernon, and  *cough* Jihoon *cough* Seungkwan) when the hyungs go out
- It’s sorta his punishment since Seungcheol knows he hates taking care of people
- Secretly enjoys it, just a tiny bit
- Pretends to dislike everyone and acts snippy all the time
- But deep deep deep deep DEEP down in his heart, he has a soft spot for everyone

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I just came to the realisation that the real reason why Cas doesn't move into the bunker is because the writers know Cas is one of those people who will leave a collection of coffee cups everywhere he goes and leaves his coat in different rooms and is just in general kinda forgetful and deans OCD means he gets snippy every time and they fight and sam looks like a puppy. (12x10) For weeks this will happen until it breaks into angry wall sex making it canon which ATM the writers don't want.

Well. I want it. So. Get on that, guys.

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first fight with sf9?

I don’t quite know how to go about this one so I hope that this is what you were looking for!! ~ Admin M

A: Inseong, Jaeyoon, Rowoon, Chani

M: Youngbin, Dawon, Zuho, Taeyang, Hwiyoung

Inseong: I see Inseong getting mad A LOT. Anytime something doesn’t go his way, he gets angry and argues until he gets what he wants. Your first argument is probably something small, but Inseong blows it out of proportion. You don’t have the patience to deal with his damn attitude, so you just walk out on him. Due to his dominant and stubborn personality, he probably wouldn’t apologize so you’d need to be the bigger person. As soon as you come to apologize to him, even if it were only like 30 minutes after, he would pull you into a hug for a long ass time and apologize profusely, then pull you away asking, “What took you so long?”

Youngbin: Youngbin isn’t the type to get angry easily (or at least if he is, he certainly isn’t the type to express it aggressively), so it’d have to be something big to get him to actually argue back at you. Still, though, no matter how mad he was, he would still be holding back - he’d put you before himself in every situation, so he’d make sure that he wouldn’t say anything too harsh because even if he was absolutely furious, he would still be concerned about you. He would feel incredibly bad afterwards, and he would definitely apologize as soon as he had calmed down a it. He’s not the type to hold grudges or let things like drag on for too long.

Jaeyoon: I don’t see Jaeyoon as the type to get angry at all, especially with you. You are pretty much perfect in his eyes, you can do no wrong. If anything, you are upset with Jaeyoon at how he’s never serious and that’s how the argument begins. He wouldn’t know what to do to make it up to you. Jaeyoon decides to give you a little space after the fight and goes out to buy you some flowers. He enters your room and tip toes in to see if you’re still steaming. He comes to your face and pouts a little. You can’t stay angry at him for long and of course accept his apology.

Dawon: All I can say is that I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with Dawon. Since he’s the type to constantly pester and tease people, you’d be used to being irritated with him and bickering a bit, but there wouldn’t be particularly big fights very often. I see Dawon as very stubborn, though - once he’s started arguing, he won’t give up his side no matter what, even if he realizes that he’s wrong. His pride just wouldn’t let him admit to something like that. Just as passionate as he is about everything else, he’d channel that same energy into fights. They might last for a while with him - he would eventually start to feel a bit guilty and would apologize after a day or two if you hadn’t, though.

Zuho: Just like with everything else, Zuho would be pretty relaxed (for the most part) even in an argument. He wouldn’t raise his voice or anything, and he’d be sure to listen to your side of things and try to express himself calmly, but somehow, when you were all fired up, that might be even more annoying. For as relaxed as he is, though, i can’t see him as the type to throw the fight just to get it over with. He’d stand his ground if he thought that he was right. If he hadn’t said anything offensive (which he probably wouldn’t, considering that he’d be thinking about your feelings the whole time as well), he wouldn’t apologize - if things were weird or anything between the two of you after that, though, he would definitely address it.

Rowoon: There aren't many times that Rowoon is intimidating, but if you piss him off to the point where he gets loud, it’s not a fun sight. He doesn’t seem like someone easily pissed off, it would take a lot to make him angry. Knowing him, you went into his room and messed everything up while you were looking for a stapler. He gets to his room and flips shit about his room being a mess, confronting you as soon as he sees it. You kinda freak out since it is your first time seeing him this angry and run out of the house. Rowoon feels so guilty and caves in immediately, running after you to quickly apologize and make amends. He promises to make your favorite food as his apology and you can’t complain.

