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Guess who! I tried sticking to the latest style I had drawn Marie in this time instead of the first style which looked a bit more similar to the original design style.

Continuation of the Anemonia Nightclub series panels (previous one here)

I’m obviously completely revisiting the lore as far as the start of the hero mode is concerned..

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So I’ve read a couple genderswap things
And like… especially in the ones where everyone is swapped, why don’t we swap the parents?

Harri Stark using her husband’s name to publish patents until their reputation grew larger than both of them, until she could pull away the curtain and rightfully take ownership of SI, Eva and Albert Jarvis loving Toni like their own because her mother never would, cold and distant from both her daughter and her husband.



Phew. A visual representation of all the ‘deleted’ scenes that we know of thus far, compiled under the guide of this post by archaicbro (with a couple of extras). Please let me know if I have forgotten anything. I have left out images taken on set that were obviously posed and intended to be used for promotional purposes only i.e. unscripted. However, I have included a couple of images that are not so obvious and are a bit ambiguous.

Righty-ho then. Pull up a chair and let’s go through them all under the cut
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Sebastian walked onto that roof. God, he didn’t know why- the sniper knew exactly what he would find up there. Then again, he was sentimental, he wanted to see him again, one last time.

Seb stomped out his fag on the steps up the hospital. Pushing open the heavy door the sniper stared up at the clouded sky. His steps felt heavy as he walked over to Jim Moriarty- no, his corpse. Sebastian couldn’t bare seeing the only man he loved dead, but he forced himself to look. Bullet through the brain, just as his boss promised. The sniper had expected this, he knew it was coming, that James was going to end. He was going to burn up just like a star at the end of it’s own magnificent life.

Sebastian frowned. Jim had always wanted to die, he never wanted to live- and James always did get what he wanted. The little Irish brat. And to think the sniper got to spend those few precious years with him, as his tiger, he had belonged to Jim. Now where did he go?
Nowhere, he presumed.

Sebastian wiped a tear, “c'mon Jim.. Get up, you know you love a good game.” He knew he shouldn’t have drank.


The sniper fell onto his knees, he choked back a sob, “get up you selfish prick- you never fucking cared about anyone else but yourself…”

Jim wouldn’t be getting back up, except in the arms of the now jobless sniper.

That night, Colonel Sebastian Moran was found dead in a motel.. Killed by a fatal shot to the head, Scotland Yard reported it a suicide.

How the Mercs React to Fear

So I’ve wanted to do this one for a while, and I feel bad about spamming the followers of my main blog with stuff about bagels, so I thought I might as well just do this and make everyone happy! Also, a quick thank you to all of you guys, you’re all supporting me and saying such nice things about my writing and it’s really amazing, so thank you guys so much!

Scout tries to pretend he’s not scared of anything, but let’s be honest, he’s the scaredy-cat of the team. When anything on the long list of things that scare Scout happens, you’ll know. He’ll scream like a ten-year-old, cry, or run out of the room screaming bloody murder. It’s an extremely amusing reaction and most of the others find ways to scare him just to watch him run around like a chicken that’s had its head cut off. He’s scared of all the usual stuff like ghosts, and monsters, and natural disasters. 

Soldier isn’t scared of silly things like monsters, or horror movies. The only movie that’s ever scared him was the original Red Dawn. The idea of someone trying to take over his precious country terrifies him, and it’s the main reason he’s so insecure about other countries and so obsessive with everyone being a communist, nazi, or terrorist. The only other thing that scares him that much is the idea of losing a battle. Fighting is his life, so the thought of not being able to succeed at it terrifies him. When Soldier’s scared, he gets even more aggressive than usual, and he gets eerily quiet compared to how loud he is normally. 

Pyro is basically fearless, almost everything they see is happy-rainbow-magic-land, but the one thing they can’t turn into something happy is water. Wearing that huge, rubber suit of theirs, they’re much more susceptible to drowning than say Scout for example. And when they’re under water, they’re unable to start fires, which is terrifying to them. Fire is their friend and water destroys it. When Pyro’s scared, they utter a few muffled shouts and try to move away from whatever is scaring them, but they don’t show it as much as some of the others. *cough*Scout*cough*

Heavy has only one fear, and that is something bad happening to his family. (He includes Medic as part of his family.) Heavy does his best to protect them whenever he can, but he’s had his fair share of nightmares where he’s in a situation where he can't help them. When Heavy’s scared something will happen to Medic or his sisters and mother, he’ll do anything, no matter how dangerous or reckless, to make sure they’re okay. If he’s scared, Heavy isn’t afraid to admit it. He knows that fear is sometimes the best way to tell the danger of a situation and he trusts his instincts. 

Demoman doesn’t get scared a lot. The few times when the others try to startle him, or Spy (either team) sneaks up on him, he just starts shooting bombs everywhere. People usually regret scaring him. The only the Demo is legitimately scared about is losing his other eye and becoming blind. The thought of seeing nothing is the most unsettling thing Demo can think of. Death? Been there, done that. Monsters? No biggie. Blindness? Hell no. 

