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Honestly, I imagine Draco and Harry’s couple to be so annoying. Constant bickering, throwing insults at each other, teasing, shoving and hexing but honestly they’re the most passionate little fuckers when they’re alone. Everyone sort of gets used to their fights at social events or small gatherings but nobody dares say a word because everyone knows how much harry loves Draco and Draco loves harry.

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People need to just STOP, and think before speaking, unless they enjoy sound crazy. Meghan Markle is being accused of the same tired crap that Cressida was. Remember the nutcases spouting off about "CRESSIDA'S PR?" "CRESSIDA" and the BRANSONS are using him! "CRESSIDA" is plotting and poor "POOR PRINCE HARRY" is being deceived sniff, sniff. "CRESSIDA" has certain Royal reporters and the press on speed dial. R-E-A-L-LY! Prince Harry is nobody's fool. Harry and Meghan love each other, GET OVER IT!

Harry is rebelious and funny and so unexpectable, almost like Cressida this is why we accepted them because they fit each other, without to mention they are from the same circle and from the same family they are far cousins, also Cressida was in many events linked to Harry before, and she is bff with Eugenie, it looked like destiny found its way to happen, but with Megan they have nothing in common and she seems the opposite of his personality too perfect and mature for him, she looks like a mother to him, even her body is bigger then him, I know love is not about this but about feelings, but when he says “I’m searching someone to take on the job” I doubt that he chose her for love but he hired her for the job

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Drarry prompt: Harry reaches the bottom of the lake in the second task of the Triwizard tournament, but instead of finding Ron there he finds Draco. Would like you to decide what happens when they reach the surface, pleeeeeease.

Hi! I think this prompt has been sitting in my inbox the longest!! I’M SORRY, AND ALSO SORRY THAT I HAVE TO BE SO FULL OF APOLOGIES. Anyway, I love this idea and would love to expand on it with a couple of chapters if I have the time/you would like me to, but this is just a quick oneshot. As you know, this is Hogwarts 4th Year AU. I hope you enjoy!! xx


You’ve got to be kidding me.

Harry swam away from a grove of stunned merpeople, gliding with ease (thanks to the gillyweed). In one arm, he held his wand. In the other, well… Harry looked down and frowned. Draco Malfoy looked infinitely less annoying whilst in an enchanted sleep. 

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"Burning Up" Blurb Preference

Anonymous requested: Can you write a One Direction Niall imagine where he wakes up sick but he still has to go to the studio to work on solos and stuff and at work he gets worse and he calls you to pick him up when it gets bad cause he really doesn’t feel good. We can do more than that and write one for all the boys because we actually really really love your idea! Thanks love bucket <3 

Harry: “*sniff sniff* Babe….” His voice is hoarse and raw as he lies next to you in bed. “*sniff sniff* Babe I have the sniffles….” You hear him noisily blow his nose and sigh to yourself, knowing any hope of slipping back to sleep has been shattered. You roll over and are surprised to see just how sick Harry looks, normally his throat starts hurting and he moans like the world is ending but you spend all day coddling him and he feels better but today? His nose is Rudolph red, his hair is droopy, his complexion is pale, and he alternates between sweating and shivering. You feel his forehead and it’s definitely warmer than normal. “Oh my poor baby….you’ve got a fever!” You hop out of bed and quickly have a kettle brewing some tea, a cold towel for his head and a slice of toast. Harry doesn’t even have the energy to thank you, just nods his head and eats half the toast leaving the rest for your dog Porcupine to devour. You alternate taking care of Harry, in between his bouts of napping, and getting work done at home–emailing apologies to meetings you had to cancel and appointments you missed. “Babe do you need anything else?” You smooth the curly hair off his face and he smiles a bit. “Just lie with me?” You nod and crawl in bed next to him, him weakly pulling you into an embrace so you fall asleep tucked in his shoulder, his head still protectively tucked above yours. 

Louis: “Ah….AH….AH-CHOO!” Louis sneezes loudly wrapped up like a burrito in his blankets next to you on the couch. You frown at him pityingly and scoot the tissue box a little closer to him. He merely grunts in reply and you turn back to your laptop. Two hours later you have absolutely had it, Louis has to be the most infuriating patient known to man! “YOU’RE NOT A CRIPPLE LOUIS FOR GODS’ SAKE!” You yell at him as you pass him the remote control sitting just out of his reach. “Ugh I don’t know why men are such BABIES when they’re sick!” You sigh to yourself and get up to go in the bedroom. “Fine!” You hear him call after you in his thick, nasal-y, sick-voice. “I’ll just do everything myself then!” “That’ll be the day,” you mutter to yourself, closing the door behind you. After a slight nap and a quick read of your favorite book always sitting by your nightstand, you feel sort of bad for yelling at Lou so you go out to the living room to apologize. You find him hacking and spluttering as he mopes around the kitchen trying to make tea. You press a kiss to his burning hot neck. “Go sit down Lou, I’ll make it,” you apologize without saying the actual words. You hear him pad into the living room and sink down on the sofa. By the time it takes you to ready his billionth mug of tea that day, he’s already fast asleep curled up on the couch. You press another kiss to his forehead and cover him with a blanket before sinking back down on the couch yourself.

