sniper crossbow


Team VCTA Volume 4 Weapon Upgrade Sketches: Viola’s “Sereia”
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Forms: Viola | Crossbow | Sniper Rifle

Viola: Dust and Semblance focused mode. The viola’s strings are tangible aura streams that run towards the terminals at the bottom of the instrument. In this mode Viola can support allies with dust and semblance based enhancements or attack enemies with powerful Dust applications.

Crossbow: This form is suited for mid and long range combat. The viola’s bow also turn into a tactical knife/bayonet for melee combat. The crossbow’s projectiles are created inside the weapon using the loaded dust, and are fired through a Gravity-Dust String system.

Sniper Rifle: Dispite being shaped like a rifle, this form works more like an enhanced crossbow, suited for Extreme Range combat. It uses the same gravity-based system to propel highly condensed Dust projectiles at extreme speed. Each shot takes a few seconds to charge, compensating the high damage with a below-average attack speed.

ooc: Final sketch and first of my Volume 4 update series. I’m using these to try a new sheet format before making a transition.