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Assassin AUs

1.      ‘Wait, you’ve been hired to killthis guy too?!’ AU

2.      ‘My apologies, upon closer inspection it turns out that you are not the person I was hired to kill.’ AU

3.      ‘I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to kill you yet but first, either way, what did you DO to piss off the Canadians so badly.’ AU

4.      ‘They never told me the target was also a trained killer. Did they tell you?’ AU

5.      ‘I’m meant to kill you but I’ve been watching you for a week to work out how and you’re just too nice.’ AU

6.      ‘I’m intrigued; the last three attempts on my life were much better funded and prepared.’ AU

7.      ‘All my intel said you’re not meant to be back until next week and I’m sitting here using your flat as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy. This is awkward.’ AU

8.      ‘I can only assume we’re both missing part of the story here because that was supposed to kill you.’ AU

9.      ‘Dude, you just shot my arm off. Do they not hire assassins with an aim anymore?’ AU

10.  ‘Explain to me one more time, why exactly are you so desperate to buy this much Ricin?’ AU

11.  ‘So let me get this straight. You nuked my entire home city and you still didn’t manage to kill me?’ AU

12.  ‘Dude, no. If you kill me that just leaves you, the crazy guy and the CAT!’ AU

13.  ‘I don’t know who you are or how you got in here but I need you to give back at least some of the armoury.’ AU

14.  ‘Having drawn the short straw I’m the guy who has to explain to you why we can’t take out a hit on an entire landmass.’ AU

15.  ‘Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot back there but we are literally the only two people on this boat who are not assassins, so…’ AU

some X6 headcanons

X6 has an affinity for black cats. In the Commonwealth, coursers are also considered an omen of bad luck, and he likes how clean and useful the animals are, how they devote themselves to killing vermin. He’s never had a pet, but sometimes, when no one’s looking, he gets a brush and cleans the cats at the Starlight Drive-In. 

Coursers are fiercely proud of their status as enforcers and protectors of the Institute, proud to have been chosen. Their coats, the symbol of their status, are very important to them. X6 hates being asked to wear anything else, though he doesn’t say so. 

X6 enjoys startling the other companions by sneaking up on them and unexpectedly appearing in rooms when they turn their back, but he would never admit to it.

X6 has heard about MacCready’s exploits as a mercenary and respects him; he once tried to make a “friendship overture” by following MacCready, leading to the most terrifying two hours of MacCready’s life.

X6 doesn’t know how to do basic medical care, as he rarely gets hurt. When he does get hurt, he’s expected to wait for someone at the Institute to fix it for him. (The Institute doesn’t want coursers learning how to maintain their own bodies.) For this reason, he thought stimpacks were like jet and psycho and is confused and dismayed when he sees Curie using them on injured people.  

He’s used to sleeping in the Institute and is very sensitive to noise; he often steals MacCready’s sniper nests to sleep in. He once scared the shit out of MacCready by unexpectedly appearing at his post thirty feet off the ground and got shot. MacCready was sure he was going to die. X6 thought it was kind of cute.

He enjoys his job, but if he had to pick a favorite part, it would be seeing the look of terror on people’s faces when they realize that they’re utterly outclassed.

He’s secretly very opinionated, but years of seeing other coursers get wiped or decommissioned for “seditious talk” have made him really wary of sharing his thoughts.

It’s difficult to earn his loyalty, but once you’ve got it, he’s with you for life.

