sniper rifle

A widowmaker sketchy painting i did………didnt turn out as good as i wanted it so i wont finish it properly. i dunno whom shes shooting at, just wanted her by the morning window. “original”, bra-less version is under the cut.

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Yugoslavian sniper rifle chambered in 8mm Mauser. It is basically an enlarged AK action and operates and disassembles like one. Although referred to as a sniper rifle, by most standards it fits the role of a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle). This particular example is a reweld; the receiver was cut into pieces upon import into the U.S but was welding back together with new receiver sections. Note the correct lightening cuts on the receiver, something that is always incorrect on U.S made M76 receivers. (GRH)


Safety Harbor Ultra 50

Bolt-action magazine fed upper for the AR-15 lower, although the one pictured does not have the standard magwell. This particular example is a bit unique in that its chambered in .510 DTC. The cartridge is similar to the 50 BMG but was developed to be used in countries where gun owners are not allowed to have calibers that are actively fielded by military forces. The .510 DTC is supposedly legal in California but due to the constant changes to that state’s gun laws, it may not be legal for long. (GRH)


Mosin–Nagant is a five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine–fed, military rifle developed by the Imperial Russian Army from 1882 to 1891, and used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations. It is one of the most mass-produced military bolt-action rifles in history with over 37 million units having been made since its inception in 1891, and, in spite of its age, it has been used in various conflicts around the world even up to the modern day, being plentiful, cheap, rugged, simple to use, and effective, much like the AK-47.



Although recognized more commonly and correctly as a PSL-54, the SSG-97 is the same rifle, it just has an American importer’s designation code/name. Looks like a Dragunov but shares nothing in common aside from caliber and optics mounting style. They’re decent but fun guns to shoot, and cheaper to own than a Russian Tigr or Chinese NDM-86. Unfortunately their price on the market keeps rising as they become harder to find. Importation seems to have slowed down or even ended. (GRH)


M1C Garand sniper rifle

Manufactured by the Springfield Armory between 1943 and 1945, scope mount manufactured by Griffin and Howe, serial number 3495645.
.30-06, 8-round en-bloc clips, M82 2,2X scope offset to the left, MRT leather cheek rest and M2 flash hider.

Looks like a star wars prop.

Sauce : James D Julia Inc.



The military model of the Remington 700, the M24 was made available in a limited production collector’s edition. The barrel and action are new but the stock, scope and other accessories are all straight from the combat zone, either Iraq or Afghanistan. No two M24 Collector’s Edition rifles are the same since each rifle was customized by the sniper who used it. Many of the stocks and scopes have improvised camouflage painted on and added by the sniper. (GRH)