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silver & flint + 46


46. “Shut up, I am a delight!”

This is a silly little Modern AU thing. I hope that’s alright! 

“I think Max hates me. She’s stopped replying to my messages,” Silver said, flopping down onto the sofa next to Flint with a sigh.

“What did you do?” said Flint, without bothering to look up from the book in his hand.

Silver scoffed indignantly. “Did I say it was my fault?”

“No,” Flint said, turning the page, “I just tend to assume with you.”

“That’s so rude,” said Silver, picking at a loose thread on his jeans absently.

“And yet, I doubt I’m wrong. What did you do?” Flint repeated.

“Nothing! I just sent her some…quite long messages with quotes in them,” Silver said, shifting slightly.

Flint finally looked up, expression knowing and unimpressed. “How many?” he asked.

“Messages or quotes?” said Silver.

“Whichever is the more incriminating number,” Flint said, eyebrow arched accusingly.

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a stitch undone

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Rating: Teen

Length: ~3k

Summary:  Years go by, all containing more of the same, and Sam feels himself unraveling. At least, he thinks he does, in the moments he can remember. Linear timelines don’t exactly make sense to him anymore. He isn’t sure how long they can keep going like this–despite the rumors, they are only human.

On AO3 (notes, too, didn’t put them on the post bc minor spoilers to fic)

Dean had made a point to put as much distance between them and Arizona as possible. Sam sometimes wondered at Dean’s keen skills of avoidance. They were uncanny.

They had struck a Northeastern path across the ‘States, skittering from one interstate to the other and lurking in motels when they had the cash. Sam had a theory that there were only fifty-two or fewer real motels in existence, and each hunt, week by week, brought them to another. At this point, they’d cycled through the lot of them several times over. Each time Sam saw the same green bedspread with those little mosslike circles crowding close to one another, he became a little more nauseated.

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So after getting sad with bittersweet ending of ‘The Last Leaves Falling’, I’ve decided for my next read would be ‘A Court Of Thorns And Roses’ by Sarah J. Maas. This would be my third time reading it but in real book form from Waterstones, as I read it in Kindle form instead, but now I can properly go through it while sniffing the pages of the book without a care.
Also I have the other two books in physical form of the ‘ACOTAR’ series which I can finally read once I finish 'A Court Of Thorns And Roses’ as I never got the chance to read them, so I’m happy I can finally do it. ^_^

One of the coolest things about Richelle Mead’s SOUNDLESS, which is set in a world without sound, is that it asks the question of how life changes according to our senses. This got us thinking about how grateful we are for OUR senses, because without them, how would we appreciate the glorious books around us? In fact, to celebrate them, we decided to break down the 5 highly refined senses of a standard book lover:

1. Beautiful Cover Identification (A.K.A. Sight)

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A book lover’s sense of sight can be quite fickle. In some instances, late nights spent turning pages may hamper their vision, but the occurrence of a stunning book cover on the shelves will IMMEDIATELY draw their eye, and potentially lead to a #Coverbuy* situation.

*A purchase made as a result of being seduced by a beautiful cover without regard to any other factors such as genre, summary, $$ in the bank.

2. Page Scent Appreciation (A.K.A. Smell)

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A book lover’s sense of smell is actually quite finely tuned, and they have been known to locate bookstores and libraries by simply following the scent of pages yet to be read. In the occurrence that you find them sniffing books in the shelves, respectfully leave them in peace.

 3. Reading Intruder Recognition (A.K.A. Sound)

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Reading time is a sacred time. That’s why you’ll receive ‘the glare’ when conversing too loudly near or to a book lover. Your best bet is to switch to whispering or relocate entirely.

 4. Book Body Admiration (A.K.A. Feel)

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Sometimes, the gaze of a book lover upon a book gives way to something more: touch. Whether it’s the stroking of deckled edges, a stunning spine, or simply feeling the weight of a novel in their hands, the book lover has been known to have an almost otherworldly experience by simply touching a book.

 5. Binge Reading Fuel Discovery (A.K.A. Taste)

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The book lover taste buds are discerning ones – they’ve adapted to identify the perfect snacks to eat while reading: anything they can nibble on with one hand, has minimal crumbs, and can devour in large quantities in the case of a binge reading session.

What would a world without senses be like? Peek inside SOUNDLESS to find out!

Ask me about my reading habits
  1. What’s your earliest memory of reading?
  2. Did your parents read to you when you were little?
  3. Fiction or non-fiction?
  4. Favorite genre?
  5. Favorite book from a genre you don’t usually like?
  6. Favorite non-fiction book?
  7. Favorite genre-fiction book?
  8. Favorite fanfic?
  9. Favorite graphic novel?
  10. Favorite series?
  11. Favorite sequel?
  12. Favorite prequel?
  13. Favorite spin-off?
  14. Favorite picture book?
  15. Favorite children’s book?
  16. Favorite YA novel?
  17. Favorite adult novel?
  18. Favorite ~adult~ novel?
  19. Favorite classic?
  20. Least favorite book?
  21. Are there any books you regret reading?
  22. Are there any books you regret not reading?
  23. What are you reading right now?
  24. One book at a time, or a bunch at once?
  25. Where do you like to read?
  26. When do you like to read?
  27. How fast do you read?
  28. Paparback, hardcover, e-book, or audiobook?
  29. Buy or borrow?
  30. Old books or new?
  31. How do you mark your page?
  32. Have you ever sniffed a book?
  33. Author you’re currently obsessed with?
  34. Series you wish had never ended?
  35. Series you wish had ended sooner?
  36. Series/book you’d re-write if you could?