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🔪 assassin au with jaehee and mc plsss congrats on hitting 1500 follower!! Stay awesome!!!

moar headcanons cause fuck it


  • so MC and Jaehee met when MC was using Jaehee’s apartment as a sniper nest
  • Mc was prepped near the window ready to kill their victim when they hear the door unlock
  • it was like
  • *record scratch*
  • *freeze frame*
  • “hey it’s me your friendly neighbourhood assassin you’re probably wondering how i got in this situation”
  • so MC is having a mini breakdown
  • Jaehee walks in about to use her judo skills on MC
  • but MC looks so shook and confused
  • Jaehee feels kinda sorry for her
  • MC tells her that she works for a shady government organisation that works to take down gangsters 
  • MC explains that she’s here to take down some slimy ass kingpin who’s involved with drug trafficking or some shit
  • Jaehee let’s MC stay to take down their victim
  • cause this is legit the most exciting thing that’s happened in Jaehee’s life
  • they eventually bond over their mutual love of coffee
  • MC finds out Jaehee works for C&R and is like 💡
  • cause C&R has dirt on almost everyone in Korea
  • MC recruits Jaehee to get intel
  • they become some sort of crime fighting duo
  • Jaehee gets the info and MC delivers the kill

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Got any headcanons for Widowmaker and pharah finding out their kind quiet s/o is actually a total badass? Like they see them take down multiple enemies pretty easily? Thanks.


  • Amelie thought her partner was so cute and sweet
    • But then an enemy flanker got too close to her, and her s/o wenwt off on this guy!
    • They unleashed a line of combo attacks on him until at last they kicked him off Widow’s sniper nest
  • “Ooh lala~” Widow cooed, “Zat was some impressive work. Why don’t you do zat more often?”
  • Amelie will think her s/o is just that much sexier with this dark side. They can be cute and quiet at times, easy for her to dote on, but also kickass and strong! Best of both worlds in her opinion
  • Every time the enemy gets too close to her, Widow will specifically request backup from her s/o, even though it’s usually Reaper who comes to clear out any opposition
    • If Gabe comes in place of her s/o, she’ll give him a disdainful look and mumble that she requested [Name], not him


  • Unlike Widow, she’d be a little shocked at first
  • Her sweet, little [Name] wasn’t as sweet as she thought…
  • She’d still love her of course, but she’d remind her s/o not to get carried away in battle
    • Fareeha just wants to make sure they’re safe, and they don’t want them putting themselves in harm’s way for the sake of looking cool
  • Still, I think she’d be a little impressed at their hidden, bad ass side as well
    • She might request to spar with them some time and learn their moves!
  • But Pharah would look out for her partner just as much in battle, regardless of how tough they may seem. She would never forgive herself if something bad happened to them

–Mod Sirana

Awesome Assassin AUs you should take a look at

“I’m not sure I’m going to kill you yet, but first, either way, what did you do to piss off the Canadians so much?” AU

“All my Intel said you wouldn’t be back from your trip but you just walked in on me using your flat as a sniper nest uh oh” AU

“Okay but why didn’t anyone tell me my target is also a trained killer???” AU

“Wait you were hired to kill this guy, too???” AU

My Apologies, but upon further inspection it looks like you are indeed not the person I was hired to kill.” AU

“So I was hired to kill this guy but ended up rescuing you in the process and i could get fired but hi there your a cutie” AU*

Or alternatively “This guy was going to kill me but you showed up and saved the day Hello there” AU*

“Every time I try and kill you you always end up dodging my bullets what the FUCK” AU*

“We are both Assassins living together and I keep waking up to Dead bodies in the kitchen can you not” AU*

“That one night stand you had last night? Yea that’s that’s your target now” AU*

“There is a guy who keeps protecting my targets from me who are you and can you stop now” AU*

“Don’t think I Didn’t see you Roofie my drink who are you and what do you want before I kill you?” AU*

“Your dating my little sister and Your from my rival agency and we recognize each other FUCK” AU*

“I didn’t realize you saw my car tailing yours and now your reporting me to your agency oh no” AU*

“I’m so sorry I meant to shoot the person next to you let me take you to the hospital!” AU*   

“YOU SHOT ME IN THE ARM you’d think they would hire assassins with better AIM FOR FUCK’S SAKE” AU*

“I really regret kidnapping you cause your really annoying shut up already” AU*

“You weren’t supposed to see me shoot your boss and now I have to kidnap you sorry” AU*