Engineer will admit when he’s scared, like Heavy. People can usually figure it out on their own, though, since Engie gets all flustered and starts trying to build machines that don’t make sense. He also usually forgets to dumb down his science talk for everyone except Medic, and confuses everyone. Engie has a few, very normal fears, like certain stories he heard when he was a boy, or diseases, but his main fear is storms. While a lot of people love a good thunderstorm, you’ll find Engie hiding in his workshop, trying to build a machine to protect him from lightning. He’s seen what lightning and wind can do to people and places, and it terrifies him. 

Medic displays a lot of signs of psychopathy, one of them being the inability to feel fear most of the time. He’ll jump into the most terrifying and dangerous situations, laughing. The only time Medic can remember being genuinely scared was the first time he was caught for malpractice back in Germany. When they’d found the body of one of his patients. He should have just admitted something had gone wrong in the surgery, but he was scared they’d take away his medical license. Medicine was the only thing he loved, he couldn’t have it taken away. So, he dumped the man in an alley a few miles away from his clinic and hoped they’d think it was a murder. When they started the investigation, he’d gotten stressed to the point of being unable to function, he’d thrown things, ripped the papers on his desk, and he’d gotten so agitated that he’d screamed at his neighbor for letting her cat out too late at night. 

Sniper gets even more awkward than normal when he’s embarrassed. He starts getting sweaty, and breathing funny, and having trouble keeping conversations up that don’t make people avoid him for a while. When’s he’s scared. his hand always starts to reach for the handle of his kukri or his rifle and ends up gripping them so tightly that he hurts his hand, or almost breaks his weapons. If he’s with someone he knows well, he might grab onto them. The rest of his team teases him about this, except for Spy, who just lets him squeeze the blood out of his arm before a particularly nasty MvM battle or the likes. Big crowds, being the center of attention, and having his privacy invaded are all main fears of Sniper. 

Spy never gets scared by normal things like people jumping out at him, scary movies, or the thought of being caught by the enemy. Before coming to Tuefort, Spy had already faced almost every known fear a man could have, but there was still two things that he could never seem to shake. Fire, is the first one, Spy had burns running up and down his whole body to prove that the enemy Pyro has it out for him. The sensation of fire is the worst thing in the world to Spy, worse than any sort of torture he’s ever had to sit through. The second, are his nightmares about past missions. He’s done, seen, and been subjected to some horrible, horrible, things and when memories of those come back on the nights of lost battles or respawn-caused headaches, Spy will wake up in a cold sweat,or even in tears. When he’s scared, Spy turns into a wounded animal. You want to comfort it somehow, but if you even get near it, it’ll send you to the hospital. 

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Headcanon prompt: How do the TF2 mercs react to finding shipping art of themselves with another merc?

Hello!! Sorry about the lack of answers. With Mass Effect Andromeda being released I’ve gone back and started to play the original Mass Effect. Any way I’m gonna go NSFW with the fanart they are seeing.

Scout: What the fuck is this shit!? He ain’t gay. Why ain’t people drawing him with his massive dick? Why is he always taking it up the ass?? WHY IS HE BEING SHIPPED WITH SNIPER?? Hides in his room for a few days, can’t look Sniper in the eyes. Every time he does he thinks about the Aussies dick.

Pyro: Low-key draws the shipping art of the rest of the mercs. Tries to avoid seeing it at all costs. But when they do see it gets really uncomfortable, they see the mercs as friends. They also dislike the way people draw them sometimes, that’s not what they look like. However they admire the art, thinking about all the effort would have put into the art.

Solider: It depends, if it’s with one of his comrades he freaks out. Solly doesn’t fully understand how men have sex with each other. If it’s with Zhanna he’s more incline to look at it. He enjoys looking at her naked body seeing people’s ideas of what she looks like with out her clothes. Has jacked off to the images of him and Zhanna.

Demoman: Blushes, people think his dick is that big?? Doesn’t mind being shipped with any of the mercs. Enjoys seeing art involving Sniper, Solly or Engineer more then the others. But after seeing something really kinky has to drown himself drinking.

Heavy: All the shipping art he sees is of him and Medic. Doesn’t mind, finds it quite funny. But tries to avoid it, looking at this type of thing isn’t up his alley.


Medic: Has a stash of the fanart. Loves looking at fan art involving Heavy and Sniper. On lonely night he jerks off to it.

Sniper: With seeing all the artwork he feels violated, he’s shipped with nearly everyone. Scout, Demoman, Engineer, Medic and Spy. Can deal with being shipped with the team except Spy. He would never touch that French bastard, that back stabbing snake. Has to pitch himself when he thinks about Spy’s lean body.

Spy: Of course he is shipped with the mercs, he is the most handsome man on the team. But holy hell, do people think he is that kinky?? Like he has his kinks, but they ain’t that strange. He’s pleased that people draw him correctly, but can’t believe people draw him having sex with the mask on. It was one time.

They carried the land itself–Vietnam, the place, the soil–a powdery orange-red dust that covered their boots and fatigues and faces. They carried the sky. The whole atmosphere, they carried it, the humidity, the monsoons, the stink of fungus and decay, all of it, they carried gravity. They moved like mules. By daylight they took sniper fire, at night they were mortared, but it was not battle, it was just the endless march, village to village, without purpose, nothing won or lost. They marched for the sake of the march.
—  Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried