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“You can’t be serious.”

Ryleigh stared at the ‘club’ in confusion, there was no way this was the place. Quinn had to be joking.

“I’m dead serious,” Quinn said from behind her and then suddenly snickered at her own joke. “Get it? Dead serious?”

“It’s a crypt!” Ryleigh exclaimed, gesturing at the creepy, vine-covered crypt they were standing in front of.

“It’s not what it looks like,” Wren assured her, hooking her arm through Ryleigh’s and dragging her towards the entrance. “Come on, just trust us.”

“I swear to god,” Ryleigh mumbled. “If this is some kind of joke and you’re just trying to creep me out, I’m going to lock you all inside this thing and leave you here.”

A Slip of the Tongue

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU.

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Ladybug screamed.

She cast her yo-yo, wound it around the fire extinguisher in Felix’s hand, and launched it at Finn. It hit him in the face with a loud clang. The fiery suit disappeared as he staggered back into the wall of flames, squealing in pain.

Ladybug was on her feet. She sprang at Felix and all but carried him into the hallway. “Why haven’t you evacuated the building?” she demanded in French once they’d put some distance between themselves and the main room.

“I had to make sure everyone else had gotten out safely,” Felix said. He straightened his tie. “I’m assuming that was Finn?”

“Uh, sure?” Ladybug said, remembering she wasn’t supposed to know his employees.

Felix tsked. “He is so fired,” he said, then snickered at his own joke. Ladybug stared at him. He noticed her attention, wiped the smile off his face, and stared back. “What?”

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  • Annatar, pausing in his torture of Celebrimbor: Tyelpe, it doesn’t have to be this way. Come back to me, and I will forgive you. Things can be as they were between us – you and I together once more.
  • Celebrimbor, singing: "We are never ever ever getting back together."
  • Annatar: Come now, Tyelpe, be reasonable. I don't want to hurt you.
  • Celebrimbor, singing again: "I know you're lyin', 'cause your lips are movin'."
  • Annatar: ...
  • Celebrimbor: "Tell me, do you think I'm dumb?"
  • Annatar: Do you actually want me to answer that?
  • Celebrimbor: "I may be young,"
  • Annatar: You're thousands of years old!
  • Celebrimbor: "But I ain't stupid. Talking 'round in cirlces with your tongue..."
  • Annatar: *throws his hands up in the air and storms off in frustration, figuring Tyelpe's mind has finally broken*
  • Celebrimbor: "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it"... wait, no... that's what you were trying to do... I take that one back...

hear me out….calum in boxers at 7 am with bleary eyes fighting to stay open as he cradles a bowl of cereal and spoons big bites with an adorable little slurp. watching cartoon reruns and just snickering at all the jokes appropriated for adults rather than the intended audience age. then you walk in still not detached from your blanket cocoon, feet jittering on the cold tile as you seek refuge on the couch next to calum. then just caving in and forcing him to accommodate you so you both can sit in the blue washed room with jimmy neutron wasting your morning unashamedly.


Bringer of Peace

Finn had gotten used to being called an “interesting guy.”

It was not always said as a compliment, and Finn didn’t particularly consider it to be one, even when said flatteringly. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t true. He was interesting, if “interesting” was a stand-in term for “not as expected.” When he talked to others, after awhile their knowing smiles would slide off and they’d peer at him almost suspiciously while asking cautious questions.

Finn took no pleasure in their astonishment when they learned that yes, he really was a former orchestral musician – a good one, too – whose career as principal hornist in the Arkanis Philharmonic had been cut short due to a … disagreement with the musical director and the subsequent blackballing from the industry that went with it. And yes, he was now chief librarian for the D’Qar Symphony.

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“It’s a beautiful day for a blowjob, yeah?” 

Michael is breathing heavily, snickering at his own joke as he shucks his pants and underwear down his legs. A gust of warm wind makes you shiver as you lean forward, just barely brushing your lips underneath the head of his cock. 

“Never mention this to anyone; if we get caught, I’m breaking up with you.” 

Michael shudders despite the warm temperature and you stifle a giggle, taking his length into your mouth with an expertise that can only come from practice. Michael groans lowly, placing one large, calloused hand on the back of your head. 

“God, I hope it stays this warm forever…” 

I just realized , reigen literally hangs out with a bunch of middle schoolers .
Imagine all the d*ck and weed jokes !

I feel like shou would be weed central while teru would be mainly innuendo jokes but most the time no body knows if to laugh or not
And while mob doesn’t make jokes he snickers at them innocently and ritsu doesn’t participate but one time someone said something and no one made a joke so he did and everyone lost their minds and they never let him live it down

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legit everyone of my friends/colleagues thinks it's a kinky sexy thing. They're all joking and snickering about seeing it and think it's XXX. Meanwhile I'm over here watching gay porn imagining Sterek.//Same! I've never heard anyone irl mention the problematic stuff. I just can't imagine sitting in a crowded theater watching soft core porn of these two awful characters. It sounds so uncomfortable. Now, a Sterek movie would be totally different! ;-)

I’d crowdfund a Sterek movie.

i feel like the yuto/hongseok dynamic is under appreciated hongseok is so silly around yuto and yuto snickers @ hongseoks dad jokes and theyre jst so entertaining together i love them