My experiences in TF2:


Baby scouts:

-Forget they have double jumps

-Run at heavies with their bats from like 30 feet away

-Fail really bat at parkour

-Use all their amo trying to kill the enemy sniper

-Gets headshot by said enemy sniper constantly

-Never stops yelling for medic

-Easily backstabbed

-Runs into walls

Decent Scouts:

- Double jumps everywhere

-Shoots at heavies instead

-Decent at parkour

-Only gets hit by snipers half the time

-Still calls for medic

Advanced Scouts:

-Neon everything

-You will always know where this player is because they’re like a damn beacon

-Is the one player playing the really bad quality beyonce music through their mic, has taped down their V key

-Parkous everything. Parkours his teammates. Parkours the objective. 

-Calls for medic every second of the game

God Scouts:

-Jaded as fuck

-Can take out a sentry single handedly

-Your team will never know where he is but he’s at the top of the leaderboard at all times

-Can switch direction midair like a cheetah

-Doesn’t even know what a medic is 

-He’ll take on a heavy with 25 and walk out with 24

-Never gets backstabbed

-Sniper’s better not even try hitting this guy


Baby Snipers:

-Constantly scoped

-Don’t check for spies

-Get backstabbed a whole lot

-Gibus hat and pyrovision goggles

-Huntsman bows in mvm

-Caps points

-Trying his best

-Calls for medic a lot

Decent Snipers:

-Can headshot with the huntsman sometimes

-Goes out of his scope only to run around to a new spot

-Thinks about capping, leaves it to his team

-No cosmetics

-Tries to take on advanced snipers and fails

-Stands in obvious sniper nests

Advanced Snipers:

-Can headshot scouts

-Can play sniper in mvm and no one will really mind

-Spychecks himself often 

-Stays in unexpected locations, moves often

God Snipers:

-Can snipe a tin can in outer space

-Doesn’t miss shots

-Fear him

-Accused of hacking, just good

-Never moves the entire round, no one can even get close enough to kill him

-Top scores

-His own team doesn’t know where he is

-They don’t even see him leave the spawn room

-Probably doesn’t even blink

-Can hear spies decloaking 500 miles away

-Has xray vision


Baby Medic:

-Runs to the other side of the map to heal someone with 10% loss of health

-Pockets when he’s the only medic on the team

-Excited to heal and do good!

-Caps and fights with his syringe gun

-The team is happy he’s there, at least

God Medic:

-There is no type of medic other than baby and god

-Hates the medic class so much

-Wants to murder his teammates

-He’s absolutely everywhere

-You never see him healing anyone, but he’s top scoring and none of your teammates have died

-Can hit running scouts with a crusader’s crossbow

-Full of hellish rage 

-If you don’t thank him he WILL be in your room that night

So when this happened:

It means that Sniper knows. Not just like he has a little hypothesis, but it means that he genuinely knows that Spy is Scout’s dad. 

This means that him and Spy have discussed this.

It means that Spy, who won’t even show his face, has opened up enough to Sniper to tell him this.

And that Sniper kept that secret.