snippy cosplay

little-blue-robot  asked:

Hey, i was wondering how you make your snippy jacket. What material is it made from? did you use paint or sew it? Did you use a tutorial? if so may i have a link? Where did you buy a suitable jacket?

Hi there! 

I painted my jacket. I’ll tell you how I did it, but then I’ll tell you what I think might work better.

I first bought a plain white nylon jacket with a hood. This [x] was the one I bought, however I wouldn’t recommend this particular one because it didn’t end up looking like the one in the photo at all. Really all you need though is a white nylon jacket with a hood. 

I got fabric spray paints [x] (I use ones like this, but you can get it cheaper than that at stores.), and sprayed the whole thing white.

This was because the jacket was a little shear and you could see the colors I wore beneath it.

Next I tapped off the areas.

You can use this [x] as the pattern. 

I painted the sections black

after it dried (it will take awhile to completely dry) I used a matte sealer (not gloss) to get rid of stickiness and to (hopefully) keep it from pealing.

that was the final product (afterwords I had to back and do more and more touch ups. I personally wouldn’t recommend using acrylics (not on this jacket anyway) because those parts on my jacket are the sections that ended up pealing really bad.

This jacket worked out just fine for the first few months but after awhile it starts to wear. My jacket now has slowly deteriorated. Its pealing everywhere, its all crinkly and its just falling apart. Also: It gets reaaaallllly warm when I wear it, it just doesn’t breathe at all.

I would recommend sewing! Its something I’ll be doing once I get the spare money/materials. All you’ll need is two jackets (black and white) and very basic sewing knowledge. Jackets like this [x] would work well. Place the same pattern from above on the black jacket with white chalk and cut it out with about an ½ inch extra for the parts where you sew it together. Do the same for the white jacket. You then have all the parts you need to make a full jacket. I wore my friends jacket who did this and it was really awesome, it fits well and it breathes a lot more, so I didn’t feel like I was dying. 10/10 would recommend sewing a jacket instead.

My painted jacket works okay if you’re just taking pics to show, but if you’re hoping to have an actual snippy jacket to cosplay/wear around I’d choose sewing. 

Hope thats helpful! 

shadyvaati  asked:

wait! do you read Romantically Apocalyptic? sorry to sound creepy but i saw you say something about cosplaying Snippy and I kind of spazzed~ i just love it so muchhhhh hurrhurr :B

This was me at Mega Con Friday :) Debuting it for the first time! 2 people knew me lmao

OH WELL IDC <3 Cause I just love this cosplay so much ;u;