NCT 127 watching a sad movie
  • Taeyong: tries to hide the fact that he's crying like a baby but fails epically
  • Taeil: sobs so loudly that no one can hear what's going on
  • Johnny: laughs at the sad scenes, cries at the happy scenes
  • Yuta: cries from laughing so hard at everyone else who's crying
  • Winwin: the only one who doesn't cry bc he doesn't understand the movie lmao
  • Doyoung: holds everything together until the ending credits and then starts wailing
  • Jaehyun: already emotional and starts crying before the movie even starts
  • Mark: the obnoxious sniffler
  • Haechan: denies that he was crying, "my eyes were sweating"
Cuddles for Sale {Magnus and Ophelia}

{Text-Ophelia}: We’re on our way!

There was a huge smile on her face as she tossed her covers aside and rolled to her feet, marred only by the slightest of grimaces when a sharp pain shot all the way up her leg and into her left hip. But her excitement to see Magnus carried her out to his home, hobbling all the way with Mr. Snifflers tucked securely under one arm. The moment the door opened, Ophelia scurried forward and wrapped her arms around Magnus’ waist. “Hello!” she exclaimed cheerily, and for all intents and purposes, save for the hobbling, she seemed to be right as rain. The only indication that all was not well was the way she subtly clung to him, arms tightening around him as though she feared that someone would come drag her away at any given moment. “We made it! How are you?”


Last minute shopping list

For the IB-ers about to enter exam session, you may want to pick up:

- Batteries for your graphic calculator  (4 AAAs) -replace them just to be on the safe side. Seriously, I feel anxious during math/science exams when know I haven’t replaced the battery.

Disposable plastic water bottles - remove the label so its exam friendly. (If water is allowed by your coordinator) Dehydration causes headaches so take sips while examing , but don’t drink too much! You don’t want to take too many pee breaks.

- A transparent pencil case. If you don’t have/cant find one, a sandwich baggie or a transparent file works.

- Lozenges for sore throats, coughs, or congested noses. Exam rooms can sometimes be cold, and I hate being that sniffler/cougher. Dissolve one in your mouth 10 - 15 mins before going into your exam room, if they are not allowed.

- Pens (blue/black), Pencils(2B/HB), Eraser, Ruler - the necessities. Try not to get pens that get ink everywhere. Your exam paper will look a mess and you will walk out that room with inkblots all over your arms.