Taeyang: Taeyang’s not the type to raise his voice or be passive aggressive with anything - there would be nothing backhanded or particularly insulting in fighting with Taeyang. It would be more a matter of just the two of you expressing opinions when you didn’t quite see eye to eye. He wouldn’t let you walk away without the two of you working something out, though - even if he or you needed some time to cool down, he would make sure that you came to some kind of agreement before either of you could leave. No matter how important upholding his side of it was to him, it would be even more important to him that you two came to some kind of a compromise.

Hwiyoung: Hwiyoung doesn’t seem the type to get really mad about many things, but seeing as he is so emotional, I would guess that it’s pretty easy to get him irritated. So he’d probably say a few snippy things from time to time, but there wouldn’t be much actual arguing. Even when he did just make little comments, he would apologize profusely later, regardless of how unimportant they may have been to you. He would feel so so so guilty about the tiniest things, and losing his temper would be no exception to that. As a rule, he would generally just try to avoid arguing if it was possible.

Chani: I see Chani being the type to be a little passive-agressive in the beginning of your fight. He wouldn’t blow up all at once, he’d just get irritated a lot at first and throwing shady ass comments. If the tension continues to grow, he will straight up tell you what the problem is and excuse himself to go outside to walk it off. After thinking about how silly your first fight was, he’d come back home and immediately apologize. Chani knows that the smallest things can piss him off and that being in a relationship requires a lot of shared effort, so he learns how to be more considerate of you and to be open to you after your fight. 

Master Tano, I presume?

“Stupid! Stupid! I am so stupid! I should known better than that!”

Ahsoka Tano, former Padawan learner of Anakin Skywalker and rebel alliance operative known as Fulcrum, found herself waking up face down on the floor of some room that looked absolutely nothing like the dark and decaying ancient temple sanctuary she had been exploring not five minutes ago.

Had it been five minutes ago?

Where was she? How long had she been unconscious?

What in the Force had compelled her to pick up that strangely carved loop of jointed metal that twisted and turned in on itself, over and over, like some kind of infinity symbol? She had felt possessed as if some unseen presence had taken command of her limbs. Ahsoka remembered stumbling forward as if she were struggling through a surging wave made out of the Force. She struggled to stay upright as it kept threatening to knock her over.

Maybe one of those waves had done just that. Ahsoka really couldn’t remember.

She remembered reaching for the silvery band, picking it up and turning it over and over in her hand. She ran her fingertips along the carved glyphs, not recognizing the language but understanding the feeling behind them.

This item was important.

It was dangerous.

I should put it back. Ahsoka thought, shaking her head. I don’t know what this is or what it could do.

Almost regretfully, she lowered her hand to return the sinuous band of metal and ominous energy to the cracked and crumbling stand she found it on.

Apparently it didn’t like that.

Fierfek!” Ahsoka cursed as the band seemed to leap to life, coiling and wrapping around left her hand, a writhing, twisting, and living thing. She tried to fling it off her hand and when that didn’t work she tried to dig her fingers under the cuff and peel it off.

That didn’t work either.

Ahsoka frowned at the undulating object, horrified at the way it seemed content to spiral endlessly around her wrist as if were living jewelry. She gave her hand another hard shake and when that didn’t work, she plucked the shoto saber from her belt. She carefully changed the length and intensity before laying her left hand down on a nearby flat surface. With the short saber in her right she slowly lowered the blade towards sliding infinite loop of metal and carvings.

“AAAH!” Ahsoka let out a trail of curses in every language she knew as the item constructed around her wrist. The pain was so sudden and intense she almost feared it had cut off her hand and she dropped her saber.

The minute the white blade went out the blistering pain stopped and the cuff went back to what it considered normal,lazily spiralling around her wrist like a silver serpent.

Ahsoka bent down to pick up her saber, returning it to her belt and collapsing into a pile against the far wall. She hung her head, gazing at the floor and wishing that she had someone to help her, someone who knew more about the Force and its mysteries than her half trained experience.

She supposed she could try to meditate and contact Master Yoda through the Force but she doubted he would be of much help. He was difficult enough to understand when you were asking him simple questions. She would spend more time trying to untangle his distinctive grammar than pondering the mystery of the object.

