snipes point

  • (Widowmaker sits atop a vantage point and snipes her opponents.)
  • SOLDIER 76: (Dying) Man down!
  • MCCREE: (Dying) Tarnation!
  • GENJI: (Dying) Kuso!
  • BASTION: (Dying) Bwwwiiirrrp!
  • WIDOWMAKER: Quatre
  • ORISA: (Dying) Orisa was not shut down properly! Please restart in safe mode!
  • WIDOWMAKER: Cinq. Cinq? That is odd. I cannot see…
  • (Mercy appears behind Widowmaker with her blaster drawn. Widowmaker looks up in horror.)
  • WIDOWMAKER: … Mercy/Merci?
  • MERCY: No. Thank you.
  • (Mercy murders Widowmaker, uses Resurrect, and unlocks the “Huge Rez” achievement.)
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I think this meta was going to be longer, and it’s not the best Iroh-mentorship meta since I’ve done a lot more since I originally made this thing, but I don’t know what to do with it, so I’m just going to post what I have. 

See, it’s so old that I’m using MS Paint edited screenshots. LMAO. Good times. 

Iroh’s style of mentorship is interesting. He doesn’t want Zuko to go chasing the Avatar too much, but he knows that he can’t just say “damn it Zuko, give up,” because that’s not going to be good for his nephew’s well-being. We do actually see him say something along those lines in the very first episode, but that’s mostly because Iroh doesn’t want Zuko to continue with what was at that point a snipe hunt. 

That said, Iroh still tries to get Zuko to relax, and calm down. When Zuko looks like he’s becoming hopeless, he tries to raise his spirits. Occasionally. this involves going against his own beliefs or mindset by giving him hope about his honor quest, like in “The Blue Spirit.” Other times, like in “Avatar Day,” it involves trying to get Zuko on a different path–urging him to move on from his hunt for the Avatar. And again, he does it for his nephew’s well-being because he’s seeing what’s happening to Zuko because of his search and his obsession. This all comes to a head in “Lake Laogai,” when Iroh finally gives Zuko the talking to of a lifetime, barely giving his nephew a chance to speak and basically telling him that his obsessions and his inability to think things through have nearly gotten him killed on several occasions. 

anonymous asked:

If you don't have too many prompts all piled up in your inbox I'd love some pre-serum Steve having to take care of Bucky for once.

“You’re a dumbshit.”

“See, I’m nice to you when you get your ass kicked.” Bucky grunts as Steve prods his swollen cheekbone a little harder than necessary. 

“You give me nine shades of hell when I get my ass kicked. You’re always a jerk.” Steve prods the developing bruise again and Bucky’s sure he’s doing it on purpose. “I oughta kick your ass again right here, the hell were you thinking?”

“Pretty sure the beer was thinking for me at that point.” Bucky snipes back, which was clearly the wrong thing to say because Steve moves onto his fucked up shoulder with no more gentleness to his touch. 

Bucky sighs thickly through his bloody nose and grabs a washcloth from the bowl, holding it against his cheek with a hiss. He’s usually the one ending fights rather than getting in them, pulling Steve out of the fire, so he doesn’t understand why the guy’s getting all pissy now the tables are turned. Sure, Steve’s scraps are usually for more noble reasons than ‘didn’t want to pay his card debt’ (even if Bucky thinks some of them are equally stupid), but still. 

“The Morans, Buck. Really?” Steve’s still spitting mad after a few minutes of tense silence. Bucky’s shirt is pretty much only good for rags now, but Steve’s cleaned him up pretty well and made sure there’s nothing broken, at least. Which means it’s time to yell at him some more, of course. “You shouldn’t even be fucking playing with them, let alone-”

“I was drunk, okay? Christ.” Bucky lets his head roll back to rest against the cabinet, sitting on the counter like a kid. Steve had marched him there as soon as he opened the door, a direct mirror of their usual patterns - no matter that Steve struggles to reach his face that high. “It was a dumb mistake. I was just blowing off some steam.”

Steve throws Bucky’s ruined shirt in the sink with a wet slap, and when he turns around his expression is unreadable. Maybe it’s the buzz he’s still got drifting through his veins, but Bucky blinks in bewilderment when Steve grabs his undershirt and yanks him down so they’re eye level. 

