I’ve done nothing the past three days but play video games, sleep and draw Snipers and Engineers (and also ghouls). My excuse for not tumbling regularly is that it is hard to do anything with cats lying on top of you all the time. Should I colour this for real? I feel like I wanna, but idk. I’m so indecisive about draws.

((Hey, guys, there’s a coloured version here.))

slapped some lazy colour on it. this was actually really relaxing to work on. i mellowed out, drank a litre of tea, and before I knew it, it was 6am. whoops. oh, and now it’s crossfaction. because i love crossfaction, so there. am I the captain of the mundydell ship? because i have found no one to crew my ship also, I think sleeping/reclining/resting men are sort of a recurring subject in my draws. hmm.