And Anakin, her master, would have been no good. He didn’t have time for the great mysteries of the Force and after that strange episode of lost time and the vague memories of pain and death, he had been even less inclined to ponder the metaphysical.

Not that it mattered.

Anakin Skywalker was gone, beyond her reach and if she thought about it too much she was afraid it might break her. Again.

So many Jedi were lost, destroyed during Order 66 or the nightmare of the purges that came afterward. Master Plo. Master Shaak Ti.

Master Obi-Wan.

Ahsoka felt tears burn in the corner of her eyes at the memory of her master’s master, of his kind smile and his patient way with her and Anakin. If she were being completely honest she had been impossibly lucky to be assigned to Anakin Skywalker and by extension Obi-Wan Kenobi. She had learned so much from them both, how to lead, how to listen and when to not to listen. She learned when sweet words were more effective than a saber and when it was easier to apologize than ask for permission.

For a few brief years she had a family.

Obi-Wan would have known what to do. He would have remembered some story he had heard from a charming, disreputable friend or recited some old poem Master Jinn had taught him and it would have sparked a germ of an idea. They might have needed a side trip to the Archives but his hunch would have been borne out and between the three of them, they would have found some way to get this confounded piece of chagas off of her wrist.

But Obi-Wan was gone too.

Ahsoka bowed her head, resting it on her arm braced across her knees. Sorrow washed through her, threatening to drown her. Hot tears slipped past her control and it all seemed so horribly unfair, so terribly, nightmarishly wrong.

How could there be a galaxy without her masters? They were always supposed to be there. Even if she wasn’t a Jedi, even if she would never be a Jedi again, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were supposed to be out there, side by side, saving the galaxy one witty quip and affectionate squabble at a time.

She missed them so much.

I miss you. I miss you both so much. I’m so tired and so alone and I just… I just want to give up. I know I can’t. I know you would tell me to keep going but… with Master Obi-Wan dead and Anakin…

No. Ahsoka wouldn’t think about Anakin.

If only Master Obi-Wan was alive, somewhere. If only he was still out there, with a warm cup of tea and smile.

I just wish I could see you again.

And that’s when the pain hit her and she passed out in an overwhelming wave of agony and blinding light.

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I had a nasty lady the other day trying to do a return in our cosmetics department. She seemed snippy the whole time but I don’t actually know what went on before I got there. 

Anyways so when I was called over to cosmetics, the cosmetician started to explain the situation to me, as she should. The lady was huffing about it the whole time, saying how she’d already explained all of that and how she just wants a return done. 

Both the cosmetician and I politely explain that I, as the supervisor, has to know all the details which is why she is repeating everything that’s already been said, and that I will get to her as soon as I know what’s going on. Again the lady got mad that we were talking about her situation even though I didn’t know half the story yet. 

I found out that she has no receipt. Ok, I mean we don’t usually accept things without a receipt but we’ve been doing more and more no-receipt returns because hey gotta please the customer right? So alright, I can probably still do the return even though I don’t want to, as long as we can find the transaction online. We search using her rewards card number and low and behold, there it is. It was purchased in November. Ok, again the return policy is within 30 days… so I really did not want to do it for her but since we were already doing a no-receipt return, it technically doesn’t matter when she bought it (if it has a receipt, the machine will automatically void the entire thing if it’s past 30 days) so I was waiting to see the reaction from the customer to test whether or not I should do this return.

Then, I find out that this product was part of a gift set! It came in a set of 3 for $100 and this particular product sells for around $45 on its own. Again, if I had the receipt, I would have known for sure I couldn’t do the return because the computer would tell me that the single product was not part of the transaction, but instead it was the whole gift set.

This women then goes on to say that she’d called the company about the product (she’s returning it because she had a reaction to it apparently) and the company said we would return it no problem. That is some real bullshit because obviously the company doesn’t know the situation. Under normal circumstances, of course we would do the return. With a receipt. Within 30 days. 

As soon as I found out the item was a part of a gift set I said no, and the customer got so angry and grabbed the product from me and said she would go back to her regular store who would do the return no problem. First of all, they better not do the return because there is no reason in hell anybody should do this return. Second of all, she’s actually a regular at our store, according to a few of the other cosmeticians. So, which store is she going back to exactly?

