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I thought I was done with TF2 fusion. Apparently not. Here are some random possible moments of medic x sniper fusion. The fusion’s name is “The crossbow”. 

more Crossbow drawings

Summary of Dark Souls 3 Weapons
  • Dagger: Why aren't you using a Bandit's Knife
Parrying Dagger: Never actually used as a weapon

  • Mail Breaker: Fuck your shields
Bandit's Knife: Quick, exploit the Bleed
Rotten Ghru Dagger: Poison for the lazy
Corvian Greatknife: THIS is a knife
Handmaid's Dagger: I will stab you no matter what
Scholar's Candlestick: Laser power-up

  • Tailbone Short Sword: Drake Sword Lite Edition
Brigand Twindaggers: Dragon's Dogma
Harpe: Not actually a musical instrument

  • Shortsword: Why aren't you using a Longsword

  • Longsword: Ol' Faithful

  • Broadsword: Who uses stab attacks anyway

  • Broken Straight Sword: 10 of these during early game

  • Astora Straight Sword: Losing my religion

  • Lothric Knight Sword: Let's get stabby
Barbed Straight Sword: Constantly getting caught on clothing probably
Dark Sword: Emo blade with added Meta
Cleric's Candlestick: Blue Flame's gross uncle
Irithyll Straight Sword: Chillrend

  • Anri's Straight Sword: Waifu sword

  • Sunlight Straight Sword: Praising just got easier
Morion Blade: Remember how Demon's Soul was a thing
  • Lothric's Holy Sword: HOLY SHIT LASERS

  • Gotthard Twinswords: Sith Lord Cosplay

  • Bastard Sword: Why aren't you using a Claymore
Claymore: Larger Faithful

  • Flameberge: Zweihander's gay little brother

  • Hollowslayer Greatsword: Dumbshit's guide to DS2
Black Knight Sword: Crossfit while fighting demons
  • Executioner's Greatword: Tarkus Concept Art
Wolf Knight's Greatword: Can you actually imagine a Wolf doing flips like this like holy shit

  • Wolnir's Holy Sword: Trypophobia Blade
Greatsword of Judgment: Moonlight Greatsword Lite Edition

Moonlight Greatsword: Raspberry Popsicle of Cameo Obligation

  • Twin Princes' Greatsword: Literally fire-ing mah lazar
  • Drakeblood Greatsword: Over ambitious longsword

Firelink Greatsword: Finally got one, finally disappointed
  • Zweihander: Baby's First UGS

  • Greatsword: Repairs complete
Astora Greatsword: CHAAAAAAAAAARGE
Farron Greatsword: Breakdancing Blade
Fume Ultra Greatsword: Hits like a truck, the size and weight of one too
Profaned Greatsword: Fire Greatsword Mk I

  • Cathedral Knight Greatsword: Gatsu stronk
Black Knight Greatsword: Original Golf Driver
Lorian's Greatsword: Fire Greatsword Mk II

  • Lothric Knight Greatsword: Bass Cannon knockoff

Scimitar: Why aren't you using a Falchion

Falchion: Oroboro's penis

  • Sellsword Twinblades: Russian weapons, Arabic implications
  • Shotel: Douchebag Blade
  • Crescent Moon Sword: Karkat Vantas firing lasers
  • Pontiff Knight Curved Sword: How do insects even eat metal like damn
  • Warden Twinblades: Obligatory bleed variant

Painting Guardian's Curved Sword: Sick spins

  • Dancer's Enchanted Swords: Rave Swords

  • Storm Curved Sword: Fart Scimatar

  • Carthus Curved Sword: If only it were the Kilij
Carthus Shotel: Karkat Vantas Skeleton Edition

  • Rotten Ghru Curved Sword: Poo Sword

  • Murakumo: Finally has a decent moveset
Exile Greatsword: Bandaid hilt
Old Wolf Curved Sword: No weapon class is safe from fan service

  • Carthus Curved Greatsword: Bleed Edition

Uchigatana: PvP Standard
Washing Pole: Sephiroth cosplay
Black Blade: Style points aren’t currency

