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So I’ve read a couple genderswap things
And like… especially in the ones where everyone is swapped, why don’t we swap the parents?

Harri Stark using her husband’s name to publish patents until their reputation grew larger than both of them, until she could pull away the curtain and rightfully take ownership of SI, Eva and Albert Jarvis loving Toni like their own because her mother never would, cold and distant from both her daughter and her husband.


Day 359: Bedtime for Pyro

For Bedtime Anon! Sniper and Pyro (or pre-Bush Fire if you’re so inclined).

Sniper shifted awkwardly as he settled down on the bed. He wasn’t used to being on base this late, but Engineer had made it quite clear that he didn’t have a choice in the matter. If everyone else was going to the Annual Wholly Legitimate Armed Professionals Conference except for him and Pyro, Sniper was going to be staying on base.

It wasn’t that they didn’t trust Pyro. Despite the first impression that the masked mercenary gave to the vast majority of people who were legally considered “sane”, Pyro wasn’t about to go and burn the base to the ground. After all, even THEY had their professional pride. No, it wasn’t property damage on a mass scale that had Engineer concerned.

Pyro was afraid of the dark, you see.

And that was what had him in his current situation. Without Engineer at base, the aged wiring that powered the lights throughout the base stood a good chance of shorting out. A really good chance, in fact. Almost a certainty. And, of course, they had.. After the base had gone dark, Pyro had stuck to Sniper like glue as he’d pulled out a dusty old lantern and a few candlesticks to give them a little light to make their way back to the dormitory wing. Pyro had refused to budge once they got back to their rooms, and it wasn’t until Sniper agreed to stay at least until they fell asleep that they had loosened the death grip on his arm.

Now here they were, both in Pyro’s bed with the lantern filling the room with a soft golden light. Shadows danced across the walls as the candle’s flame flickered brightly. It was almost homey, or would be if the odd sensation of being somewhere where he really wasn’t supposed to be would quit tickling at the back of Sniper’s mind.

Pyro was curled up on the bed in a pair of pale green pajamas that they’d managed to change into without Sniper even noticing. They’d gamely put up with all of his shifting, and finally relaxed against him with a happy sigh-squeak sort of noise that probably had something to do with the mask that was still pulled down over their face.

Sniper had finally settled against the headboard with a pillow behind his back, and Pyro’s head rested against his thigh while one arm was wrapped around him like some sort of substitute teddy bear.

“Huh huu muhh muh hu hurrmh?” The shy mumble was muffled by blankets and Sniper’s leg.

A story? Sniper sighed and tried to think back to the stories he was told as a kid, but quickly gave up. Mum Mundy had always been more of a lullaby singer, and that was just a little farther than Engineer’s threats could push him to go. But Pyro was looking up at him with a hopeful look in the glossy lenses, so there was little he could do but try.

“Fine. Once upon a time, there was a….” Sniper’s eyes darted around the room, finally landing on the oversized balloonicorn that floated ominously on the other side of the room. “There was a unicorn.”

“Muuuuuu…” Pyro’s arm tightened a little as the happy sound wheezed out of their mask. “Muph phuh huh munh?”

“Their name? Errrr…. His name was Richard.”

In the dim light Sniper could have sworn that those lenses squinted at him. “Hurhhur?”

“Yes, Richard. His name was Sir Richard Marshmallow Wifflestick.” Sniper put every ounce of authority he had behind the words, and was rewarded with a happy sounding giggle. “Sir Richard Marshmallow Wifflestick was the Lord Mayor of Unicorn Town.”

“Hudda huph murrph hurpha.”

“That’s because I’m from Australia.” It was Sniper’s turn to look indignent. “Just because there’s the Queen on our money doesn’t mean we’re not a democracy.”

Pyro giggled again.

“Anyway. Like I said, Lord Mayor of Unicorn Town. And he decided that he was was going to make the biggest candle in the world.”


“To keep the Darkness away, of course.” Sniper reached down and gave Pyro a light pat on the head. “So he told all the other unicorns to bring every candle they could find to the middle of Unicorn Town. So all the unicorns went out to find candles. Big unicorns found big candles that lit buildings. Little unicorns found little birthday candles. Unicorns that floated found candles that were hung in lamps, and all of them met back in the town square.”

There was no noise from Pyro now; although, it was difficult to tell whether that was from actually starting to fall asleep or pure politeness in not telling him what a rubbish storyteller he was.

“Sir Richard Marshmallow Wifflestick hadn’t brought any candles, but he’d brought an enormous metal pot and heated it was the light from all the firebugs from the surrounding countryside. Then, one by one, each unicorn tossed their candles in the pot. The big candles, the little ones, and the ones that had been hanging. Slowly they all melted together, their colors swirling together like a giant peppermint stick that was made of an entire rainbow.”

