snily hate

“drarry is cano—”

“harry and ginny should get a div—”

“i hate ginny we—”

“snape was just misunderst—”

“snape loved lily so mu—”

“au where snape adopts h—”

“i love gay ships im so sinf—”

Yes, Snape’s personality is a dumpster fire. Yes, he was abusive to the children under his care. I don’t like the guy. 

But the point at which I part ways is when people say he didn’t love Lily. 

The reason Snape’s character is so compelling, and his story so interesting, is that he loved her, but it didn’t redeem him. It didn’t transform him. 

You can point out any number of problematic things about the friendship that the two had. You can say he didn’t deserve her (and I agree, though I would question whether it’s possible to ever ‘deserve’ a person). It’s true he didn’t love her well. But he did love her.

A better person than Snape - even slightly better - would have been devastated if Lily had chosen to be James over them, but would have been happy, on some level, to see that the woman they loved was happy. Devastated, but happy. 

A better person than Snape - even marginally better - would have seen the parts of Harry that mirrored Lily. Grudgingly, perhaps, and over time, but they would have seen them.

Even a person the tiniest bit better than Snape would have turned from the enticement of the Death Eaters and chosen their friendship instead. 

Love is a wonderful thing. A pure, beautiful thing. But the only way people can experience it is when it is filtered through the imperfect prism of a human being. Being loved by a particular person is not necessarily a good thing. 

How Lily Potter Probably Reacted Up in Heaven During "The Prince's Tale"
  • *Snape watching Lily when they were 9*
  • Lily: Why didn't I notice how creepy that was?
  • *Snape telling Dumbledore about his deal with Voldemort*
  • Lily: yOu wAnT my hUsBaNd and sOn tO DIE!?!?!?!
  • *Snape ripping the photo with Lily*
  • *Snape rips the signature from Sirius' letter*
  • Lily: I stand corrected. You're on a whole new level of creepy.
  • *Snape cradling Lily's body*
  • Lily: *inches closer to James* Ewwwww, no, please let go of me. No, really, my son is literally crying in his crib right now, please pay attention to him instead. Also, that's gross, wHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO EVEN TOUCH ME? I DON'T CARE IF I'M DEAD!
  • *Snape bad-mouthing Harry*
  • Lily: Excuse me? You're the one who refuses to grow up and get over yourself? My son is perfectly fine, thank you very much.
  • *Snape dies and goes to the Afterlife*
  • Lily: *starts yelling at Snape* *Beats the crap out of him*
  • Alice Longbottom: *joins Lily because Neville*
  • Frank and James: *silently eat popcorn and watch their wives be bad-ass*
‘Maybe he’s ill!’ said Ron hopefully.
'Maybe he’s left,’ said Harry, 'because he missed out the Defence Against the Dark Arts job again!’
'Or he might’ve been sacked! said Ron enthusiastically.
'I mean, everyone hates him-' 
'Or maybe,’ said a very cold voice right behind them, 'he’s waiting to hear why you two didn’t arrive on the school train.’
—  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; Snape hears all
Because I feel like this needs to be said

Shipping doesn’t always have to mean that you want them to fuck all the time

Shipping can also mean you respect the bromance or friendship between two characters

Shipping also means that you experience the ups and downs to any aspect of character relationships (even friendships)

You can ship their hate for each other

You can ship basically any possibility

Why limit yourself to thinking that they have to do the sex all the time

Because that’s really not how real relationships work

You can be friends first

You can be enemies first

You can hate each others guts

It’s called perspective. Things can happen that changes the way you perceive a person.

Not every ship pair just says, “hey! Wanna fuck?”

And you’re severely misled if you think that’s how it happens

Okay, end PSA ^_^


Since the Snape debate came back to life thanks to JK Rowling’s tweets, I decided to speak up. I received these asks between April, 2014 and July, 2015. Why? Because I don’t hate Severus Snape. I like to read metas and fanfictions about him and even pair him up with other characters. With Lily, too. At first I tried to reason with anons, then got angry and snapped. What struck me was the fact that they all thought I was by default a horrible person since I liked Snape, or at least someone who needed to be “corrected”.

More than once I was insulted for privately and politely asking people to tag their hate – and then they blocked me (?) One of them asked Snape fans to stop following them immediately after our brief exchange, implying it was because they were scared of what kind of [bad] people Snape fans could be. It was humiliating, disappointing, and it made me feel unwanted in my own fandom. But the last straw was that sixth ask you see up here. I didn’t even publish it. I stopped blogging about Snape and turned off anon for months. Do you realize we’ve gotten to a point where an anonymous stranger may tell you that your children are going to be sex offenders or silent victims of these crimes just because you like a fictional character? This campaign of hate has gotten too far.

Do you understand how unhealthy and harmful is the whole “I don’t enjoy it, so I’ll make you stop enjoying it too” ideology? Especially if you’re maliciously trying to guilt-trip gullible teenagers into believing that if they don’t hate Snape they’re sexist, racist, or whatever. It isn’t true. First, because it doesn’t work like that. Heck, if I enjoy Hannibal it doesn’t mean I’m an actual cannibal. Second, because there are many users who spread fanon theories or blatant lies to depict characters they despise as misogynists, racists, or homophobes, so more people will back them up in their hate against other users. Third, because if you harass people to achieve your goal then you’re a fucking moron.

Luckily now I’m a stronger person. I grew up and experienced life – hardest teacher ever, Snape is no match – so I can take it. But I used to be a lonely, depressed, suicidal teenager. I don’t know if I could have taken it back then. I saw anons telling Snape fans they deserved to be raped, to die, to get cancer. So please, for the love of everything you hold dear, don’t condone this behavior in our fandom. If you’re really so concerned about people’s mental health and emotional well-being, then respect everyone equally, no matter what character they like or despise.