  • Darkdrift: Why do Asian cultures love invisible swords so much
Onikiri and Ubadachi: Shonen Jump
  • Chaos Blade: Anti-magic pixel
Bloodlust: You can't hurt me if I hurt myself
Rapier: The grip is white now

Ricard's Rapier: How legendary can badly defending one stairway be
Crystal Sage's Rapier: Drop your shit goddamnit
Irithyll Rapier: Chillrend poke edition
  • Battle Axe: Swing it differently this time

Brigand Axe: Is it superior? Who knows
Thrall Axe: Poison Swamp Trivialiser
Dragonslayer's Axe: Cockney man refuses to die
Butcher Knife: Forever the Fat Woman's specialty

  • Winged Knight Twinaxes: Twin Spin to Win

  • Eleonora: Pried from the hands of hands with hands
Man Serpent Hatchet: Karkat Vantas Snake Edition

  • Greataxe: Award for most unchanged weapon

  • Dragonslayer Greataxe: This isn’t a spear
Demon's Greataxe: Now ON FIRE

  • Great Machete: *sad Capra Demon noises*
Yhorm's Great Machete: You only use that notch when angry
  • Black Knight Greataxe: Jump for joy/death
Club: Literally a stick

Reinforced Club: Stick with nails
  • Mace: Why are these always associated with clerics
Morning Star: Absolutely Barbaric
  • Drang Hammers: Akin to interperative dance

Heysel Pick: More like pick a different weapon amirite

  • Warpick: MrIWont4Get's Favourite
Blacksmith Hammer: You're holding it backwards
Gargoyle Flame Hammer: Every Greathammer needs a flamethrower
Large Club: Not the Great Club
  • Great Club: Not the Large Club
Great Mace: Berenike classic
Vordt's Great Hammer: Fridge Hammer
Morne's Great Hammer: Grant 2.0
Great Wooden Hammer: Visions of Giant Blacksmith

Smough's Great Hammer: Whack-a-mole just got silly
Old King's Great Hammer: Another classic ON FIRE
Pickaxe: Minecraft cosplay
Dragon Tooth: Havel’s penis

  • Spiked Mace: Dynasty Warriors

  • Caestus: The ol' 1-2
Demon's Fist: Kyo Kusanagi
Dark Hand: Can't suck Humanity, might as well suck balls
  • Claw: *Wolverine joke*

  • Manikin Claws: Nobody has original designs, do they

  • Arstor's Spear: Vlad the Impaler
Drang Twinspears: How is this a practical setup
Gargoyle Flame Spear: GARGOYLE used FLAME CHARGE
Spear: The Poker
Winged Spear: The Better Poker

Tailbone Spear: The Fart Poker
Pike: The Long Poker
  • Four-Pronged Plow: Couple with torches to gank Shrek cosplayers
Saint Bident: Saint Bident of Charge

  • Rotten Ghru Spear: The Poop Poker
Partizan: Almost a Halberd
Yorshka's Spear: Anti-mage Poker
Dragonslayer Spear: Oh, there it is
Dragonslayer Swordspear: More Ornstein than Ornstein
Golden Ritual Spear: Pilgrim’s Spontoon hit by a car
  • Soldering Iron: BDSM Souls

  • Lothric Knight Long Spear: The Steady Poker
Greatlance: At least a horse is mentioned this time

  • Halberd: Scrub stick

  • Red Hilted Halberd: Scrub stick Classic Edition

  • Lucerne: Switzerland must exist apparently
Winged Knight Halberd: Spin to Win and Win and Win and Win and Win

  • Glaive: They still fucking got the name wrong

  • Crescent Axe: Pick a weapon class damnit

  • Gundyr's Halberd: You put your halberd in and you spin it all about
Black Knight Glaive: Finally named correctly
Immolation Tinder: Hard to get dates with this thing

  • Great Scythe: All Scythes are great

  • Pontiff Knight Great Scythe: Even the cold ones
Great Corvian Scythe: And the feathery ones
Whip: Softcore

  • Notched Whip: Hardcore
Witch's Locks: Hotcore
Spotted Whip: Spotcore
  • Short Bow: Why aren't you using a Composite Bow

  • Longbow: Why aren't you using the Black Bow of Pharis

  • Composite Bow: Original Crackshot
  • Dragonrider Bow: Why you're NOT using the Composite bow
Black Bow of Pharis: Robin Hood's wet dream

