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This Day in 1D History - July 22


  • Day 3 of bootcamp, feat. Harry and Liam singing “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”


  • ot5 do a Ustream to celebrate their first anniversary together <33


  • the boys put their heads together to accept their Teen Choice Awards for Best Love Song (’WMYB’), Summer Music Star: Group, and Breakout Group


  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Dallas, USA
  • Louis digs through the local gas station bargain bin to sort out his post-concert movie night (bc WHY NOT)


  • Gemma and Anne join in the lovefest for #HarryAppreciationDay
  • Great to have you at the park tonight, @/NiallOfficial!” (via the Chicago White Sox)
  • Harry jumps the gun a bit to thank everyone for five years of 1D <33


  • snippy snappy boy <3

Leaving the timestamps to display my shame, lmao. Anyway I guess for MAJOR fights, the nebulous Krell plot (x) probably tops the list. Especially between Rex and Cody, since it’s also kind of a weird echo of Order 66 in that Rex goes rogue earlier on while Cody remains in step with the corrupt authorities longer than he should. For Fives and Echo, there’s a major learning curve in dealing with each other after Echo loses his limbs. But that probably deserves its own post. I do have some thoughts scribbled down, but it’s still a very rough draft. So I’ll move on for now. Between all the bros, there’s a lot of back-and-forth leading up to collectively accepting that their parents are kind of shitty. 

But for smaller disagreements, here is a long but still very incomplete list of things that that cause the boys to bicker, squabble, argue, fight, and occasionally come to blows:

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anonymous asked:

Would you please tag for teeth aspecially sharp teeth thank you


You…  really should, probably… just saying, maybe just unfollow me. Beyond the fact this is a Homestuck blog with a huge focus on trolls, mouths/teeth are my favorite detail to draw, especially sharp snippy snappy ones, and I have no idea what would even be left to look at on my blog. 

My tag for teeth and sharp teeth is just “Pukind”.