sniffing the book

Ask me about my reading habits
  1. What’s your earliest memory of reading?
  2. Did your parents read to you when you were little?
  3. Fiction or non-fiction?
  4. Favorite genre?
  5. Favorite book from a genre you don’t usually like?
  6. Favorite non-fiction book?
  7. Favorite genre-fiction book?
  8. Favorite fanfic?
  9. Favorite graphic novel?
  10. Favorite series?
  11. Favorite sequel?
  12. Favorite prequel?
  13. Favorite spin-off?
  14. Favorite picture book?
  15. Favorite children’s book?
  16. Favorite YA novel?
  17. Favorite adult novel?
  18. Favorite ~adult~ novel?
  19. Favorite classic?
  20. Least favorite book?
  21. Are there any books you regret reading?
  22. Are there any books you regret not reading?
  23. What are you reading right now?
  24. One book at a time, or a bunch at once?
  25. Where do you like to read?
  26. When do you like to read?
  27. How fast do you read?
  28. Paparback, hardcover, e-book, or audiobook?
  29. Buy or borrow?
  30. Old books or new?
  31. How do you mark your page?
  32. Have you ever sniffed a book?
  33. Author you’re currently obsessed with?
  34. Series you wish had never ended?
  35. Series you wish had ended sooner?
  36. Series/book you’d re-write if you could?
Phil’s Livestream // 9.27.15 (Part 2)

Part 1

He came back using the mobile app because his laptop crashed

Holding his phone is making his arm sore

Showed us his laptop stickers

“Zayn #rip”

If he got a dog he would get a medium or small dog

He meowed at someone’s cat


His voice is quite croaky from rehearsals 


He was pretty good at physics in school but he liked chemistry because he could burn things

If you’re coming to the Brighton tour be sure to dress up!

He got his phone screen fixed

“It’s not my birthday stop lying to me.”

Spooky Week #confirmed 

He balanced his phone on Dan’s sofa crease

He’s currently burning Egyptian must 

“I am the weirdest thing in this room.”

He sniffed the book


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