snickers japan

  • Japan: America, we need to talk about your erection (election)
  • America: *snickers* Say that again.
  • Japan: What? America be serious, your erection for president isn't good, you mustn't erect Hirary or Trump!
  • America: *Laughs louder*
  • America: *Bursts out laughing*

judyfromfinance  asked:

How would the Allies and Axis react to their s/o coming to a world meeting to give them their lunch that they left at home and a quick kiss?

He would love it. Everyone would then know that he had the best s/o there was. For the rest of the meeting, he’d be thinking about it.

Matthew would blush a bit. No one would see it, but he’d be happy knowing that someone cared for him.

It would be no surprise to him. He would beam brightly at the simple gesture. From then on, he wanted you to bring his lunch to him everyday.

He’d be a bit embarrassed, but he was used to it. The fool was always running off and forgetting things. The kiss was the extra part of the lunch.

Well, the kiss wouldn’t be quick. After the first one, he would pull you into a more passionate kiss, may I mention in front of everyone, while tossing the lunch on the table. Francis had to make sure that everyone knew you were his.

Like Arthur, he’d be embarrassed. He wasn’t used to PDA or someone bringing him lunch. As you walked away, he’d try to hide the blush on his face.

With your timing, you would walk in while he was lecturing everyone. You’d slowly make your way up to him, hand him his lunch, give him a peck on his red cheeks, and walk away with a shake of your butt. He’d stand there, not as angry as before, while everyone snickered at him.

Kiku had no problem with you bringing him lunch. It was the kiss that got him. After it, he’d glance around to make sure no one saw.

North Italy:
Right before you could leave, he’d take your hand and make you talk to everybody. The trip that should’ve been five minutes totaled up to thirty.

He’d give you a kiss back and a playful smack on the ass. When you were out of earshot, he’d brag to the closest person that he had the best s/o on the planet and no one could top you.

South Italy:
At first, he’d refuse to let you kiss him. In retaliation, you’d refuse to leave until you did. After ten minutes of bickering, he get distracted, and you were able to plant one right on his cheek.

anonymous asked:

(Male anon has returned, but this time has 2P Italy tied down to an chair and gagged, why?) BECAUSE TIME FOR THE 2PS TO REACT TO 1P ITALY'S NEWEST DANCE MOVES IN THE WORLD TWINKLE ENDING! (He says while yelling through his mega phone that was directly pointed at Luciano's ear) ISN'T THIS EXCITING LUCI? (Grins at Luciano's response) I KNOW! It's the joy on being an male anon.

cue a pissed luciano about ready to kick you in the balls 


if they were forced to watch feli’s seizure dance–


2p!china: …looks like i need to slip him some tranquilizers 

2p!england: *holds laptop screen close to his face and talks as if feli can hear him* gOODNESS GRACIOUS ARE U OK DEARIE ???

2p!france: *cue wtf face*

2p!russia: am i the only one concerned with how we’re apparently a tv series–

2p!italy: i dON’T KNOW THAT GUY *looks around frantically* I DON’T KNOW HIM I SWEAR IT

2p!germany: *all the cringe and snickering*

2p!japan: *unable to keep straight face, raises eyebrow* what even–

2p!canada: …looks like he’s summoning steve.

2p!romano: *facedesks, whimpers* no amount of dance lessons from me could solve this catastrophe… 

2p!austria: ohohohoho, that is cLASSIC~

2p!prussia: but at least he looks happy…


I know this couldn’t have happened in Duscae since they’ve been hanging out for I don’t know how many years, but still, a similar thing might have occurred sometime in the past.
EPISODE DUSCAE have turned me on big time, and it has taken my sleep time away. ….Could this be a conspiracy of the Lucis? Last time I checked, the capital of it was called Insomnia.


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I beg to differ with the claim that we should eat burgers without using any utensils. I eat small burgers like McDonald’s hamburger, cheeseburger, or double cheese burger with my hands alone, but there are burgers that require the bigger mouth.
How do you guys eat huge burgers without using a knife and fork?! Do you eat piece by piece? Like, top bread -> pieces of onions -> a slice of cheese -> a slice of tomato -> a slice of pickles -> baked ground meat -> bottom bread?
The same goes for eating hot dogs. I totally support the way how the British prime minister ate it. I, of course, eat a hot dog with my hands if it’s small enough; however, I truly need, at least, a fork to eat a hot dog with a huge amount of chunks.


By the way, you can find SNICKERS bars in Japan, too. But I’ve never seen anyone who eat the bars with chopsticks.

Reference: Seinfeld Season 6 Episode 3 “The Pledge Drive”

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