Darkmoon Longbow: Original Darkmoon Bow didn't go through puberty well
Onislayer Greatbow: Still gotta be Japanese-y
Dragonslayer Greatbow: I am the bone of my sword
Light Crossbow: Why aren't you using the Heavy Crossbow
  • Knight's Crossbow: Crossbow 2; Electric Boogaloo

  • Arbalest: Suspicious name change
Sniper Crossbow: Actually functional now
Avelyn: Enter The Matrix
Heavy Crossbow: Completionism Crossbow

  • Sorcerer's Staff: First Laser Stick
Heretic's Staff: Shunned Laser Stick
Witchtree Branch: Dusk’s Laser Stick

  • Sage's Crystal Staff: Diamonds aren’t forever
Izalith Staff: Still can’t cast fire spells
Court Sorcerer's Staff: Logan’s bent dong
Man-Grub's Staff: You feelin’ lucky punk
Storyteller's Staff: Attempted murder

  • Medicant's Staff: I NEED THE SHIELD DAMNIT
Archdeacon Great Staff: Holy Laser Stick
Pyromancy Flame: FALCON PUNCH
Talisman: Totally not toiler paper

  • Saint's Talisman: Holy toilet paper

  • Sunlight Talisman: Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder

  • Canvas Talisman: Eco Toilet Paper
White Hair Talisman: Toilet Paper after Mexican
Sunless Talisman: Luxury Toilet Paper

  • Cleric's Sacred Chime: The Lords be with you

  • Priest's Chime: And also with you

  • Crystal Chime: How does this not break all the time
Caitha's Chime: This bell is full of BEES

  • Saint-tree Bellvine: Even trees are goddamn saints

  • Yorshka's Chime: You monster

@theultimategernerd asks: Are ya gonna do a comic on Qrow and Summer’s wedding?

Yes, I am! It will be a long comic that you all have to vote on in the next round, should you want to see it.

Here is a rushed concept of their marital attire, brandishing weapons and looking ready to kick some ass down the isle.

Wedding color scheme is white, grey, dusty rose, and black with red and gold details (a nod to her soon-to-be-sister in law and Taiyang)

Summer’s weapon is a mix of a sniper rifle, a crossbow, and can transform into a long sword. I like the idea of her being able to pick off people from a distance but also turn into a graceful badass with close combat sword fighting.

Her wedding attire is a mix between a little bit of lace goth and flower child. Qrow and Summer have always screamed “low-key goth” when it came to their outfits. Ruby had to get her lolita dress style from somewhere

And yes, those are boots she is wearing. Raven and her have disagreements as to what a bride should wear on her big day…it goes something like this…

Raven: Summer, you can’t wear boots to your wedding! Here are some heels. Try them on!

Summer: -puts on heels, takes five steps, immediately stiffens up and begins to cry- AAAHHHHHH THEY HUUUR-UR-URRRRT! WHY DO YOU HATE ME?! WE’RE GOING TO BE SISTERS, RAE! SISTER’S LOOK OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER AND THEIR RESPECTIVE FEET!

Raven: OH MY GODS YOU’RE SUCH A BABY! -takes them off of Summer-

Summer: -runs off to Qrow, tackling him from behind- DON’T MAKE ME WEAR HEELS!

Qrow: -looks between Summer and Raven- …what?

Needless to say, Summer wins.

Luck Be A Lady Tonight

One time, me and some friends were playing a homebrew campaign in D&D 3.5. Our party consisted of my friends Dakota (playing a Lizardfolk Barbarian), myself (playing a Dwarven Knight), Sam (playing a half-Orc Shaman), Perpetual (playing a Gnome Mage), Josh (playing a Half-Dragon Rogue) and Young (playing a human Crossbow Sniper).

We entered in to a massive library where the ceiling was like church steeple’s height and the bookshelves were half that height. Along the floor were tiles in three colors: Red, Blue, and White.

After Josh stupidly decided to step on a Blue tile, which knocked his ass in to the air, we realized that the Red tiles were bad, the Blue tiles knocked you in to the air with an A.O.E. concussive blast, and the White did nothing.