Zayn: You never saw Zayn with so much as a hair out of place, you were pretty fairly convinced the man was perfect. That is, until you saw him retching over the toilet bowl the day he came down with stomach flu. You gently mop the sweaty strands of hair out of his face as he leans back against the wall, shaky and exhausted. You turn to leave when his hand grabs yours, albeit it weakly. “Stay?” he asks, his big brown eyes melting any will you had of saying no. “Of course,” you promise. And so, you spend the day in the bathroom with him, re-telling old stories with new imagined endings or relaying the latest injustice on the soap opera you’d loved to watch ever since you used to watch it with your Nan. The day passes nearly enjoyably and eventually Zayn’s stomach settles a bit. You turn on the tap to draw him a bath when you feel his arms wrap around your waist, the first time he’s stood throughout the day. He nuzzles close to you and his hands hold your wrists gently, his thumbs gently rubbing circles on your hands. “Get in your bath,” you whisper. He doesn’t let go but merely moans. “C'mon don’t be difficult.” You reprimand him, wiggling out of his embrace. You turn around and fight back a smile at his ridiculous pout as he tugs his shirt off and starts untying his flannel pajama bottoms. “Join me?” He asks weakly, popping his lip out ridiculously. You roll your eyes but laugh as he reaches to unbutton your pajamas and you both end up squished in the bathtub together. “I don’t think this is helping you feel better…” You say suspiciously. “No it really really is,” he assures you.

Niall: “Ni stay home, you’re sick!” You reprimand him as he sniffles, stiffly pulling a pair of sweatpants on. “I can’t baby….I have to go to the studio and record for the new album. The lads are all done already.” He pulls on a backwards Snapback and kisses you on the forehead before shuffling out the bedroom door. You sigh and lean back against the headboard to finish reading your book. You get distracted in the reading and don’t realize how long you’ve sat in bed until you discover you really really have to pee. You make your way to the bathroom, still reading the book, when the phone starts ringing. “Hello?” You ask, bouncing from one foot to the other. “Baabe….” Niall’s crackly voice whines over the phone. “I’m really sick can you come get me please?” You sigh pityingly. “Of course baby I’m on my way.” You forget your urge to pee as you rush to get shoes and drive to the studio in London where Niall is recording. You walk inside the small building and your heart breaks when you see Niall green and sweaty curled up in a ball on the leather sofa in the corner. “Ni….” you gently help him up and into the car. He’s silent the entire way home until you help him into bed. You bend down to kiss him on his fever-ridden forehead and whisper “I told you so,” in his ear. He cracks a smile before he drifts off to sleep. “You’re always right Princess….." 

Liam: "Now Liam, you’ll have to keep this cast dry and we’ll see you again in two weeks.” The doctor sends the both of you on your way, Liam’s left hand and wrist bandaged so much he can’t move his fat, swollen fingers. “Baabe….it hurts!” He pouts at you and you feel sympathy even though you expressed anger at him early for behaving so stupidly and breaking his wrist while play-fighting with Josh. “You can’t take another pain killer for a couple hours babe,” you ruffle his hair and go to start cooking dinner. You’re in the middle of stirring the pasta sauce when you hear Liam yelling from the bathroom. “BAAAAAAABE!” You sprint to the bathroom but can’t help bursting out into laughter when you get there. Liam, in his crippled attempt to take a bath, has tangled himself and his bandaged hand in his clothes. Your eyes fill with tears of laughter as he tries to untangle himself and only manages to fall backwards into the half-full bathtub, still fully dressed, feebly holding his cast over his head. “I think you’re going to have to help me bathe babe….” You continue laughing. “I don’t think so Liam….you are completely on your own in the bathroom.” You leave him struggling in the bathtub, his clothes completely soaked. “Help!” He calls after you. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” You continue laughing as you tend to the sauce back in the kitchen, Liam still slipping and sliding in the bathroom.

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hello! could you please write me an harry imagine about cancer? the girl is like sick and something but there are still some hateful comments and ect. i dont know what the end can be ,you decide :) i love your imagines! best ones x

A/N: Okay, here it is. So sorry if it took so long. I hope you’ll still like it. Wishing I’ve done it right. Sending you my love. You’re awesome! Stay STYLES-ish. xx

*credits for the owner of the pic and gifs


“Harry, I just want my phone back, what is wrong with you?”

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You keep on begging Harry to return your phone but he won’t just do it. Since this morning, your phone is missing and you know that he’s the one who kept it, since he’s been here all night, looking out for you.

“C’mon, I have to text my friends, they’d be worrying about me,” you begged but still, he didn’t give it to you. You threw your hands up in the air and muttered, “you are unbelievable,”

“But you don’t talk to me anymore. All you did was tweet your friends or message them,” Harry said and pouted. Oh, he really got this spell on you. Your frustration could be gone in a matter of second just the sight of him making his cupcake face.

“But babe, they don’t get to see me anymore. I can’t go out of the hospital because of the therapy,” you explained giving him your soft expression.