“I haven’t hit my kill quota yet please help me I’m new to the agency” AU*

“I just found out you faked your death when I killed you WHAT THE” AU*

Or Alternatively “You found out that i faked my death when you tried KILLING ME please leave me the hell alone now” AU*

*Written by me

Consider: Ray is short, and if there’s nowhere to set up a sniper nest, he has 0 height advantage. So sometimes, when he has to be on the ground team, he’ll get someone to agree to let him ride on their shoulders, so it’s just a guy in a skull mask with a purple-hoodied gremlin perched up there, or the leader of the most terrifying crew in Los Santos carrying around some kid with a pink gun. And it’s even worse because it actually works, like Ray clearly gets more people like this than on his own two feet. He likes to be tall.

“Over the body of a dead comrade, Canadian infantrymen advance cautiously up a narrow lane in Campochiaro, Italy, on Nov. 11, 1943. The Germans left the town as the Canadians advanced, leaving only nests of snipers to delay the progress.”


What do we know about Lie Ren?

Ren does not resent Nora. He is not sadly resigned to her presence in his life. When Nora went down defending him from an Atlesian Paladin’s punch, he instantly forgot about the battle going on around him and the enemy that just struck her. He rushed to her side, more concerned about her condition than anything. He didn’t even think to try looking after himself.

The two of them have been together their whole lives, “even when all other hope was gone”. Ren cannot stand the thought of losing her.

If Ren is silent as Nora spends their debut scene yammering endlessly into his ears, it’s not because he doesn’t care what she has to say and tunes her out. He just doesn’t have anything he feels is important enough to say in response, and he knows he doesn’t have to say a word for Nora to keep their “conversation” going. He lets Nora share every thought that comes into her head.

He also listens to what she has to say. When he finally speaks up, it’s because Nora was making a mistake about what sloths sounded like. He cared enough about Nora to kindly correct her.

He didn’t tell her to shut up. He didn’t tell her to leave him alone or to stop making plans for the two of them to team up. He didn’t even necessarily point out a flaw in her plan, since it hardly mattered what animal she thought she sounded like as long as he knew what sound she would make. If anything, it’s more like Ren decided to play along when he felt Nora was getting simply too silly.

When Nora appears after he defeats the King Taijitu, Ren expresses absolutely no frustration that she either failed to get to him in time to fight the massive Grimm… or may have actually sat back and watched him work. He smiles! His first words to her are teasing. He is playfully mocking when he says, “I still don’t think that’s what sloths sound like.” Why is he wasting time acknowledging Nora’s silliness, instead of scolding her to take the initiation seriously? Because Ren has a sense of humor too, Nora’s presence makes him happy, and her antics brighten his day.

When she pokes him in the nose, he’s still smiling! Even frowning at her impertinence, he’s smiling. They’re playing a game with each other, prodding and joshing each other as close friends do. Even correcting her about her own dream could be taken, not as Ren getting fed up with her antics, but rather Ren taking harmless shots at her for his own amusement.

Watch Ren whenever Nora is talking. He’s watching her. He’s listening to her.

Part of the reason why Ren is so quiet is because he has always had Nora to do most of the talking for both of them. He only pipes up after Nora has wound down, generally to let everyone know that he stands by her position. He doesn’t simply let Nora have the first move, he lets her choose the game.

Because Ren can afford to be so quiet, he’s learned to choose his words carefully. When he speaks, he means every word, speaking with purpose and conviction. This puts a strong spin on how he told Jaune that he also considered him the brother he’d never had. Ren didn’t need to say that – he could have deflected Jaune’s confession with a mumbled “yeah, sure” or something else non-committal. But instead, he expresses loyalty to someone he’s only known for one semester – someone who is vastly his inferior as a huntsman.