Along the way, I was hypnotized by possessed tomes in the library and opened one up. It snapped at me and about a dozen other books similarly popped out of their shelves and assaulted us.

That’s when our Gnome got a plan to scatter them all with one big blast of magic.

He began to lead the books to an open area in the library, but some got too close for comfort. Young decided to help.

“I aim at the floor and fire my crossbow.”

“Roll D20.”

He rolled a natural 20…

And the DM, Felicia, begins to laugh like a comic book villain. We all looked at Young and I said “WHAT DID YOU DO?!”

He hadn’t specified a color of tile to hit. His plan had been to hit a blue tile and scatter the books a bit to give our gnome some breathing room.

Unfortunately, our DM decided to exploit this for a laugh and had him hit a red tile.

Then the room began to shake and the books dispersed.

And we ran as the floor in the room’s opening that the gnome had been running for began to open.

We ran to the end of the library and hit a locked door. Our gnome flew up over the bookshelves and Young climbed them to get a look at what was chasing us…

It was a Basilisk.

But me, Sam, and Dakota decide to face it down and buy time for the others to escape. We rolled saves against the Basilisk’s gaze and all rolled nat 20s.

Initiative favored Young and Sam. Sam cast poison touch on the Basilisk like a badass, doing small damage and lowering its constitution…

Then Young took aim with his crossbow and fired at the Basilisk, aiming right between the eyes…

Natural 20.

He rolled to confirm.

Natural 20.

He rolled damage.

The Basilisk died from 2 hits, the biggest one a stupidly damaging Critical from Young.

Needless to say, all was forgiven for accidentally setting the Basilisk on us.

And that’s when we learned Young had simultaneously the best and the worst luck in all of D&D.

playing with the evil within 2 as a huge fan of the evil within ( 1 ) a summary:

the story

the gameplay

by the way I recommend to go and collect the crossbow - shotgun - sniper before continuing on the main mission, you can find those with sidequests, it just takes 1-2 hour to finish those


Team VCTA Volume 4 Weapon Upgrade Sketches: Viola’s “Sereia”
Volume For Updates: Link

Forms: Viola | Crossbow | Sniper Rifle

Viola: Dust and Semblance focused mode. The viola’s strings are tangible aura streams that run towards the terminals at the bottom of the instrument. In this mode Viola can support allies with dust and semblance based enhancements or attack enemies with powerful Dust applications.

Crossbow: This form is suited for mid and long range combat. The viola’s bow also turn into a tactical knife/bayonet for melee combat. The crossbow’s projectiles are created inside the weapon using the loaded dust, and are fired through a Gravity-Dust String system.

Sniper Rifle: Dispite being shaped like a rifle, this form works more like an enhanced crossbow, suited for Extreme Range combat. It uses the same gravity-based system to propel highly condensed Dust projectiles at extreme speed. Each shot takes a few seconds to charge, compensating the high damage with a below-average attack speed.

ooc: Final sketch and first of my Volume 4 update series. I’m using these to try a new sheet format before making a transition.