Was he mistaken, or was there a little gasp from under the mask?

“One of the flying unicorns brought a giant wick and stuck it in the wax. Then they doused the fire and waited. And waited. And waited. They waited as the sun started to slowly set in the west, the sky turning red and then purple, and then the first stars started shining. The unicorns started getting scared, because that meant that the Darkness would soon be there.”

Pyro’s arm definitely tightened a little more.

“Slowly, the wax cooled and the candle was done. The biggest of the firebugs few up, using his fire to light the wick, and just as the Darkness’ claws started to scrape their way across the sky, it burst into life! All of Unicorn Town was flooded with light that chased away the shadows that the Darkness used to hide, and it burned brightly all through the night, letting everyone sleep in peace. The end.”

Pyro’s gloved hand came up and dipped past the collar of their pajamas, and Sniper watched in amazement as the mask was pulled up just enough to show the sleepy smile underneath. “That was a good story, Sniper. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Sniper managed to respond after a moment.

“Can… can you stay just a little bit longer, and keep the Darkness away?”

Sniper shifted one last time on the bed, letting his hand come to rest on Pyro’s shoulder. “Sure thing, firebug. I’ll stay.”

[News] Shinhwa concert 2: Quotes from Shinhwa to Shinhwa Changjo

Shinhwa touched Shinhwa Changjos through their confession at their concert.

Shinhwa held their 17th anniversary concert “WE” on the 21st and 22nd at Olympic Park Gymnasium, Seoul. Shinhwa sang songs from their 12th album as well as their gem-like hit songs “Brand New”, “Hey! Come On”, “Eusha Eusha”, “I Pray 4 U” etc.

For more than 3 hours Shinhwa spent a passionate time with about 30,000 Orange Princesses who came over the 2-day concert, and Shinhwa garnished the time spent with funny talks and comical videos. On top of that, there was Kim Dongwan and Shin Hyesung’s “Up and Down” dance battle, part of their “Sniper” 1st place promise, and even singing “Sniper” with their parts changed, they filled up the concert with little moments that could only be seen at the concert. Above all, it was a time where Shinhwa’s sincerely deep affection towards Shinhwa Changjo could be felt.

From start to end, here are some precious quotes from Shinhwa to Shinhwa Changjo.

# Opening, “Sniper” 9 wins, conveying the news of a record breaking number of trophies along with a deep bow
“This Love” did really well and everyone really gave it so much love, that I was worried if we could do better than that, if we were going downhill. We prepared while worrying a lot. Something really unthinkable happened, that we won over “Yo” and “This Love”. Shinhwa Changjo’s firepower is really great. This is a new record in Shinhwa’s 17 years of promotions.” (Eric)

# Kim Dongwan’s founding of Shinhwa-nism
“Shinhwa is not responsible for everyone’s lives. But we will make sure everyone won’t fall down. What you do for someone you love is to make sure they don’t fall down. At the same time, if we aren’t to fall down, we need everyone. Everyone makes sure that Shinhwa won’t fall down. That is what everyone’s love, concern and existence itself is. Because we have faith in Shinhwa Changjo! Shinhwa San!”

# “I closed my eyes for a while and thought about it” Lee Minwoo’s sweetness
“Shinhwa is the longest running idol. Everyone is the longest running fanclub. That name is Shinhwa Changjo. Even if I was reborn, I want to meet everyone again, and also want to meet our bratty members. I’m really grateful to have been born as Shinhwa. I’m really happy to be able to be with everyone. Everyone is a great source of strength and motivation. Thank you.”

# Wave of emotions, ending talk
“Although there was stress from ‘This Love’ during album preparations, we have always felt a sense of apprehension. Apprehension over not knowing how things will turn out. I have lived with that for 17 years. For this concert too, during preparations, there were many things that didn’t go well and I was also worried if we could do well on the actual day. After finishing it with much difficulty, the response was really good. Thank you for looking at it favourably. Thank you for coming. Next year, the Year of the Dog, please give lots of love to Shihwa’s 18th anniversary too.” (Eric)
"16th anniversary, 17th anniversary, etc although the numbers go up but honestly it is stressful every time. It feels like we have to do better, that we have to do something more…and when we prepare under such stress there are times where we feel exhausted. I felt this during this round of promotions, everytime that happens (feeling exhausted), everyone holds us up strongly and I realised we just need to work hard, without feeling stressed. Sincerely, thank you.” (Shin Hyesung)
“Shinhwa Changjo manse!! Manse!!!! Manse!!!!! Let’s do a wave!!” (Kim Dongwan)
“Although we feel stressed but we will continue moving forward with the thought that ‘we have everyone’.” (Junjin)

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