A Small Problem

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(Avengers Academy) Steve Rogers x Reader

A Small Problem

Prompt: Avengers Academy Steve gets shrunk to his pre-serum self, so Jan (and the reader) comforts him while Tony works in the lab to reverse the effects, making snippy comments the whole time.

Note: Yaaaaas! First Avengers Academy Prompt!

It was a seemingly nice day at Avengers Academy. The sun was shining, there weren’t and Hydra Blimps or angry green men with large heads pointing lasers at the school or even and Chitauri roaming the campus (which had happened for an entire month once). No, today was a nice, normal day.

Or it had been until you and Janet Van Dyne stumbled upon the formerly tall, formerly muscular Captain America.

“Oh my God, Steve, are you all right?”

“No,” he replied, shaking his head. At the moment, he was kind of hiding behind a tree.

“What happened? Why are you so tiny?” Janet asked curiously.

“I…I don’t know,” Steve rubbed the back of his neck sadly. “It just kind of happened. Please don’t let Tony find out! I already get enough teasing from him as it is.”

“Steve, I don’t know who else could fix you,” You told him. “Tony might be our only option.”

“Janet, you’re good with chemicals, right?”

“Define good,”

“Like good enough to turn me back?” Steve asked, his eyes pleading. Janet thought for a second.

“No, probably not.” She whipped out her phone. “I’m calling Tony.”

“Janet please!”

“There’s no need, little man,” Tony laughed as he walked around the corner. “I mean, I always knew that you had been small before, but you were small before! You’re not even up to my shoulder!” Steve’s face turned bright red. He hid behind you in embarrassment.

“Tony, leave him alone,” You said. “This isn’t his fault,”

“What? It’s not his fault that he was hilariously small? Mr. Big Buff and Tough couldn’t even hurt a fly now, let alone a Hydra goon!”

“Tony, seriously, this isn’t a joke,” Steve tried, still standing behind you. His face was red. He wished Tony would stop making fun of him, especially in front of you. Oh, he wished you didn’t have to see him like this, so tiny and weak. It was embarrassing.

“Aww come on, Rogers. I’m just playing. I mean, I can probably fix you. Probably. I’ll ask Professor Pym for help,” Tony ran off towards the lab with you, Steve, and Janet not far behind.

It didn’t take long to explain the predicament to Professor Pym.

“Please say you can fix me,” Steve pleaded worriedly.

“I’m not sure exactly,” Pym stroked his chin. “But we can surely try! For science!”

“Time to be the best,” Tony cracked his knuckles and set to work in the lab, messing with a giant electromagnetic ball in a large glass cylinder, and Janet started mixing chemicals at the lab table. Pym grew to about twenty feet tall and sat on the building, using it as a stool.

Steve started to wander off, and you went with him, not wanting to leave him alone while he was stuck like this.

“Hey Steve,”

“Hey (Y/N),” he replied. He sounded sad.

“If there’s anyone who knows how to fix you, it’s them. I know it.” You tried to comfort him.

“Yeah,” he nodded, shoving his hands into the pockets of his pants that were three sizes too big. His belt was barely able to hold them onto his hips, and even then he had to roll them up several inches so they weren’t too long. “I’m just worried, you know? What if they can’t do anything and I’m stuck like this forever? Would Fury even let me stay at the school?”

“Don’t be silly. Of course you would be able to stay. He wouldn’t kick Captain America out of Avengers Academy.”

“I don’t feel like Captain America anymore,” he mumbled. You looked to him with empathy. He stared at the ground, tears forming in his blue eyes. You stepped towards him and held him close, not wanting to ever let go.

“Don’t you ever say that, Steve. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5’4” and thin or 6’2” and buff, you’ll always be Captain America to me. Always.”

“You really mean it, (Y/N)?” Steve asked softly, holding you just as tight as you held him.

“With all of my heart.”

“Thanks,” He said. “I needed that,”

“Now come on,” You laced your fingers through his and started walking towards the lab. “Let’s see if they figured anything out.”


It was a few hours later when Tony brought out Steve’s treatment, a syringe filled with blue liquid.