That also means something, because Ren is diligent. Nora claimed he was “the perfect student”. No one develops his level of combat skill and Aura manipulation without working hard. One could pass that off as “those born outside the walls must fight to survive”, but I think Ren is pursuing a goal. There’s still that village which was so important to him. I think Ren wants to become a huntsman in order to protect that village or another one like it, and he’s willing to devote his life and risk his death for that cause.

He came to Beacon with pride and purpose and preparation, and the leader assigned to him is Jaune Arc. But despite knowing that Jaune is their weakest link, Ren actually sort of sticks up for him. After Nora nervously kept pointing out how Jaune was the one most likely to bring them down in their Teams Round match, Ren asked Jaune if he was really not going to defend himself, which suggests that Ren thought Jaune wasn’t so bad that he needed to take that kind of bad-mouthing without complaint.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but Ren can be really sarcastic in his own laid-back way. He favors a dry, off-hand delivery without any spite; a straightman who delivers the tsukkomi just because he thinks it’s funny to tease the bokke.

Remember when Jaune warned his team that he might vomit during their match? Ren chided Nora for being disgusting with her suggestion that Jaune aim for the enemy. So we know he doesn’t appreciate crude humor, or at least disrespectful behavior.

But since Nora already made the joke, he sees nothing wrong with taking the opportunity to make one of his own. “Still, if you get the urge.” Once again, we see Ren playing along with Nora, poking fun at someone else (Jaune and the opposing team), and revealing a sort of positive connection to Jaune (in that he implicitly would applaud Jaune for such a maneuver).

He certainly doesn’t groan, roll his eyes, wonder why he’s stuck with these losers, ignore them, or simply walk away. He engages and participates.

“Perfect Student” Ren willingly participated in the food fight, and though he didn’t shout or taunt like the others, he applied himself with real effort, first with the watermelons, and then with the leeks. The only time he ever protested any contribution to a fight is when he was ordered to distract a nested sniper. But though he was understandably sour about the idea, he nevertheless threw himself into it.

Later, he tries to push past his injuries (his ribs must have been bruised at least, and possibly cracked or broken) in order to accompany Ruby on a mission to find Jaune and Pyrrha. Mister “Energetic About Almost Nothing” was exhausted and truly hurt, but he was ready to charge into Grimm infested territory to rescue the rest of his team.

He cannot think of losing Nora. He accepted Jaune as a brother. For someone who has so little family to his name, Pyrrha’s death must have hurt Ren as much as everyone else. When Ruby meets JN_R for their journey to Mistral, Nora doesn’t speak first. It’s Ren who takes the lead in assuring Ruby and asserting their mutual desire for answers and justice. It’s personal for him, too.

Before their match with BRNZ, Ren summarizes his team’s feelings of anxiety to RWBY with his usual soft sarcasm. He doesn’t act aloof, but actually implicates himself as being nervous as well. He’s less dramatic about it than Nora, and less concerned about it, but he’s also worried about how a poor performance would reflect on their team.

Ren has his pride. When Nora blamed Ren for her being hungry (just before Team RWBY left for Mountain Glen), he snubbed her without remorse, clearly convinced that he had done no wrong. Let’s also not forget how badly he took it when Nora thwarted all of his careful training with a simple tag-back.

One of Ren’s little passions is healthy food, and cooking in general. When he’s cooking up a stack of pancakes, he doesn’t hurry. He takes his time with it, humming, smiling, and looking very satisfied and content. However much skill with cooking he has, he’s proud of it.

When pushed too far, Ren is not above taking easy opportunities for silly pranks or petty vengeance, as seen when he’s getting ready to pour the syrup all over Nora’s head.

Observant as he is, Ren doesn’t bother with paying attention to everything going on around him, especially in terms of others’ relationships. Nora is watching Pyrrha try to court Jaune and parrots Pyrrha’s own advice to Jaune back at her; Nora is the one who crows when Jaune takes Pyrrha to the dance floor, while Ren is confused about what is going on – Nora is also the one who pushes Ren away from the moment that Jaune and Pyrrha were having right before the fateful PvP fight.