“If you could not blow off steam in ways that’ll get you killed, I’d appreciate it.” His voice is clipped, but his fingers are suddenly gentler as he grabs Bucky’s chin, ostensibly to keep his attention. “You’re all I got in the world, asshole. I don’t need you leaving it too.”

There’s a whole world in the few inches between their faces now, as Bucky realises the anger behind those blue eyes is hiding fear, and something in him wants to just lean forward and touch…

“M’sorry.” He says quietly, afraid to break the spell. “I won’t do it again.”

“Good.” Steve’s eyes flick to his lips again and he swallows hard before letting Bucky go, turning his attention back to the business of cleaning up. Bucky says bent over for a moment, blindsided by the fact he’s breathing hard and wants nothing more than to come up with some pretext to take Steve in his arms and hold him. 

What the hell?

“You should go to bed.” Steve says over his shoulder, clearly not ready to completely forgive Bucky for scaring him tonight. “You’re gonna have one hell of a headache tomorrow.”

“Penance.” Bucky tries to sound contrite as he gingerly gets off the counter, aches and pains starting to set in. He tries to lighten the mood by ducking into Steve’s line of vision, because his chest feels weird about making Steve sad. “Gimme a Hail Mary and call it even?”

“You ain’t cute.” Steve tries to sound deadpan, but Bucky can see the slight lift in one corner of his mouth. Success. “Go to bed, asshole.”

Bucky bites his tongue and resists making a flirty joke back, like he usually would, because somehow it doesn’t really seem like a joke anymore. He gives in and goes to bed so he doesn’t have to think about that, passing out before he can see Steve watching him thoughtfully from the other side of the room. 

OTP Questions Filled - Bughead.

Hi Guys,

Here is a post containing all the fills that I have been prompted for through asks. This is based on the OTP Questions post which can be found here.

I have approached each one as a little drabble writing whatever cam to mind when I read the question.

I hope that you enjoy them.

Who constantly tries to get the other to shower with them?

Her showers were her sanctuary, when it was too much when she could feel herself starting to lose control, the world starting to spin, she would shower. The sensation of the water hitting her naked skin allows her to escape, all she can feel is the water, all she can hear is the water. She breathes in and out slowly. The tension drains from her body and she can feel herself coming back to herself. She hears a knock on the bathroom door and he pokes his head in. He asks her if she is okay, feeling better and she nods, he makes a move to leave when she asks him to stay to join her in her private sanctuary, now safe enough for two.  

Who is incredible in bed and completely knocks the other off their feet the first time they have sex?

They lay there on her pink duvet struggling to catch their breath. Their hands clasped in the middle of the bed. They had done it. The big ‘it’. She couldn’t have imagined it with anyone else, she didn’t want anyone else. He was attentive, loving, yet unbelievably raw in that moment, whispering affirmations in her ear. The way he had moved had taken her breath away, the way he had touched her, her skin still feeling like it was tingling all over. He seemed to instinctively know where she needed to be touched and how.

He knew that she would have read up on things before they had done it. She was a Grade A student, dedicated 100 percent to everything that she did and this would have been no different. Her hands had moved meticulously over his body, touching all the right places, the way she had twisted her hips once he was inside had almost made him lose it then and there. Remembering the things she whispered to him made blush and all his blood rush south all over again.

They looked at each other, each thinking the same thing, time for round two

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i noticed a little bit ago that some blogs are like me where the god this blog is themed after isnt necessarily my best/main god i like to use, or even my favorite god in general. doesnt mean i dont like ra, i love him a lot. i just like to play other gods more than him, since most of the time he feels like he doesnt have the same impact as other mages, or he doesnt mesh well with the rest of my team, ya know


I was playing a match as Janus, a mage I want to diamond and my snipes were really on point. I can’t upload the rest of it but I killed Mercury and got a triple after that ult in the bottom right corner.

All this Silva posting and not once did I see you comment on her stupidly oversized rifle.  I’m disappointed in you.







Mainless Storytime #2

I decided to play some Widowmaker today even though I can’t snipe with a scope AT ALL. The game was almost over and I had gotten 2 triple kills, and I had gold eliminations and wow was my sniping on point for once….

And overwatch decided to crash. And crashed 3 more times afterwards. And thus is the way of the world.

