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Hi! I have a question. There's this post I've seen going around saying that if Harry had been born a girl then Snape would have treated her like Petyr Baelish treats Sansa Stark. Do you thing that's true?

Hey nonny! That’s an interesting question… I think it would probably depend on which parent Harry took after. If she had messy black hair and epic quidditch skills, then I don’t think Snape would go all Baelish on her because in his mind she would still be a mini-James. He’d still be a massive dick - as we saw with Hermione, he won’t pull punches just because Harry is a girl. If anything he’d be crueller. He’d probably tell her how much she looks like her dad, but then be sure to point out her physical flaws as often as possible.

If, however, she were a mini-Lily? Definitely full-blown Petyr creeper. He’d probably take a special interest in her potions and call her by her first name just so he could pretend she wasn’t a Potter. He might even accidently call her Lily a couple of times. I can see him hanging around Gimmauld Place more often just to see her, or taking her under his wing in their Occlumency lessons. Given how possessive he was of Lily, it just makes sense that he would see her in her daughter and behave accordingly.  He wouldn’t just accept Dumbledore’s plan to kill her at the right moment - he’d do everything he could to get around it, or maybe even convince her to run away with him.

The name of this is ‘Lily’s Theme’. I just wanted to point out the fact that this song is played at the beginning of Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 when SNAPE is looking over his students as new headmaster. And they called it 'LILY’S THEME.’

ok but one thing i hate is when people dismiss a man's love for a woman by saying he just wanted to fuck her when he was actually in love with her

take snape for example some people say it was love some say infatuation but i don’t think anyone believes it was just a desire for sex so please use actual legitimate arguments instead of pretending snape didn’t care about anything but lily’s body because i don’t think anyone will believe you

and as soon as anyone says “friend zone” people automatically accuse them of feeling entitled to sex like yeah a lot of the time that’s all it is but sometimes someone just feels shitty because they’re in love with someone who doesn’t love them back i mean as long as they’re not acting entitled or blaming the other person please don’t write them off as horny assholes

wow so many unpopular opinions in this post i feel the need to say that i don’t think snape is fully redeemed by his love for lily and i get pissed when boys say “that bitch friendzoned me”

but i do think snape cared about lily and i don’t have a problem with boys being upset that the girl they care about doesn’t feel the same way

and any other situation you can apply this to

tl;dr: sometimes boys/men are in love please stop assuming they only ever want sex

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Something I find very strange is that a lot of Wolfstar shippers who hate Remadora because they think it's ~manipulative~ say that they do love Remus and Tonks' friendship and like them as QPPs (?). Which doesn't make sense to me, because if an R/T romantic relationship is something they consider toxic, why would friendship be different? This is like saying 'oh, I hate Snily but love them as friends' or 'I think Ron would abuse Hermione but let's pair him with Luna'. It's cheap and transparent.

Right? It’s like they really think they’re not being painfully obvious. Like they really think people will believe it’s a total coincidence that they ship Remus with someone else, think that Remus/Tonks is unhealthy, but Tonks having a close bond with Remus is fine as long as said bond doesn’t threaten their fanon ship. Then she and Remus can be as close as peas in a pod and it’s all good and healthy.

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Yeah sorry. I'm not trying to hate right now. But I'm genuinely want to know why snily wouldn't have been good?

Snape and Lily could never have had a romantic relationship because the only thing they had in common was a shared past.  They had completely opposing ideals, principles and lifestyles.  Snape was prejudiced against the very group that Lily belonged to—Muggleborns—and Lily actually cut her (platonic) relationship with Snape off because he couldn’t respect her.  Clearly she didn’t suffer fools gladly.

Of course, Lily also was not in love with Snape.  Nothing she ever canonically said could lead us to believe that she felt about him the way he felt about her.  So when people speculate about what would have happened if Lily hadn’t “chosen James over Snape” as if that was actually a choice she made, they are effectively ignoring everything we know about Lily’s personality and desires just so that Snape can have his fantasies fulfilled.  Which is kind of scary, if you think about it.

Snape is actually one of my all time favorite characters.  I think his character arc is fascinating and his backstory extremely well written.  As a person, I think he’s nasty—and a good boyfriend he is not.

Lily didn’t choose James over Snape—she chose herself over someone who wouldn’t respect her.