“What? What therapy?” he said and all of a sudden, your heart breaks. Harry’s still in denial of your situation. He doesn’t believe you’ve had cancer. All he thinks is just you got ill and you’ve had to stay in the hospital. You smiled at him and he leans to kiss your hand.

“Babe, you’re not in therapy, you’re crazy,” he said, shook his head and smiled. this is the reason you want to live longer, see his smiles.

“Oh, so you tell me, how followers do you have now on twitter?” you asked, changing the topic and you see his jaw tightened.

“Um, around 19 million, I think,” he said then lowered his stares.

“Aren’t you gonna ask mine?” you asked excitedly and all of a sudden, he was alert.

“How about you?” he asks then looks at you.

“A million! I just reached it last night, I think,” you answered with glee but he’s just there, looking afar.

“So, you checked your twitter…last night?” he asked and you can feel his shaky voice.

“Yeah! Babe, why? Is there something wrong?” you asked as you lean closer to stroke his back.

“Nothing, sweetheart,” he said. “I’ll just buy us some food, stay there,” he said then kissed you on the forehead. He left for the door and you’re now all alone. You went out of bed and looked around the room for your phone until you heard something beep under your bed and…

External image

You found it! You’re so excited to see your phone again though you just held it yesterday. You’re so excited to reach a million so you immediately check your twitter and you found some mentions.

“@Y/T/N you’re a whore”

“@Y/T/N heard you got sick may death touch you ASAP”

“@Y/T/N read that you’ve had cancer, you deserve it! You go girl!”

“@Y/T/N u shld stop ruining Larry, whore!”

And you see a trending one.


You felt tears running down your cheeks now. You don’t understand why people keep on hating you. You didn’t do anything wrong to them and they keep on hating you, saying you’re fake and everything. You cried so hard that you felt your chest tighten. Your body is shaking and you can’t breathe. You wanted to shout for help but you can’t hear your voice. When somebody opens the door…

External image

Harry saw your situation. You’re white as snow, your hands on your chest.

“Omygod Y/N, what happened?!” He ran to you, panicking. He saw your phone beside you and you’re shaking in tears.

“Shit! You found it,” he said while stroking your back. He too is shaking of fear, nervous and panic. He rushed to the door and shouted as he peeks on the hallway.

“Nurse! Doctor! Emergency here!” he shouted then ran back to you and keeps on pressing the switch beside your bed which calls a nurse.

External image

“Babe, don’t worry. Help is coming,” he hugs you and after some time, a nurse came and injected something on you which makes you fell a bit more comfortable. You laid down your back and you can see Harry’s face full of worry.

“Everything will be alright babe,” he muttered then you smiled. The nurse said something to him then left you both. Silence. He sat at the chair,still worried.

“I saw the comments,” you muttered but you’re more relaxed now. You see Harry’s expression.

External image

“I should’ve hidden it on my pocket,” he muttered, his brows still furrowed. You smiled while looking at him.

“You cannot hide anything from me baby. You’re an awful liar,” you said lightly.

“I know why they hate, because I’m the lucky one whom you picked,” you said and you can feel tears in your eyes.

“From the start Harry, they hated me so many times, even when I’m… I’m stronger than what I am now. And I understood. Though of course, sometimes, I lose patience because they get on my nerves already but still, after some time, I realized that all the hate would be nonsense ‘coz now you’re mine. I cannot fought them back, knowing that maybe, if I’m on their position, I’d feel it too, you know, being jealous and stuffs. They’re just getting protective over you,” you explained then sniff. You hear Harry sniff too.

“Aww, come on here, baby,” you said then Harry sat beside you. You feel his face and look at his green emerald eyes.

“Baby, everything will be alright. I won’t fight back because I honestly don’t hate them. I’ll be gone soon and I need someone to take care of you and I trust the fandom so much that they can do it. They’ll be giving me a favor without them knowing it,”

“You’re not gonna dieee! See? You’re strong! There’s nothing wrong with you!” he shouted and you understand.

“Harold, I’m not fine. See, I’m white as snow. My lips are drying and soon… soon turning to violet. My hair strands are on the floor now, soon I’ll be bald. Soon, I’ll not be what I look like now,” you said softly at him.

“You just don’t understand. Your hair will grow again, you’re not pale, you’re just fair skinned. Hey, Y/N, I love you so much. I know I’m in denial but I know everything. Reality kills me everyday and you’re the only who’s keeping me up alive up until this moment,” he said.

“I know Harry, me too. Reality kills us but we have each other so there’s no reason to give up. C’mon, I don’t wanna lose you,” you said.

“I don’t wanna lose you either. I’m in this fight with you. I can’t let this illness or the hates separate us,” he said then hugs you. This moment is just so special and so precious for the both of you.

“As long as I’m here, no one and nothing can hurt you,” he said.

You’re just so happy at this moment and you fell asleep in his arms. You’ve woken up to your phone beside you and you felt happy. Now, Harry trusts you enough in handling hates because he knows you’re strong and you’ll prove him he’s right. You check your twitter and see your picture along with his tweet.