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Shiro will punch a ghost in the face, he doesn’t give a [kid-friendly space expletive].

Yet another piece for my Voltron paranormal investigator AU! Check it out here!

See the future coming
Hope it isn’t real

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Heyo, sorry for bothering you! I was just wondering if you have a comic or something? All of these characters are so incredible I love them

Ren and I don’t have a comic (yet) because we’re both awfully busy right now. In our free time we’re working on a little zine with comics and short stories and illustrations etc. about Tony and Eli. Here’s two little snippets from different pages from a comic I’m working on.

So I broke my f2p status on this banner just to reunite the family.

It was worth it (´•ω•̥`)

I’m currently working on Fire Emblem Heroes zine! Above comic is like a little snippet of the zine~

Edit: I just noticed I wrote fp2 instead of f2p HAHAHAHA I guess I was too drunk to noticed the night before.


I’m sure the fandom is already aware of the incredible fanfic, The Way He Looks by @gafou! These are just little snippet comic pages of my favorite parts from the story, so there’s absolutely no flow to it.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! I hope you all like it~

The Gsanses

I’ve made post like this before  HERE about the various Gsanses, but refreshing for new followers and those who are confused.

The original Gsans is a design and idea by Borurou, he didn’t have a backstory, but he had his own personality. She collaborated with Junkpilestuff at that time, also alone. UNDERPATCH was supposed to be the original G!sans story (canon), but was stopped. Borurou (Natanat) doesn’t wish to be tagged or asked about other Gsans stuff or AUs. So please, direct the questions at authors of the AUs, not Borurou. She also doesn’t ship Gsans and Frisk.

Junkpilestuff is author of Stonefaced Asshole Gsans (Stone), Don G, Crowbar G and KittyCat with GPap. All the Gsanses have their own stories and personalities, roam around in her archives to find what you need!// @junkpilestuff @stone-faced-asshole

Nyublackneko and Junkpilestuff collaborate on more stories about Crowbar G and Kitty cat. And are also creators of Don G and Kitten AU. Also the Modern Mob AU (with all the Gsans cops, mafia etc). I was making EchoG cop part, so if anyone wants to know more about him, ask me (or I can make post). The AU is nothing official, it was just done for fun between us. // @nyublackneko @junkpilestuff @yoralim

I’m the Echotale creator - Echotale was a fanstory, it’s not canon and it’s not THE original canonical Gsans. I’ve written a few snippets and few chapters of comics with EchoG and EchoFrisk, but stopped. The story ended with Lullabyes chapter and the crossed-out chapters in the timeline won’t be made. You can find answered asks in the echotale au tag // @yoralim

Elicitsins is making her own version, she gave him a different name/setting/story (Thiede) and is doing her own stuff, unrelated to all these AUs or Borurou. Stuff is NSFW 18+// @elicitsins

There might be personalized Gsanses out there, with or without corresponding AUs and with distinct personalities. Borurou’s original Gsans was probably inspiration for most of them.

Hope it’s more clear, please, if anything EchoG or Echotale related, ask ME, not Borurou. She is bothered by it and wishes to move on from Gsans stuff. She’s mentioned it lot of times before (but I understand that new followers might have missed it). You can mention her as original Gsans creator for respect, but there’s no need to tag her with an @ for it, unless you doing something personal for her or her AU related.

For the other mentioned Gs, contact Junkpilestuff, Elicitsins or Nyublackneko (respectfully to each with their AUs).

Thank you for reading, please, spread the word in case you see someone still confused about it. If I don’t have the inbox open, feel free to write me questions into the chatwindow, I’ll reply as soon as possible! Junky and Nyu have inboxes open, you can ask them about their Gsanses and AUs!

Thanx again! ✪

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what's the problem with reposting?? (i'm not an artist so idk)

1. it takes exposure away from the artist by seperating their art from the original place they posted it on

2. it’s not the same thing as spreading around official content, like taking screencaps of a cartoon or posting snippets of an official comic. fanart is made my independant artists with their own free time and they’re not part of anything so it can’t be traced back to them as easily

3. it’s rude?? we post art to our own accounts to share it with you and it’s disrespectful to assume that this now means you’re allowed to put the image anywhere you want. going back to point 2, this isn’t official art put out by a big company that you can use any time

4. if you see a piece of art you really like then share it from the source, as in, REBLOG IT, ADD IT TO YOUR FAVOURITES/LIKES, TELL THE ARTIST HOW MUCH YOU ENJOY IT, but don’t take it and upload it somewhere else! it’s easier just to hit the reblog button anyway??

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Pupper! AU where Jay is a busker, and Tim is a business owner whose sister, Cass, has been in need of a new singer for her dances, since her other one passed away. He takes the bench next to Jason' waiting until the song's over to talk to him. "Hi- could I have a moment? You see, my sister's been looking for a singer and you have the right kind of sound she wants..." Fast forwards to Jason romantically serenading Tim, while Tim serenades right back.

Excuse me.

Did I ask you to come into my house and fuck me up like this.

How dare?

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At the end of the comic snippet with the girl, the dog and Dre, you mentioned the the same thing happened to you? I'm just curious, so it's absolutely understandable if ya don't wanna get into it; but If you don't mind me asking, what's the story behind that?

Not much of a story! I was on my way home, a big friendly dog was following me but yunno, as a smol kid it’s easy to be overwhelmed by that- So I was kinda freaking out and this big tough guy pulls up in his car and says “EYY PUPPY LEAVE HER ALONEEEE” and calls the dog away from me so I can finish my walk home.
(gosh i’m sorry, I always feel weird sharing anything about myself on this blog @A@ if anybody has personal questions for the mun, consider asking me on @juicy-scribble so I don’t waste space on Cursetale with my psycho babble XD)


Some snippets for the first part of chapter 2! This one’s got more pages than I expected (again, I’ve sketched out only the important bits), it’s mostly just trying to link them all together to create a cohesive string of events and overall story (if I said that right idk)…

There’s also a reason as to why McCree is affected more, if not outright. Hanzo isn’t until later in the story though. It has something to do with what they are, but again, I’ll touch up on that later :U