sniper rifle

A widowmaker sketchy painting i did………didnt turn out as good as i wanted it so i wont finish it properly. i dunno whom shes shooting at, just wanted her by the morning window. “original”, bra-less version is under the cut.

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Although recognized more commonly and correctly as a PSL-54, the SSG-97 is the same rifle, it just has an American importer’s designation code/name. Looks like a Dragunov but shares nothing in common aside from caliber and optics mounting style. They’re decent but fun guns to shoot, and cheaper to own than a Russian Tigr or Chinese NDM-86. Unfortunately their price on the market keeps rising as they become harder to find. Importation seems to have slowed down or even ended. (GRH)


MAS Mle49-56 military rifle

Made by the Manufacture d’Arme de Saint-Etienne in France c.1956-70′s - serial number G81988.
7,5x54mm MAS Mle1929C ten-round removable box magazine, direct impingement gas operated semi-automatic, Mle 1953 APX 806L scope mounted on a rail on the left side of the receiver, muzzle adapted to fire rifle grenades, with accompanying folding grenade sights.

The 1956 modification shortened the barrel but also and most noticeably the foregrip of the rifle, making it a very compact and sturdy battle rifle.



Israeli made bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in .338 Lapua, the Dan (named after an ancient city) has been around for several years but was announced that it would be available to U.S market at Shot Show 2017. Although already in use by the IDF, supposedly the British SAS are also fielding the Dan. Currently no price point has been set. (GRH)


M1C Garand sniper rifle

Manufactured by the Springfield Armory between 1943 and 1945, scope mount manufactured by Griffin and Howe, serial number 3495645.
.30-06, 8-round en-bloc clips, M82 2,2X scope offset to the left, MRT leather cheek rest and M2 flash hider.

Looks like a star wars prop.

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Diy Cosplay Sniper Rifle | Fallout 4 Cosplay Builds, Pt. 1

Today we’re going over how to build a realistic sniper rifle out of a cheap toy gun! If you’ve ever been interested in getting into cosplay, but don’t have any experience with building props, then this walkthrough is for you! This covers the whole process, from disassembly to re-painting.

Tutorial byMatadorPhilip
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A unique and rare variant of the M14, these have an interesting history. When Israel was looking for a sniper rifle platform they ended up choosing the M14/M1A from Springfield Armory. Eventually when they were phased out, Springfield bought them back from Israel as parts kits and rebuilt them on new receivers. Some of the receivers have the Star of David on the heel. What makes them special is the genuine Israeli specific parts; like the cheek riser, scope mount and optic. They were also issued with custom foam cut case.(GRH)


Springfield M1903 variant prototype

Manufactured c.1917 by the Springfield Armory with experimental rifling, fitted with a Winchester 1909 Patent A5 scope manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in New Haven, Connecticut - serial number 716929.
.30-06 five-rounds magazine fed by stripper clips, bolt action repeater.

The older scopes are also the sexier ones.