Ship Preston with Danse

Preston and Danse having heated debates about the advantages of laser rifles over laser muskets (Preston defends muskets on the grounds that they can be fixed much more easily by your average settler with materials found on hand, are versatile against weak and stronger foes, and make powerful sniping weapons. Danse points out that they’re garbage.)

Danse accompanying Preston out to settlements and helping make them more defensible, pointing out angles of attack and recommending where to put guards and turrets. He even helps train the locals a bit on how to use their weapons effectively, and Preston watches with open admiration and pleasure as his big metal boyfriend patiently explains things over and over again.

Preston and Danse being total history nerds and getting all excited when they come across Old World books or relatively intact ruins. They find dusty voting machines in the basement of a middle school that served as a local polling place and practically cry. They cuddle in bed, facing each other with their ankles tangled up, and Danse rants about corporations while Preston listens indulgently.

Danse waking Preston (who’s a light sleeper) up in the middle of the night with his nightmares. Preston patiently coaxes him to talk about it but doesn’t press, and gently tells him about how he was suicidal after Lexington. Danse is shocked to hear that Preston considers himself a failure for losing so many people rather than a survivor who managed to rescue four other people, and tells him about losing most of his team aside from Haylen and Rhys. They hold each other and slowly drift back to sleep.

Danse giving Preston good weapons he finds as gifts only to discover that Preston gives them away to other Minutemen or settlers who have been relying on pipe pistols. At first he’s a bit hurt, but then he sees how happy it makes Preston to arm his settlements and so he keeps doing it.

Preston telling Danse off for wanting to kill himself when he finds out he’s a synth, and refusing to let Danse give up when he’s kicked out of the Brotherhood. He stays with him in the bunker and helps him find the bed and other supplies to help fix up the place, quietly terrified that if he turns his back he’ll lose the most important person in the Commonwealth to him.


anonymous asked:

Scenario with Hanzo alongside his S/O who is badly injured but won't stop trying to fight (probably on the verge of tears because they refuse to face anyone when they fail anything). Maybe something a little but afterwards in the medical ward of the overwatch base?

(Ryuu ga waga take care of yourself)


Your vision was blurry, and your head felt like it was stuffed full of cotton as blood seeped from your leg wound. Getting up to the sniping point wasn’t easy, and a sharp piece of falling rubble pierced your thigh as you and Hanzo sprinted for the perch.

You aimed, took another shot, and missed. The third one in a row now.

“Call Mercy. I’ll cover for you.” Hanzo said, his expression indecipherable as he released a barrage of scattering arrows below.

“I’m… I’m fine!” You replied. Mercy will no doubt sweep you back somewhere safe as you recuperate, and you’re not about to leave Hanzo to fend for himself on this precarious perch.

You aimed, took another shot. Your shot scraped past an enemy’s shoulder, sending them staggering back. You breathed a sigh of relief. I can still do this, you thought.

Splotches of black and red cradled your vision suddenly, and the noises of the battlefield faded to static.

You woke with a start, glancing wildly around the room until your vision snapped into focus. It was the familiar blue and white of the medbay, and the air was pickled with the smell of antiseptic. Hanzo sat next to your bed, his head drooped in sleep. You watched as his shoulder rose and fell gently.

You tried to pull yourself up, but your arms felt more like jelly than limbs, and you flopped back onto the bed.

“Awake, I see?” Hanzo said and looked up, blinking the sleep from his eyes.

“Mhm.” You replied. “What happened?”

“Loss of blood.” Hanzo said quietly. “It was not the time to be stubborn, Y/N.”

“But you… I can’t leave you to fight alone!” You protested. Truth be told, you didn’t want him to see that part of you - weak and scared, swept up in a war so much bigger than anything you had known. Your mind raced to justify your recklessness.

“And I can’t afford to lose you.” Hanzo said, reaching over and gently brushing the hair away from your face with his calloused fingers. “It is difficult to fight, that is a fact. There is no shame in stating the truth.”

You sighed, and Hanzo’s expression softened. He leaned down and kissed your forehead gently. His lips were cool and dry against your skin.

“Stay safe, my love.”

Seriously, be noice over gaming...

Peps oughta be aware I’m an E-Liter 3K Scope main and I practice with it daily every day (yes, EVERY.  DAY.).  Now we all know how frustrating they are to deal with, especially with attack ups.  We can complain about how long their range is and yada yada yada.