“That’s right, I’m a genius. No need to thank me,” Tony handed it over.

“This is it?” Steve asked uncertainly. Janet nodded.

“Should do the trick. After that, I think it’s time we threw a party. Club A is always there waiting.” Janet pointed to the club across the campus.

“Here goes nothing,” Steve took the syringe carefully, sticking it into his vein and squeezing the liquid into his arm. For a few seconds, nothing seemed to happen. And then, as if by magic, Steve started to grow, getting taller by the second as his muscles began to fill out the uniform that he had been swimming in only moments before. Pretty soon, he was back to his normal self.

Taking you completely by surprise, the first thing he did was hug you.

“Thank you for keeping my head in the right place,” he leaned down and whispered in your ear. He was so much taller now, almost an entire foot.

“No prob, Steve,” you replied, smiling.

“Come on you lovebirds, let’s get this party started!” Janet led the crew to Club A for a much-needed dance party.

May I Present Master Jinn?

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Ahsoka Tano stood before the Jedi Order and pleaded her case. In spite of suspicion and doubt cast on her by none other that Masters Ki-Adi-Mundi and Sifo Dyas, Grand Master Yoda managed to convince the Council to accept Ahsoka back into the fold. Finally, Ahsoka Tano has become a Jedi Knight and now it’s time for the real work to get started…

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The Jedi Council broke up for lunch after meeting with Ahsoka as some gave her suspicious looks but a few came over to personally welcome her.

“I am always happy to see a fellow Togruta join our Order,” Shaak Ti smiled, reaching out to touch Ahsoka’s shoulder.

Ahsoka nodded her thanks in return. “It’s good to be back, Master Ti,” she said, surprised at such a warm welcome. “I was gone for far too long.”

“Grief can cloud our judgement,” Shaak Ti agreed, squeezing her shoulder before she took her leave.

Yoda hummed thoughtfully as he stood at Ahsoka’s side. “Wise and kind, Master Ti is. Know her, do you?”

Ahsoka’s expression was wry and amused as she glanced down at Yoda. “Yes. I looked up to her when I was a padawan.”

Chuckling to himself, Yoda gestured for Ahsoka to follow him out of the Council Room. “Come, come! Test your navigation skills, I will. Find the great hall and lunch, we shall.”

“Knight Tano!” a voice filtered through a rebreather called out, and Ahsoka froze, her heart clenched tight in her chest.

Master Plo!

Turning around, Ahsoka tried to control her emotions, to tamp down on her overwhelming joy at seeing one of her favorite Jedi alive again. It had been difficult to hold back the tears before the meeting but now that he was walking towards her, now that she was older and taller than the last time she saw him, all the years apart hit her at once and it took all her control to stay standing.

“Master Plo Koon,” Ahsoka said, bowing and hoping she didn’t sound as emotional as she felt. “My master spoke very highly of you.”

“How unfortunate I was never able to meet this… Master Skywalker,” Plo Koon said, running his finger under his chin. “Forgive me for asking a personal question but, have we met before? I sensed a connection that has surprised me.”

Ahsoka swallowed and shook her head. “No. I don’t believe we have.”

Well, not yet anyway, Master Plo.

“How strange,” the Kel Dor Jedi murmured, glancing down at Master Yoda, whose ears perked cheerfully. “The Force was quite insistent. I suppose I must meditate on this further.”

“A good idea, that is, Master Plo,” Yoda commented, clicking his staff on the floor for emphasis. “Your guidance, I sense Knight Tano will need.”

“Of course,” Master Plo nodded to the Grand Master. “If I can be of help in anyway, please do not hesitate to ask, Knight Tano.”

“Th-thank you, Master Plo,” Ahsoka managed to get out without bursting into tears or throwing her arms around the Jedi Master. She watched him depart and then turned back to Yoda. “To the dining hall?”

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Evening the Score

Elena Rose Bennett is a world class athlete, Harry Styles is an International pop star.  Both of them lead extraordinary lives, but when they happen to meet by chance, they do the most ordinary thing there is.  

It’s been a shitty day and I need some happiness.  So here’s Chapter 1 early.  Enjoy it.  I hope you all have a fantastic, amazing, stupendous, wonderful holiday with your families.  You all deserve it.

