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See what an SNESology song would sound like played live!

SNESology wonderguy, and master pianist, Shnabubula has returned (briefly) with a real treat!  A video piano cover of his Super Mario Kart soundset original:

Ready, Set…

So let me get this straight… He has arranged his own original SNESology piece from what could be called a fictional video game OST track for the SNES by playing it on the piano and uploading to YouTube!?

How’s that for awesome (and also quite streamlined)?

Back in the day, we had to wait quite a while for a good OST to produce live arrangements… Today it can be pretty fast, but I still think Shnabubula may have set some sort of precedent here… What kind?  I’m not quite sure, but it’s definitely something!

What a happy, joyous day!


Skyrim meets Secret of Evermore!

This song is gonna hit you all like an arrow to the knee!

Alex Roe is continuing his way cool “SNES Generation” series w/ another fused SNES soundset he made using Secret of Evermore, and applying said set to the mighty score from Bethesda's Skyrim!  Both of which were composed by the iconic Jeremy Soule.

He tells us:

Skyrim and Secret of Evermore are both composed by Jeremy Soule. The sounds used for Evermore were also built by Soule, which has been really fun to play with. I was mostly looking forward to covering ‘The Streets of Whiterun’ which I think is a beautiful piece and probably my favourite Skyrim song. Here’s a list of what was used in order:

Skyrim - Dragonborn, Evermore - Main Title, Skyrim - Watch the Skies, Evermore - Minor Minion, Skyrim - The Streets of Whiterun, Skyrim - The Jerall Mountains, Skyrim - Dragonborn, Evermore - Main Title, Skyrim - Far Horizons.

All in all, a really awesome and well-executed concept!  Using the very unique sounds and themes from Jeremy Soule’s first video game OST, and covering his latest and most triumphant with them, melding the two together beautifully in a whopping almost 10 minute piece!

Thanks for all the hard work Alex! 

On a side note, our CONTEST is still going strong, and you have Nov 1st to enter!  We have plenty more cool things in store, so stay tuned!

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Shnabubula is back!

Seriously, you can’t be more back than this…

He writes:

Back in May, I started a project called SNESology dedicated to making new SNES music. Towards the middle of June I started getting sick and I had to put it on hold but luckily the terrifically awesome and talented Katie “Monobrow” Kinkel stepped in to take things over. Not only did she recruit lots of great artists, she did a hell of a job promoting and within a month we’d reached one thousand likes on facebook,. To commerate this event, Katie asked me to write a special song, unforunately I was unable to complete until now, so it’s not quite as timely as it could have been, but I wanted it to be something really special that spoke to how much I care about this project and more importantly to the awesome people who have helped make it possible..

For more information, click on the SNESology CONTEST link!



Final Fantasy VI: To Those Lost in the Catastrophe:

“Hello, my name is Alphadeus

I wrote an original song using the FFVI Soundset called "To Those Lost in the Catastrophe”.I just wanted to share. I love that you have the soundsets for some of my favorite games, and it was an interesting experience composing with the instruments that Uematsu used.“Couldn’t have said it better honestly.  Very nice build, very somber piece, the harmonies are subtle and the variation within breaks up the slow tempo.  There is great care taken here to keep the song to SNES limitations too!  Nicely done and thanks Alphadeus!   

Hi there!

We return to you with some beautiful, bountiful, and rich original music from the 3DS/Steam soundtrack, Grinsia!  This fantasy RPG is composed by Shannon Mason (Pongball):

Shannon describes:

After writing JRPG inspired music for much of my life, it was a great pleasure to finally write a soundtrack for an actual JRPG.

Grinsia was originally released by Kemco back in 2011 for iOS and Android, and had entirely different soundtrack written by another composer. When the publisher NICALiS decided to re-release the game on the 3DS eShop, they wanted a soundtrack that was more reminiscent of the SNES era, since the game itself is clearly inspired by the RPGs of those days. Thanks to some very thoughtful acquaintances who recommended me, I was lucky enough to get the job of re-writing the soundtrack from scratch.

Since I was only asked to write 8 tracks at around 1 minute each–I assume they were trying to keep the filesize of the game small–one of the biggest challenges was keeping the soundtrack interesting, or at least preventing it from getting on people’s nerves. I also had to make sure that the same tracks fit many different locations and scenerios. For example, one track plays in caves, forests, and several other locations, while another plays inside a pyramid and most other dungeons and fortresses throughout the game. The main theme of the game plays at the title screen, but also in certain cutscenes, and while exploring a beautiful underwater shipwreck

The song above, titled “Overworld” is rhythmic, rich, and hearty.  Shannon always has a knack for excellent melody and counter melody, and her percussion is top notch.  Be sure to check out the other songs as well, which you can pay a tiny amount of $3.  Good deal and really so lovely!


A new SNESology submission has arrived, this time from Laurent RAVIX!

It’s a moody, very calming piece which covers the French TV series, Kaamelott.  Personally, the SNES samples work very well for this, so great job translating it all over Laurent!

Give it a listen!


Kyo is back once again with an original Final Fantasy VI boss theme! Set to footage of boss Number 128, you can tell Kyo has a knack for writing in the style of these games and it comes across great. It sounds like a struggle that builds into some heroic moments and is pretty catchy to boot!