Also, it’s likely that Ren doesn’t know Nora has a crush on him. If they’ve really known each other their whole lives, then they would have developed blind-spots with each other; expectations about how each will act or feel, based on past experiences and accumulated misunderstandings. Nora is also good at masking her signals within her usual cacophony of noise.

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When the team first started to get together and become a little more friendly with each other Sniper would pay Scout to scope out the new maps to find him good sniping areas, just five bucks, because Scout’s dumb enough to do all that work for just a few dollars

It started to become routine. New map, go out and find Sniper a good nest. Of course there are always a few bumps:

“Kid, I can’t– how am I supposed to get up there!”


“Scout, you bloody… go find a better one, one with a ladder or steps.”

“Okay, but it will cost you.”

“You little shit.”

But Sniper will pull out another five and hand it over, and because Scout is perpetually a little brother he’ll do it. He actually looks forward to it, feels important to be give this little job by Sniper.

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hey gamer,, who do the paladins (& allura & coran) main in overwatch?

Ok before I even begin, we all wanna believe that Pidge would be a Sombra main but that’s a damn lie and she’s very passionate about how badly Sombra needs a buff. Pidge loves her concept, loves her design, HC’s her as a trans woman, and will def play her for funsies on quick play but if they’re on comp Pidge rocks Symmetra. 

Lance is a complete Widowmaker stan. He has every glitchy sniper nest in the game memorized and ain’t afraid to use them. Tbh I could even see him asking if Pidge could make some mods to his hemet inspired by Widow’s infra-sight. BUT if Keith is playing he’ll usually switch to Ana bc he knows that hot head is gonna need all the support he can get.

Though he stays on 76 for a long time bc he hasn’t played video games since he was a kid, Shiro loves playing Pharah. He shouts “guys I think it’s getTING CLOUDY” before he rains justice from above and it makes Lance groan.

Actual rl and in-game tank Hunk genuinely enjoys playing all the tank heroes but his fave is Reinhardt. He tells everyone to scatter before he drops his shield to attack. Also he has a lot of in-game ships and shushes everyone pre-game so he can hear the voice interactions.

Keith never played video games much but when everyone else gets into playing he gives it a try. Everyone places bets when they let him into the training mode to pick his hero. The Garrison trio all put their money on Reaper, Allura bets he’ll go more traditional and stick to 76, Coran thinks he’ll pick Roadhog so he can charge into the fray and stay going for a while on his own, but Shiro is the only one who gets it right. Keith’s totally a Genji main. He lives to spam need healing until Lance snipes him as Ana.

Allura is the most savage player any of them have ever seen. She’ll charge enemies into tight quarters to isolate them and pick off their team one by one. Always goes for the healers first.

If you can look me in the eye and tell me that Coran wouldn’t be a Zenyatta main you can meet me in the pit.

** = NSFW

Bucky Barnes

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Blown. | minhyuk

Monsta X Assassins AU Req

[ 7 ]  All my intel said you’re not meant to be back until next week, and I’m sitting here using your apartment as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy…this is awkward.

Member: Assassin!Lee Minhyuk / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 1,300+
Genre/Warning(s): Assassin AU, language, angst, drama.
A/N: Why do I feel like nobody will like this, I’m crying inside. It’s so different from what you might expect.


Lee Minhyuk was sure that everything was in place. That everything was correct and without careless fault. That the trust he put in dispatch wouldn’t go wasted. He even went the extra mile, quite literally, to be certain that you, a poor soul obliviously caught up with the wrong people, arrived at the airport as scheduled for a flight out of the country on familial matters.

It was all in the files linked to the digital footprints of your transactions, and gathering comint for the advantage of a hit is something the bureau does well.

This is nothing new to Minhyuk, though. Just another clandestine operation meant to fall into place within the following hours of nightfall. Gripping the handle of the matte-black case in his hand, he pushes through the door of the apartment that he’s more than familiar with.