BUT that gives you no right to complain to the actual sniper.

Long story short, I have been receiving complaints about my E-Liter sniping (thankfully, very rarely).  Just recently getting a message of me to stop sniping and it’s not the first nor will it be the last.  Apparently telling me to “stop killing them” so much.  But the point of the game is to take turf and win, so isn’t that my job? Don’t get so salty and complain just because one person is “apparently” targeting you, they’re just doing their job as I am.

Complaining about the weapon is totally fine, we can share our pain.  But complaining about the person using it? That’s totally not fine.

And it’s been really wrecking me since what am I supposed to do if no one appreciates me sniping? What’s the point of playing a game when no one likes you for doing it? I could go on, but I’m seriously really pissed off… just gonna doodle and just get the stress off…

Redeployment [Valkyria Chronicles AU]

[ the-talons-of-xerxes ]

Despite Naoto and Kondraki miraculously surviving the ambush against Squad 9, not every member of the squad made it back in one piece. The attack was well planned, almost as if the Imperials knew the Squad was coming. As the higher ups deals with what that implies, the rest of Squad 9 was pulled back to assess the injured and regroup.

It wasn’t until a few days after the assault that the Squad was deployed again.

“I don’t know if being deployed so soon after the ambush was a good idea or not, commander. I know Captain Dojima meant well, but our numbers are still so…” Yosuke chatted as the squad march around the tank. The Scout left his words to trail off to silence, but everyone knew what he meant.

So few. So few of them left, but at least there was a squad left. News travel fast and whole Squad being eliminated kept new members from joining at all.

“I know Yosuke.” Narukami sounds tired and much older than he usually does. “But this one shouldn’t be so hard. Just follow the plan, alright?” His last words was said with a sweeping glance of everyone around the tank before he duck into the tank for a moment and returns on top with a map, reading the plan to everyone again in a lower voice. The town was slowly coming into view.

At the back, Naoto marches quietly next to Kondraki, the wound to her leg has healed enough for her to walk and run without the limp. Narukami went through everyone, finally setting his eyes on the two.

“And Team Hat will need to take the central watch tower. It should serve as a good sniping point.” He might have flashed the two a grin, but Naoto can’t be sure. She’s a tad too busy wondering if he planned it like that on purpose.

With a sigh, and the town growing closer, Naoto glances over at the Sniper. “Guess you’re stuck with me again.” Team Hat… Naoto adjusts her hat so the sun wouldn’t shine so directly into her eyes.

Wooden Boards Don’t Dance

Here you go searching-for-bananaflies / tamarinfrog, after a week it’s finally done. I don’t really have much to say about it here, I put all of my thoughts about the process and details of the fic in the author’s notes on both sites so let’s just get straight into it, yeah?

Title: Wooden Boards Don’t Dance

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance/Humor/Action

Word count: 8,047

Summary: It’s Splatfest, and Orange and Blue are out to win it! Unfortunately, they’re on opposite teams. Only one of them can win, but which one? Only the turf wars will tell. Of course, when your partner is on the opposite team, shenanigans tend to ensue as you suddenly become rivals and try to splat each other constantly. 


On AO3

I’m gonna go ahead and put the fic here as well, but my current blog theme is NOT good for reading text on so I’d suggest just reading the story on AO3.

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The last battle of the District 13 civil war

Astonia found her perfect sniping point over the passed she had suggested Marasco draw what was left of district 13’s army through if they wouldn’t surrender they would just have to die in the same way the wildmen did in NORTHSTAR. She finished setting up her blind and rolled out the bedroll and popped one asprin for her hand and left shoulder. She had spent the whole week training herself how to snipe right handed. She glanced at Harper, whom Marasco decided to send up as her spotter as he rolled out his bed roll. She knew Marasco was trying to get her to become close with the rest of the squad after the whole fallout of the rebellion winning and they all defected. She didn’t really know how she felt sharing a tent with someone that she had threaten to a fate worse than a court marshall during the events of the purge when he and the walker twins started questioning her orders to kill everyone living in the victor’s village including small children.

The battle should start in about 12 hours that was the thing with sniping teams getting to their spots in the middle of the night was a good way to not be seen heading up to their spots.