Zombie Apocalypse Questions
  • 1. What's your zombie plan?
  • 2. What five fictional characters would you want on your team?
  • 3. What five celebrities would you want on your team?
  • 4. Firearm of choice?
  • 5. Melee weapon of choice?
  • 6. Rick Grimes or Chris Redfield?
  • 7. Claire Redfield or Michonne?
  • 8. Black Ops Zombies or Resident Evil?
  • 9. What's more important -- food or ammo?
  • 10. What's more important -- water or shelter?
  • 11. How and when should fire be used?
  • 12. Bike or car?
  • 13. Tent or RV?
  • 14. Travel in a group or work alone?
  • 15. Sniper or crossbow?
  • 16. What are the three most important things to have with you in the zombie apocalypse?
  • 17. What two personal items would you throw in your backpack at the first sign an undead uprising?
  • 18. What store would you raid first?
  • 19. What's more valuable -- clean socks or a can opener?
  • 20. What role would you play in the zombie apocalypse? A leader? A runner? A sniper? Something else?
  • 21. Is there a place for kids or pets in the zombie apocalypse?
  • 22. What's the best outfit for the apocalypse?
  • 23. Assume you're traveling in a group. Food and ammo are running low. You come across a family being chased by a horde of five or six walkers. You could move by the situation completely undetected. What do you do?
  • 24. Your best friend has been bitten in the arm. What do you do?
  • 25. Travel from place-to-place in a convoy or set up camp somewhere permanently?
  • 26. Which celebrity do you think would fare the best in a zombie apocalypse?
  • 27. Which celebrity would do the worst?
  • 28. Which fictional character do you think would fare the best in a zombie apocalypse?
  • 29. Which fictional character would do the worst?
  • 30. You're doing a sweep of an abandoned highway and find a baby, alive and uninfected, strapped into a car seat in a minivan. What do you do?
  • 31. Would you ever resort to cannibalism?
  • 32. You find out that someone in your group has been stealing food/ammo/clothes from other members. How do you handle it?
  • 33. How many people in a group is too many? At what point do a lot of people become problematic?
  • 34. Silent backpack that can hold a little or noisy wagon that can hold a lot?
  • 35. Assault rife or automatic pistol?
  • 36. What one snack food would you be most excited to come across in the zombie apocalypse?
  • 37. Would you ever hurt, rob or kill an innocent to protect or benefit your group?
  • 38. You come across two people being attacked -- a strong man and a small, pregnant woman. You can only save one. Who do you save?
  • 39. Who would be a more valuable addition to your team -- a doctor or a sharpshooter?
  • 40. Is there any room for love in the apocalypse?
  • 41. Do you have any skills that would help you in the zombie apocalypse?
  • 42. Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead?
  • 43. What are your thoughts on chainsaws?
  • 44. Would you trade food and water for a silencer?
  • 45. Baseball bat or machete?
  • 46. Your worst enemy is being chased by walkers. You hate their guts but you think they could potentially be useful to you and your group. Do you save them? If yes, do you have rules or conditions?
  • 47. Would you sacrifice a member of your group for the greater good?
  • 48. Would you want to be a leader in the zombie apocalypse?
  • 49. What's your #1 zombie survival tip?
  • 50. What's your #1 zombie rule?
The Signs In The Apocalypse
  • Aries: The badass female character who only cares about herself, and maybe her life partner. Is constantly telling people to shut the fuck up because they don't know what they are talking about. Is willing to make the tough choices for the greater good. Has sent more people packing, and even to their deaths, than anyone else.
  • Taurus: The one who keeps stock of food, medicine, and whatever else. Usually is willing to walk into houses, but only behind someone else. Always has a big backpack with them, and has learned how to run fast with heavy extra weight.
  • Gemini: The one who makes the big choices for everyone, not just themselves. Will send out people with food if they have to, will make sure people are seperated. Often runs the rumor mill. Very difficult. Is one of those who fight others about who should be leader, and likely sends Aries and her lover packing.
  • Cancer: The one who stays in the same place, looking for others to help. No one stays long, unless they have longterm problematic issues (Periods, Pregnacy, ect), and usually is a refuge for children. If a part of a camp that keeps those who are bleeding in a type of medicine shack, they rule that place well.
  • Leo: Tries to be the leader of the group, but probably ends up helping those in the Medicine Shack with Cancer. They want to help those in need, and may take the leadership role up there very well. They could also leave the group, becoming a nomad and helping those around them, selling items to those they come across.
  • Virgo: They tend to scope out areas, using long-range weapons (from snipers, to crossbows, to anything they could stand on a roof and use) to take out any zombies around their shelter. They are usually on nightwatch. Nocturnal.
  • Libra: They keep peace between those they are around. When Aries was with the group, she kept it very peaceful, until Aries went over the line. They may of left with Aries, and begun looking for a better group to journey with.
  • Scorpio: The one who will run into a house and fuck shit up. Weapon of choice is a baseball bat, with sharp objects on the side. The character with the tramatic past and weird scars all of their body. When they get bit, they take themselves out. Was only with the group for a day, just to trick Taurus into giving them their food and medicine items. (She was the one who led them into one of the houses).
  • Sagittarius: The one who tells people what is up. They rush into areas, much like Scorpio, but are much more loyal about it. They aren't much of the lone ranger type, but may also run away with Aries.
  • Capricorn: Rations out food, medicine, and other items. Helps map out areas to get food from. Welcomes in specific new members, usually consulting Gemini about it. Has a rocky relationship with the leaders, but, doesnt bother anyone about it.
  • Aquarius: The leader of the group, but often fights their co-leaders. They want to save everyone and anyone, and usually sends people off to close by areas to stay, rather than sending them totally away. They keep everyone in check, and often goes into the Medicine Shack, and will go back to the area they sent those who needed to leave. Often takes Virgo on those escapades, especially after the Scorpio Operation. Probably dies on one of these escapades, and Gemini, or Leo, takes over.
  • Pisces: Often runs food and water to those around the area. They sit outside - between the shacks - and look at the stars. Virgo often keeps them safe on both missions, and hope for the best. Pisces may accompany Aquarius on some of their missions out to see the others, but usually doesnt. May of died during that.
Rescue Mission (Lexark)