He’s walked the halls more times than he’d care to admit without a pang of guilt sprouting back in his veins, especially with the recollections of how often he’s pressed your body against the walls as well, hungry lips roaming across burning skin. He’s told many lies within the confines of your abode, and to tell the complete story behind the reason why the assassin is preparing to set up nest within your apartment of all available vantage points would be too complex.

The lights are left off, and all else remains untouched by his gloved fingers.

“I’m in place.”

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“So what kind of advice did cha’ need?” Robin shifted his glasses downward as he made eye contact with Swav, basking in the sunlight in his sniper’s nest upon piles of crates. He pushed his hat slightly upward, from where he’d been napping earlier. Robin was the Sniper of the RED team, and the proud father of Kieffer, whom to his dismay lived in the BLU base with his other parent, the BLU medic by the name of Axreld. Robin trusted Swav and Ludwig to keep Axreld and his secret about their visits, still somewhat anxious about their loyalty. Since Robin was on the RED team, he was an easy source for information on his son.

Got a wasp nest in your backyard?  I’ll shoot it with my sniper rifle.  Sometimes the nest explodes, and sometimes I miss and hit your barbeque grill, but that’s all part of the experience.  $20 a nest

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1, 3, 5, 14 for Nova and 4, 7, 13, 15 for Loudmouth (I almost got really greedy and asked for /a lot more/ but i restrained myself) I love your children so much <3


1. Their physical weak spots

Kiss or bite the back of his neck and he’ll swoon.  Otherwise, his back tends to stiffen up if he stays in a sniper nest too long.

3. Scars or painful spots

He fell out of a nest in training and broke a few ribs - they still ache whenever it rains.

5.  Guilty pleasures

Stargazing, reading

14. Ingrained habits/forces of habit

He isolates himself, because it’s what’s most familiar to him.  And he always looks for the stars when it’s night.


4.  Best places to kiss on their body

If you kiss his eyelids, he giggles.  It’s adorable.

7. Their tickle spots

His ribs.

13. What gets them flustered

Being complimented in any way.

15. What it takes to make them cry

Anything to do with family, really.  He’s cried over R2M more than once.

“Death From Afar” - A closed RP with @rosla-aculid-kitty..... Pt5!?!?!?!?!

Previously, on Death From Afar….
Our heroes have fought in a funny fashion! The two tsunderes, almost to the brink of perversion, finally stop the battle when Chris asks Rosla out onto a date! What will happen now!? Will they love? Will they not? Will I ever stop making these intros!? Find out on today’s Death From Afar!
 For @rosla-aculid-kitty

The next night.

The hybrid smiled, wearing some casual wear as he made his way down the street. He ran past the sniper’s nest, smiling at the fond memory of Rosla taking them out. His attention shifted towards the alleyway, and with ease, began to climb up the building. It was a lot easier now, as his wound was almost completely healed. Making it up to the roof, the hedgehog turned and looked around. He was close. He could actually make out some of the damage from the previous night. With a big grin, the hybrid made his way to the spot. He sat, waiting.

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Amé, did you ever have days as Widowmaker where you just wanted to... give up? Like, if you were sitting on the ledge of a building and suddenly "lost" your balance? How did you cope with that? How did Lena help?

Yes… I have many times and it would have been so easy, no one would have missed me. Thinking about it now, the only thing that kept me from doing it was the faintest hope life may get better. Sitting in a sniper’s nest up high, you see people beyond your targets. Seeing happy people or just people caught in the regular flow of life made me wonder if I could be that person one day. That I might be able to escape this one day. And I did. Lena helped by being there, whether through every encounter on the field or the visits we eventually had. She let me speak to her and showed me things worth staying for. She may not think she did much, but I really did need someone that would listen. I believe it’s what many people need if they are struggling. – Widowmaker