Download the MP3

Kyo is also releasing these songs as a boss battle album on Bandcamp that he plans to keep updating with your help. You can check out more details about this over on his site HERE. The album is free if that’s how you roll but donations will help him pump out more music. It’s a good cause too because Kyo is a father and donations will help him provide for his family (musicians yo!) and that incentive will help him write more music (which we all want, right?).

Stay tuned for more music and an update about getting our Kontakt samples!
Spacious Anxious, by sleepytimejesse

Our friend sleepytimejesse has released a new album on Bandcamp! 

The album, which has ten tracks, includes both SNES and N64 samples!  It is an ambient exploration, and can really dig at you heart strings with slightly unsettling and adventurous soundscapes… Aptly named one should say.  So check it out and stay tuned for more music releases from us as well!
Boss Battles for the Soul, by Kyo

Hello everyone!  For those of you who may have missed it, Kyo released an album over the Summer, but his physical copies ship in December and he’s making bonus tracks, so order just in time for the holidays.  These are extremely elemental, energetic, and epic original songs.  The Super Mario RPG song especially pegs it for atmosphere IMO.  Here’s the tracklist: Original takes on FFVI, Super Metriod, Zelda 3, Earthbound, Secret of Mana, and even Secret of Evermore for good measure.

Kyo’s (Mark Reichwein) Album:

  • Currently name your price: Suggested $5 digital, $20 physical (ships December)
  • There will be 5 bonus songs in December: Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Yoshi’s Island, Final Fantasy 4, and Mega Man X!
  • Special thanks to J64 (Josef Blom) for technical advice/assistance.

Great! Keep the music coming!


We’re back for an underwater adventure!

Monobrow returns with another track for SNESology.  It’s even in the same key as her last one!  How thoughtful :)

Here’s her story:

This track was originally an audio track I made for a game that asked for an underwater level. The game never panned out, so I decided to convert it to an SNES underwater level track for SNESology, because hey why not?

SNES games used: 

Super Metroid (ambience and bubbles)
Earthbound (second lead flute)
Contra 3 (various synths)
Terranigma (organic instruments)
Final Fantasy VI (the rest)

Mixing instruments from various libraries is a great luxury, exciting really.  Let’s see what some of our artists come up with next?



Alex Roe is back with a vengeance!

As always, really interesting soundscape created… An interesting take on the theme… Dark strings… brooding brass… perfect for Batman: Arkham City.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an SNES Generations piece, so welcome back Alex!  We’ve missed your music!

As for you, our listener, please check out his way awesome playlist (liked above) with many more modern titles w/ SNES samples such as Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



It’s Saturday! And that means the second part of our “older music” series.

This piece is by Monobrow, and uses the esteemed Final Fantasy VI soundset, and is entirely LOOPABLE (oldskool SNES style).

She writes:

This song is basically #1 of my 20 town songs, as in, I aim to make 20 of these babies… This song is also from 2007, so it’s also REALLY OLD, but I revamped it up a tiny bit for SNESology (added the last section).  It’s supposed to evoke this feeling of wanting to be taken away from well, a sad place, possibly a destroyed village or something like that.  I use Terra here because out of all Final Fantasy VI characters, I think this would fit her the most.  Enjoy!


ALSO be sure to check out our Facebook Page and our YouTube Playlist!


It’s coda!

And it’s Friday again!  So it’s time for some more original SNESology music.  Prolific chiptune artist coda decided to bring us an upbeat tune using Umihara Kawase instruments titled Kaitenzushi.  

He says:

Original music following snes hardware limitations? yes please
using umihara kawase instruments. tried to write a little in that style.

I’d say he more than accomplished his goal.  It starts out super catchy and pleasant, and eventually picks up, transforming into something more upbeat and whimsical.  The lead is so expressive and just plain fun.  Give it a listen and it will lighten any mood for sure!


What’s more, coda is also kind enough to provide us w/ actual .spcs of his tune:

here’s an actual conversion that may run on the hardware (i had to cut the song in half to fit it under the 64kb SPC limit):

First half

Second half

That’s service!

Lastly, a friendly reminder, if you haven’t entered our CONTEST yet, really… Pshhhhh!
SNESology Channel on YouTube!

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Hello again!

We have been making the internet surrounding SNESology a more convenient experience!  SNESology on YouTube will be making sure to link you directly to our composers who post their videos, so you can not only check out their tracks w/ us, but have instant access to their amazing music in general.  Show your support and browse around and see what else they’ve done.

Also, be sure to check out our FACEBOOK page for some of the work done, such as a feed for this SNESology blog, and instant access to all our songs posted on YouTube!

Shnabubula’s personal SNESology playlist is still live as well!  Options are nice!


Hey everyone!  

Newcomer to SNESology (but not to SNES music) William Kage has submitted this piece!


On the quirky side, it uses Earthbound, Yoshi’s Island, Killer Instinct, and Hyper Zone as soundset samples, which is fine by us!

Highlights from this piece are the extra “sneaky” atmosphere it gives, as well as the middle-eastern-influenced sections towards the end which are just plain radical.

In other news, we may have mentioned work towards a Secret of Evermore library… But how does Batman Returns sound?  From the left field?  We’ll see about that!