Nick came running in the house, his already wild hair matted to his head with sweat. “We gotta go after them.” He yelled out breathlessly as the door slammed behind him. Travis, Madison, Chris, and Elyza all rushed into the room looking concerned. Elyza was the first person to notice something wasn’t right. “Where’s Alicia?” She asked him, looking into his wild eyes and fearing the worst.

“They took her.” Nick gasped, trying to catch his breath as he put his hands on his knees and bent over. Elyza was on him in an instant, pushing him up and pressing his back into the door. “Who took her? What happened?” Elyza’s face was inches from his and she could smell the alcohol on his breath, it only made her more furious.

“What did you do Nick.” Her voice lowered to a dangerous hiss as she lifted up his sleeve to see fresh track marks. Her blue eyes could have held fire as they looked back up at Nick. His eyes darted from left to right and his face was pale. “They-they said I needed to pay double. They said it was about-about supply and demand.”

Madison gasped as she finally understood what Elyza and figured out the moment she saw his bloodshot eyes. “How could you do this Nick?” She came up behind Elyza and screamed at her son. “How could you put her in that position. You were clean for so long.” Madison was breaking down as Elyza still had her forearm firmly across Nick’s skinny chest.

“They said they won’t do anything to her. We just have to bring them food and clean water.” Nick tried to explain but Elyza pushed him hard, his lower back hitting the doorknob. Nick grimaced in pain, his gaze still not meeting anyone in the room. “I didn’t go out to use. But these guys said they could hook me up if I had something to trade for.”

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anonymous asked:

Every time I see your Sniper/Medic fusion, I can't help but notice their four arms sticking out of the same armholes in their coat. So what if one day they cannot fuse but really want to anyway ((either because one's too sick and disoriented to dance/fuse or something like that)) so they end up in the same coat and try to walk around pretending to be fused even though they're obviously just two people stuck together in a lab coat.

Those dorks. Imagine them talking to someone, like Spy, and Medic/Sniper is being all serious but Spy is all like “Wtf?”   Ha! XD

Accidental Fusion 2 (aka the continuation) a fic

Hello! If you didn’t catch before I am the original author of the first Accidental Fusion and since there was a (surprisingly for me) high demand for a continuation I decided to go for it! I thought it would take me a month with the amount of time I had everyday but apparently I proved myself wrong. Go me. Firstly though I want to prep this fic:

1. Being unable to write the Soldier/Demo sequence just from I couldn’t clearly write it as well as I want it to so I had to scrap it. This takes place the day after fusion was discovered. The Solly/Demo fusion have managed to unfuse now after Ms Pauling forced them to come with her for experimenting purposes. Again I was unable to write that as well. So I hope you can forgive me, but I did want the mercs to experience a different fusion this time and the aftereffects of a fusion and how fusing/unfusing could work on and off battle. Don’t worry their fusion is mentioned but cannot be part of this fic because writing is hard.

2. there is one scene where a bit of gore happens, because this is TF2, but I just wanted warn any unsuspecting people.

3. Also this is a very VERY long read. Like twenty pages lonog. Good job me. And the poly ship is so completely obvious here. So let the gay commence. I hope you enjoy! My apologize if I miss any mistakes on my numerous read-throughs or awkward sentences I was unable to catch.


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