I really would not love Kanan and Hera in their infinite supportiveness and healthiness so much if it weren’t for the snippy moments. Like Hera cutting off the comms on Kanan mid-gloat. And Kanan coming down to the cockpit to continue gloating. And Hera claiming that she heard him the first time, even though she didn’t. 

Okay I can’t finish playing the walking dead right now, but I just started chapter 4 and I have got to say-

-I don’t trust Bonnie. I don’t trust her for a goddamn second. I got a bad feeling about Mike too.

- Kenny is being a dick, I did what I could man I’m only 12 what did you want me to do, cut off her damn arm????

-I feel bad for being snippy to Rebecca in episode 1 because she’s my best friend now. Sarah was demoted because she won’t stop freaking the heck out and I understand why she is like her dad is dead but goddammit Sarah I don’t want you to die please chill o UT

-I have very mixed feelings about Jane.


Simple, but very realistic 3d work merged with photo
Mr. Snippy by B.Y.O.B

From author:
maybe some of you know the webcomic “Romantically Apocalyptic”.
Mr. Snippy is probably the character I like best, and I started to model his mask a few months back, but never used it until now.
When I was at home during christmas, I made a photo of myself while walking in the woods, planning to use it as a background for the mask.


I’m so wishing I could afford the rest of his outfit.

Too bad I didn’t have Dannie here to let me paint his face, but a guy friend of mine kindly volunteered. HOWEVER, I will hopefully have the makeup mastered and the outfit ready over the next year (it’ll happen faster if people commission or donate!). Best part is that Dannie will have enough vacation days saved up by summer of 2015 to fly over and accompany me to a con or two.

Anywho, this marks my first attempt at robomakeup. Unfortunately I had to rush it because he had to be somewhere, and I was only given about an hour to work… but I think I did alright for a first timer with Mehron. I’ll post some more pictures when sends them.

Well, thank you guys a shit ton for being so supportive of Snippy’s development <3

Love you all