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Aomine, Kagami, Nijimura and Takao trying to get their girlfriends attention because she's been too focused in a book/game she is playing? Thank you (-:

Aomine Daiki:

Oh how he regretted getting you into video games. Somehow you’d taken an interest in it and now you were glued to the computer, headphones strapped in and your eyes filled with intense concentration as you clicked rapidly away at the screen. Aomine was getting bored. “Oi, ________-chan…”

“What?” you snapped, without turning around. “I’m busy. Hey, what was that?” You leaned forward as you spoke to your teammate on call. “How did you not get him? Ugh, I’ll do it myself, then!” A series of rapid clicks later the screen shone blue, and a “Victory” banner emerged; seizing his chance, Aomine came forwards, resting his chin on top of your head and his arms over your shoulders. “________-chaaaaaan…”

“Quit it, Daiki, I just need to win one more game to—”

“And I’m in a bad mood.” Aomine spun your chair around to face him, impatient. “Come on, you gotta make it all better otherwise I’ll just keep bothering you.”

At last you sighed, yanking off your headphones. “Alright, fine, you big doofus. You owe me a game, though.”

Aomine sincerely hoped you meant a basketball game.

Kagami Taiga:

“Hey, ________.” Kagami mumbled from the couch where he glanced at the back of your head, upside down from where he was lying on his back. “Are you hungry? I could make us some food. You’ve been reading for a really long time.

“I’m not hungry. I just want to finish this chapter.” You’d said that before, too. Kagami flipped over, sulking a little. But to be honest, you hadn’t eaten a lot since you bought those books…maybe there was a way to drag you from those pages…

Ten minutes later you couldn’t take it anymore. You tore your gaze from the book, sniffing the air hopefully. “Kagami-kun? Are you cooking?”

“Mm. Just frying some beef and vegetables.” But as you came around the kitchen counter Kagami was adding salt and pepper into the frying pan with a flourish, and God did that smell amazing. “Can I have some?”

Kagami gave you a withering look. “Maybe. What’s in it for me?”

Breaking into a smile, you lowered your book and leaned over the counter. “If the food’s good, I might start paying more attention to you~”

That brought an immediate blush to poor Kagami’s face, although he quickly blamed it on the steam from the frying pan.

Nijimura Shuuzou:

Being the “older brother slash captain” figure that he was, Nijimura normally wouldn’t be against reading a good book or two. But this was a bit more than “two books”. Not only were you completely ignoring him even now late at night, you were also leaning way too close to the pages, your nose practically touching the book as you read.

“You’re too close, idiot,” he sighed for the umpteenth time, reaching out and poking your forehead to push you back. “You’ll hurt your eyes.”

You weren’t fazed. “Mm.”

The minutes ticked by and Nijimura kept poking your forehead. To his surprise he found that you actually didn’t like it when he broke your concentration from reading. After the nth time you closed your book with a snap and glared at your boyfriend. “Would you stop that?”

“Stop what?” Nijimura asked innocently.

“Poking me!”

Nijimura chuckled at the agitated expression on your face and ruffled the top of your head. “Heh, sorry. But only if you’ll stop ignoring me, mmkay?”

Takao Kazunari:

Takao was running out of patience. He’d already had a bad feeling when you pestered him to introduce the popular mobile game to you. Three days later he’s realized how much of a horrible idea it was.

“Ne… ________-chan,” Takao rubbed his head against your shoulder, desperate for attention. “You done with that game yet?”

You barely looked up, your fingers rapidly tapping across the screen. “Hm? Not yet, I’ve almost beaten my high score,” you muttered. Takao rolled his eyes. Seriously? You were forsaking precious alone time with him for a game?

“But ________-chan, you can play that later! I’m here now,” Takao hated whining, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He snaked his arms around your waist and dug his fingers into you, drawing a loud squeal from you as you jumped, almost dropping your phone.

“BAKAO!! You know I’m ticklish!” “And you know I crave attention,” Takao pouted. “It’s just a game, ________-chan, spend time with meee.”

You rolled your eyes and sighed, the beginnings of a smile at your lips. “You miss me that much, huh?”

“Yes I do,” Takao took the phone from you and placed it on the table before hugging you and kissing your nose. “And you should be, as well.”

[By-B-bbbby the way

what he say

He can tell I ain’t missin no meals

Come through and fuck ‘em in my automobile

Let him eat it with his grills

He keep telling me to–]


*YELPS as he’s thrown over*



Bet you can’t do it again.



*Sits up*



I’m soooorrrrryyy I didn’t mean to hit ya :(

*Stands up and growls lowly as he makes his way to the bag*

[Just middle schoolers, they’ll leave you alone.]

*Pats his coat*

Hey, I think she’s got somethin’.

…Yeah yeah she’s got a bag around her neck.


Like a fanny pack. You know those gay little bags only fags wear. Maybe she’s got money B)

Holy shit!!! What if she’s got a credit card we could buy that Xbox!!!



*Ignores them and continues sniffing for the book*

….*Picks up a ball of snow and CHUCKS IT*


*Starts running towards him, also holding a snowball*

[Jesus Christ it didn’t get buried anywhere where did it–]