Chapter 1

“When I was a kid…they told me I wasn’t good enough.  If I had listened to them, I wouldn’t be here.  Don’t listen to them.  Listen to you.”


The voice of the Director cut through the fog like a knife.  Who knew filming a yogurt commercial could be so damn time consuming.  

When Elena Bennett had been told about the commercial, she thought for sure it would be 30-45 minutes of work.  She had less than 30 words to say, how long could it possibly take?  However, the moment she and her best friend Chrissy Lawrence walked into the stadium to see the setup, it was clear this was no small production.

Chrissy let out a deep sigh as she lifted herself off of the Director’s chair with Elena’s name on the back of it that she’d been sitting in the for the last two hours.  She was bored, Elena could see that much.  Chrissy walked towards Elena, her eyes rolling so far to the back of her head that Elena was sure they’d get stuck there if she wasn’t careful,

“That’s like the 9,328th time you’ve said it today.  None of them sounded any different than the one before it.  This is why movies cost billions.”

Elena closed her eyes as the makeup lady again dusted her face with makeup,

“I think movies cost billions because the actors get paid 20 mil to be in them.  I don’t cost that much.”

Chrissy scoffed,

“Up your price. This is torture.”

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Shaw shutting Root down continues to give me joy and amusement.

The first one is Root being jealous and annoying, and a know it all. And to be contrary, Shaw just shuts off her comms. (Root becomes slightly more snippy the next time she intrudes: ‘How’s your date?’ Shaw: *narrows eyes*.)

Then the second one, after all but stating Shaw cares for Root in her way, Root looks really pleased and happy. Too pleased and happy, so when Root asks to confirm, Shaw goes: Nope.

I’m amused at Shaw frustrating Root at anyway possible, even if she does ease up later.  Root’s face at the last gif its part: 'Well played, and you got me there.’

I live for Shaw’s contrariness.

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May I request a young Everlark drabble having their first fight with a cute makeup?

The air was thick and stifling in their bedroom, a result of Peeta leaving the windows open at night and the humid summer air filtering in. Katniss groaned as she rolled out off bed and stomped to the window, slamming it shut. She absolutely hated being hot. 

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Tano And Kenobi: The Senator From Naboo

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Now that she has been re-accepted into the Jedi Order and named a Jedi Knight, Ahsoka Tano has some work to do. Luckily a helpful Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is there to point her in the right direction. Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi has some training to make up for and a lesson in jar’kai waiting for him. 

First | Previous | Next | AO3

Jar’kai was amazing.

Exhausting, but amazing!

Obi-Wan could not remember the last time his arms were so tired and sore after just an hour of lightsaber practice. He happily slumped his way back to the Initiate Dormitory, shedding his robes and boots before taking a long shower in the refresher when he got to his room. After an eternity of muscle-relaxing warm water, he got out, changed into a more comfortable set of robes, and headed back out for dinner.

He was so wrapped up in the happy memories of his lesson with Master Ahsoka that Obi-Wan paid little attention to the older Padawans who were whispering about how he didn’t have a master yet.

“I can’t believe he’s still here!”

“I would have left out of shame by now.”

“My master says no one will take him. They say he’s too emotional. That he might go dark.”

“I heard he tried to ask Master Sinube. Can you believe it? How desperate do you have to be to ask that old fart?”

Holding his head high, Obi-Wan nodded pleasantly to his fellow Jedi. He had a wicked retort on his tongue but he stilled it, knowing deep in his heart that Master Ahsoka would not approve. He was going to make her proud, to show her that he was worthy of her teachings and maybe, if he was lucky, being her padawan.

So that meant Obi-Wan would just have to bite his tongue and ignore the cold-hearted nexus he found himself in line with.

“Hey, Obi-Wan!” a voice called out through the dining hall, belonging to a dark-skinned Kiffar with a golden stripe across his nose.

Who was pushing his way through the dinner crowd and making a beeline towards Obi-Wan. “Thanks for saving me a spot in line.”

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. “I did no such thing, Quinlan. The end of the line is back there behind Padawan Rast.”

“You are such a goody-goody!” Quinlan groaned, wrapping an arm around his friend’s shoulders and then pulling him into a headlock where he could give him some proper encouragement with his knuckles. “You were totally saving a spot for me, right?”

“Gah! Ow! Quin! That hurts!” Obi-Wan protested, smacking at his friend’s arm for release before he would have to employ more aggressive measures. “Let me go, you odiferous gundark!”

“Odiferous?” Quinlan laughed, releasing Obi-Wan with a flourish and a firm place in line behind his friend as they shuffled forward to dinner. “I will have you know I took a bath yesterday.”

Obi-Wan gently touched the top of his head and winced. “I know. I can smell.”

“So what’s this I hear about there being a new knight in the Temple?” Quinlan asked, his eyes bright with curiosity and his smile lean and curious. “Master says she’s a Togruta that grew up on the Outer Rim? And her master passed into the Force a while ago.”

The surrounding padawans seemed to inch closer to Obi-Wan and Quinlan, their arch commentaries on Obi-Wan’s presence and Quinlan’s boisterous nature forgotten in the face of news and gossip. Highly observant for an initiate, Obi-Wan chewed on his lip as he carefully thought of what to say that would sate Quin’s voracious curiosity but wouldn’t give too much away about Master Ahsoka. He felt very protective of Ahsoka and didn’t want idle gossip to cause her the kind of trouble it had caused Obi-Wan.

“Knight Tano has recently returned from an extended mission in the field,” Obi-Wan finally concluded, thanking the serving droid as he took his tray and stepped away from the food line, Quinlan right on his heels. “She’s been having trouble finding her way with the renovations and I have offered to assist her around the Temple.”

“Tano?” Quinlan echoed, flopping down opposite Obi-Wan at one of the long tables the initiates and padawans sat at. “I don’t remember a knight by that name. What does she do?”

Obi-Wan frowned off to the side, trying to stay silent.

Quinlan narrowed his eyes, his grin growing wider. “You know what she was doing, don’t you! Tell me! C’mon, Obi-Waaaaan! I swear to Yoda I won’t tell a soul!”

Shaking his head, Obi-Wan folded his arms over his chest and continued his mulish silence.

“Obi-Wan!” the Kiffar pleaded, holding up his dessert, hoping it would loosen his friend’s tongue. “I’ll give you my chocolate sponge cake!”

“No!” Obi-Wan refused, shaking his head. “I can’t. I don’t have authorization to tell you.”

“Authorization?” Quinlan gaped, his excitement growing by the minute as he was starting to imagine Knight Tano taking on whole squadrons of pirates over the misty rings of an exotic Outer Rim planet. “Is she a Shadow? Master didn’t say anything about her being a Shadow!”

“Quinlan!” Obi-Wan hissed, leaning under the table to give his friend a good kick in the shins. “Shut your karking mouth before somebody hears you!”

“Language, Initiate,” a low voice rumbled into the two boys squabble and they both turned their faces skyward to see the tall, imposing presence of Master Qui-Gon Jinn standing over them. His face was impassive, neither a smile nor a frown on his lips and his eyes seemed to see beyond them, as if they were not there. “Brother Jedi do not squabble over petty gossip. You would do well to set a proper example for your friend, Padawan Vos.”

And with that bit of wisdom imparted, Master Jinn moved out of the dining hall and into the shadowed archway that led back into the Temple.

Obi-Wan let out a heavy sigh and turned his eyes back to his food as Quinlan let out a snort once he was absolutely certain the mountain of a master was out of earshot. He proceeded to sit up straighter and sniffed in a poor imitation of Master Jinn, “You would do well to be more of a stick in the mud like Luminara, Obi-Wan. She never has any fun and all the masters love her.”

Rolling his eyes, Obi-Wan tucked into his dinner. “Shut up, Quin. I don’t want to get chewed out by two masters tonight.”

Deciding that his empty stomach could hold out no longer, Quinlan followed Obi-Wan’s suggestion and the two boys began to eat in relative silence.

Quinlan didn’t notice Obi-Wan turning around to gaze out at the doorway Master Jinn departed through. I know Master Ahsoka thinks Master Jinn might be a good master for me but… I don’t know. I don’t think any Padawan could ever make him happy.

Obi-Wan bit into his chocolate sponge cake and sighed. Definitely not me.

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